Take a Look at the Alluring Magic Tools of an Online Photo Editor

An online photo editor like CapCut Creative Suite provides a wide range of magic tools that will transform your ordinary-looking photos into the perfect piece of art. AI-powered tools are super cool and can handle the basic to complex edits in an online photo editor. It provides a better chance to tell the story about your brand, your product, and even about yourself more creatively and attractively. In this article, we will dig into the world of magic functions such as text-to-speech, and see how they work. 

Winning Magical Tools by an Online Photo Editor

Let’s discuss a few magic tools in detail in this article. 

  • Enjoy the details and clarity with an image upscaling tool

The image Upscale tool helps to enhance the details and clarity of a picture without compromising on the picture quality. With just a single click, it highlights the dull parts in an image that need to be lifted for a better experience and do the magic. If you capture some good clicks in a low-light setting, there is no need to worry about it. Upload your picture in an online photo editor. Go to the magic tools and opt for an image upscale option. Click on the generate button and it will fix the error while enhancing the resolution and keeping the details. Besides photo editing, you can try free AI video maker to make videos. 

  • AI Portrait Generator

Planning to hire an artist to make a portrait for your new home? Try using an online photo editor that provides an AI-integrated portrait generator tool to create the best portrait for you. It will not just create an ordinary portrait but turn out the most captivating ones based on the prompts you provided. You can ask to make a portrait in different artistic styles as well. It includes a charcoal sketch made out of pencils, a vintage oil painting, a portrait with artistic effects, and more. The AI portrait generator tool is best to add a personalized touch to every portrait. 

  • Use an Image Style Transfer to Infuse Styles

Another great tool offered by an online photo editor is an image-style transfer that uses artificial intelligence to make a fusion of pictures. With an image style transfer tool, you can transfer any picture into any artistic style you want. Whether it’s vintage, pop, or any other now shift styles easily with an online photo editor. It’s a great way to create visually appealing and stunning photos for your social media accounts. You can apply this tool to your images and give a cartoon effect to your face. This picture will work best to upload as your profile picture on your social media account. 

  • Try out the Low-Light Image Enhancement AI tool

When our minds are occupied with the deadlines approaching, the stress doubles and we make serious mistakes while shooting. Take an example of a shoot that happened in low light where the lighting conditions were not ideal. What do you do now? Go for the shoot again? This is not a feasible option because it requires time, effort, and money. The solution is to try out the low-light image enhancement AI tool in an online image editor like CapCut Creative Suite. This tool works efficiently in fixing the low light areas by providing them with a perfect light. It refines areas that need light and makes them brighter. It brings out details from the shadow areas by reducing noise. Low-light image enhancement tool provides a brighter image from a dull noisy image. 

Instantly Create Your Account on CapCut Online Photo Editor in Four Steps

It’s time to try out magic tools by creating your account on the CapCut online web version. 

  • STEP 01: Go for sign-up

Create an account on CapCut by using your email ID or connect with any social media account.

  • STEP 02: Upload or Import

Upload or import pictures from your laptop one by one or together to an online photo editor.

  • STEP 03: Make astonishing photos 

Make your photos look attractive by transparent background maker, fixing their colors, enhancing the resolution, adding music and soundtracks, and using text-to-image and other tools.

  • STEP 04: Download your creation

Download your creation by visiting the export button, selecting the file format, and clicking on the download. You can also share your files directly with your friends or any other social media account. 


Artificial intelligence tools by an online photo editor allow to boost the creativity, customization, and transformation of dull images. It auto-detects the trouble areas in the picture and fixes them

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