Is Instacart Legit? (all You Need To Know)

In 2012 grocery stores and grocery store delivery services were only slowly becoming more available and convenient. The first online grocery shopping sites were still limited and some people did not really understand what it meant to order something online or what was going to happen when you got a package. In 2020, we have online order sites that are considered a basic part of life.

But just as it was, Instacart has no proof that you can trust it and its service. There’s a lot of scam, and Instacart’s app gives you no assurance that you are dealing with a legit company.

Is Instacart Legitimate In 2022?

Instacart is a legitimate and reputable company that is generally safe and convenient to use. There are some minor complaints and less-than-honest elements associated with the app and website, but overall the service is used widely and generally well-liked. Shoppers, meanwhile, enjoy the flexibility and secure weekly payouts of the service.

If you are going to order groceries on Instacart, make sure to know exactly what you want, what’s in season, what you need, and how you want the groceries to be packaged.

Is Instacart a Safe Website?

Overall, this app is a safe site, according to Consumer Affairs in its review of the site / app, as well as by Grocery Store QA.

Amazon has been known to do quality checks on its employees, but Instacart seems to have a decent team – there are even some suggestions that you can get a raise at the company.

Yes, there were a lot of data breaches but they are working to fix those.

Hackers gained access to the Instacart website and stole the information of more than 276,000 shoppers.

A third-party vendor was doing work on the database, and some information was accessed by them in an unsecure way.

The service has also announced tighter safety measures, including automatically logout customers after a certain amount of time, and requiring customers to verify their identity before they can use the service and make a purchase.

To make sure you can’t cancel orders while in the middle of an order, Instacart now only permits one person to order from a single device at a time.

Do Instacart Shoppers Steal Groceries?

In the Instacart culture, shoppers are very respectful. The majority of instacart shoppers who work there are not fake, and they are hardworking.

As soon as you can, check all your places where the item was last known to be, including back to where you stored it.

The main problem with those types of positions is the fact that you sometimes have to put up with dishonest people.

In the case of the app, this means that the shopper can report if they didn’t receive an order or the order didn’t arrive. Also, if the shopper finds an item that is sold out in stores, the app can order it for them.

Very easy for customers to go to missing items to ask if their items where shipped, as it only takes a few seconds.

One of the shoppers got in trouble with Instacart because she could not keep up with doing the shopping, and therefore she was marked as a “bundle” of missing items.

How Do You Report an Instacart Shopper?

You can report a shopper from the app or online.

Your order should be complete within a few minutes and it’s as simple as scanning the barcode to provide customers with the order details.

The more reviews that you write will help us make us better and better, we will get more customers and get better rates.

If you’ve already left a review and forgot to make your report or just want to say something to a customer from the Instacart app, you can still do that by going into the Instacart app and navigating to “Review”.

Generally, you will get a response within 24 hours unless the problem is urgent and/or complicated.

Instacart has a 24/7 helpline, and you can call that number to speak with a customer service agent.

Can You Get Scammed on Instacart?

And so many of these cases involve fake accounts, as seen in this recent case. A person bought groceries, then received only one order.

They use the “old-fashioned” trick of posing as someone who you know.

From there, they go to every single account and transfer all the money. If the victim has 2 accounts, then they will have all the money on two different accounts.

This is a very common scam and people often fall for it because they feel as if their account has been compromised, however they are not.

The video explains that the scam works because of the way the Facebook algorithm works. By getting enough likes, you can essentially trick the algorithm into thinking you’re a real, human audience member.

It’s a good thing to never give your Instacart shopper real phone number out to customers in order to avoid possible identity theft.

What Happens When an Instacart Order Is Wrong?

If your Instacart order is delivered, but there is something wrong with the order – either it is broken, damaged, or missing item(s), or you were billed for it but the customer didn’t receive it.

Now after you place an order on the Amazon app, you will see a review window that asks you to rate your experience.

If you give less than a five-star review, the app will ask you whether or not you were happy with your order.

If you’ve already given a five-star review, but noticed something’s not correct later, you can go back into your orders, select “Get Help” and choose the review to get help.

You will then be given the opportunity to report the error.

When you have extra items that you didn’t order, and you see them in the cart, you select them and just scroll through the cart on your phone, you’re not giving up your order.

Finally, if you receive a damaged or unsatisfactory item, Instacart is very quick to refund it.

Why Does Instacart Want a Selfie?

However, the app was still not secure enough to keep hackers out because of the data stored on the phones.

The shoppers could be asked to take a picture of themselves when they purchase something in a store, and these images would be used to verify their identity.

It makes sure the face of the person holding the phone matches the photo that Instacart keeps on file.

Can Instacart Drivers See Your Name?

It’s a bit less than ideal for maximum privacy, but my name and address are visible to the driver.
[Reply]: I’m sorry you had a bad experience. We are working to make more improvements by the end of the year.

If you are not comfortable with a stranger looking at this information, then Instacart may not be the best place to shop for your groceries.

There are no phone numbers exchanged in our app. Instead, all communication is done through the app, both texts and phone calls.

The number of users using the app monthly without seeing any privacy incidents.

Is Working for Instacart Worth It?

Getting a job in the gig economy is tough but Instacart gives you the opportunity to have a job where you can work flexible hours and pick up the pace when you need to.

Dollar Break has a legit and safe reputation among customers as well as high success rate, with many reviewers also mentioning the flexible schedule as well as good payout process.

If you can’t see the comment section, don’t worry, my review is right here.

If you are just planning to go to your local grocery store or supermarket and purchase it yourself, you don’t need to worry about tipping the delivery service.
You are not allowed to tip the delivery driver or Instacart delivery service worker for the work they have done, but they will definitely appreciate the tip as a gesture of your gratitude.


Instacart is a company that doesn’t hire many workers, but instead uses a different model where people order food from a list of businesses, and if the business accepts the order, the person is offered a job as a delivery person to fulfill that order.

The majority of people who have used Instacart had a good experience, even if some people have complained there hasn’t been enough of a selection.

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