The modification to the VAR protocol applied in the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup

The introduction of VAR has probably been the most important achievement of Gianni Infantino’s tenure as FIFA’s president. The website can also be used to wager whenever VAR is used to decide a controversial moment of a football match.

Yet, the introduction of the system didn’t mean it was complete. FIFA has constantly been monitoring its use and identifying opportunities for improvement. One of the most interesting modifications to how VAR is used was announced prior to the start of the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup. Feel free to visit 1xBet to wager on decisions made by using this system.

The need of referees to talk to fans

One of the main complaints that fans had about VAR use was the seemingly lack of knowledge regarding the criteria of the decision made after using it. For this reason, a modification to the protocol in which VAR is used was introduced during 2023. There are many bets live 1xBet that can be made while referees are reviewing plays with this system.

There are many sports where referees and umpires talk to the crowd regarding their decisions and discussions, such as:

  • rugby;
  • tennis;
  • and American football.

This is something that fans of those sports really like, and it was decided to introduce something similar to football. If you happen to like those sports, you can also make 1xBet live bets on them and win excellent rewards.

How does the new protocol look like

According to the new protocol, whenever there is a play that needs to be clarified with VAR, the referee will check the moment, just like he used to do before. The review itself doesn’t change, as the referee will watch the play on a monitor, while being in constant communication with the VAR officials. Visit now the website – play live casino before other plays are reviewed with the assistance of VAR.

The main difference comes when the referee has made a decision on how to solve the controversial situation. Before, the referee simply acted upon the decision he made immediately after reviewing the play with VAR. However, after the introduction of the new protocol, the official must announce to the entire stadium what his decision was, and what he will do about it. He should do so by talking through the same microphone used to communicate with his assistants and the VAR officials. You can play on the 1xBet live casino while waiting for the intervention of VAR during a football match.

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