Instacart Profile Picture (can You Add One, How To Change + Other Faqs)

The gig economy doesn’t just mean you’re working for yourself, but that you’re able to control your own time and can easily switch jobs.

While you can’t change your profile picture, you can improve your smile!

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“No. You can’t upload a file as your profile image.”
“You can only upload a URL.”

So, in short, no.

Can You Add An Instacart Profile Picture In 2022?

When you start to use the app, it’s nice to have a photo of yourself (or any nice photo really) to show to the people who will be working for you. It’s important to choose a good photo, because when people see that your photo is not good, they will most likely not choose you.

You can change your picture by clicking on the “update picture” icon in the upper right-hand corner of your profile. Once you get to that menu, you can select the picture you want to update. The only limitation is that you can not use images from Facebook. They will always be blocked.

How Do You Change Your Instacart Profile Picture?

There are three different ways that you can change the profile picture on the Instacart Shopper app.

The second option is easier. You can create a new user or use your existing user but you can’t edit the user information.

You can view your total earnings and other information by navigating to the “Profile and Earnings” section of the app.

Now you should be able to edit your profile picture.

The commenter went through the settings and said they don’t see an option to change the color of the “read more” button.

If you run the very latest version of the application, you may do it in a little different way.

If you’re logged in, you can press on your profile picture to view a list of your past orders.

Your dashboard will let you change your personal information including your email, billing, and the URL to your Google Spreadsheet.

If you are not the kind of person who likes to browse shops around your location, or need to see what is available nearby
before you make a decision, you are not the kind of person that Shopstyle is for.

It involves just a bit more legwork. And that’s the thing about this life; it’s a constant process of making yourself better, making your life better, and making your choices better.

If you reach out to Instacart shopper support you can request them to change your profile photo and update your shopping history.

The image is of the order that was canceled, and is for that order. If you need to replace an image in a specific order, we’ll need a full order id, and any other orders that are linked to it.

Make sure to follow steps 6 and 7 thoroughly. If your subject’s profile picture is private, you’ll find a “Change Profile Picture” option in the image upload form. If not, you’ll need to log in to your account settings page, find the picture, and click on the “Upload Profile Picture” button.

So the shopper support rep told me it could take up to 48 hours to get a replacement.

Do Instacart Customers See Your Profile?

Speaking as an Instacart customer, if I was supposed to work hard to find a way to make a living and I got paid less than minimum wage to shop for groceries, that would be pretty low in my book.

Shoppers fill out the order form and then a shipping label gets generated on their behalf for them to print out or use to email their driver.

Shoppers have been doxing other shoppers by posting what they thought were negative reviews about them.

A customer used the profile picture of another customer to verify their identity on Facebook and posted their personal information for all to see.

You need to be careful when using the Instacart app and what you do in the app and that makes a difference.

Why Does Instacart Make You Take A Photo Of Yourself?

Occasionally shoppers may be prompted by Instacart to snap a selfie of themselves when an order is picked.

Unfortunately, it is not for a cute gallery of Shopper of the Week.

It’s to check that the name on the profile matches the name on the credit card and that the person in the profile pic is actually doing the shopping.

Amazon’s website will not allow you to sign into your account from another device. So if you sign out of one account on your laptop, and then sign into it on your smartphone, you will be logged out, and have to re-enter your Amazon username and password.

Instacart will perform these IDs checks to make sure this person is the rightful person.

Do Instacart Customers See Your Name?

When customers order, you don’t see the full name of the shopper.

When you meet people on FaceTime, each face appears at the top of the display. They’ll see your name and your picture right away.

They do not ask for your password nor can they change your password.

It can be used for phishing for sure but a more common issue is scammers trying to capitalize on the other party’s personal information.

Instacart shoppers make between $6 and $8 an hour.
Instacart is a legitimate company.
There are no complaints available on the public record.


If you didn’t like the photos you snapped or chose initially when setting up your Shopper account, it’s generally easy to change.

If you are running a version of the app that’s on the older side, or you are having trouble with the image swap, please reach out to our customer support for assistance.

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