Instacart Customer Reported Order Missing (why + What To Do)

I think that Instacart has significantly changed how we shop for groceries (both to buy and to deliver).

So the first step to tracking down a missing food item is to know what to look for. In this case, you’ll want to see these red flags: The “missing” charge is billed as “Delivered”.

Why Instacart Customer Reported Order Missing In 2022?

However, there are also a variety of reasons an order may go missing from someone’s property. For instance, a shopper may have left home before a delivery was complete. It can also happen if an item was delivered as planned, but the shopper is unable to find it.

This is a serious and big problem that we need to talk about. A lot of our customers have had their orders marked as missing, or lost in the mail, but this is a problem we need to talk about more deeply and get into the details.

What Should You Do If a Customer Reports an Order Missing?

When a customer can’t find their order, it can be incredibly stressful and annoying for the shopper especially if it is a large order.

You can get to the bottom of things with Instacart if you leave a printout of what you left at the store. Most – but sadly not all – shoppers leave a printout.

The best thing you can do is to get in touch with the customer service department. You can call, but the live chat is recommended.

If you see a delivery time of “around 7:00” then you may give them a call about the
delivery time and they can confirm. It varies depending on the delivery times for each store.

I have proof that the image was delivered. I can screenshot the chat, but it doesn’t do any good.

If you can be more specific about where you left the items and if you see them again, you can reach out to the customer and request that they pay for them.

There are also some guidelines to note when you are quoting a customer.

While the service is great for the most part, Instacart needs to consider some of the people who are taking advantage of the system.

If you did take a photo of the delivery, they’re just going to re-deliver it the next day. But if you didn’t take a photo of the delivery, then you’re screwed. Instacart is going to refund your entire order and make you do it all over again.
The best part of this whole ordeal is that you’re going to be treated like garbage by your customers.

You, the shopper, have lost out because the customer’s rating still stands.

A low rating was given out because something was delivered or missing. They will use this for future promotions unless you explain it to them.

Do Instacart Shoppers Get Penalized for Missing Items?

After shoppers are finished with their deliveries, they can choose to leave feedback. If anything gets left behind, shoppers don’t get paid.

Generally, an order that is completely lacking would be cause for a high rating for most customers.

So shoppers who have low ratings can be put in order with more batches, so they get to the point where they need them sooner.

To the extent that the ratings have power to predict future spending, you might guess the higher the ratings, the better the future performance. In the most extreme case where each shopper is completely independent from the others, this is true.

Finally, they may find that their initial generosity of a tip is docked, like if they dropped off the wrong order on your porch.

Will Instacart Deactivate You for Missing items?

Instacart will not necessarily deactivate your account if you messed up one or more orders, but a pattern of mistakes will make the company consider whether it is the gig for you.

If your user rating is less than 4.0 you want to hear it. If you don’t fix it, we will fix it. If it continues, we might terminate your account.

Or, you may receive feedback that does not reflect your experience at all.

However, if you had only copied certain information from an order, or if you’re just a bad person, and you’re stealing things by accident, you may still be able to recover your account.

If you have proof that you didn’t steal your items, then you absolutely should fight it.

Can You Report a Customer on Instacart?

Customer support for Instacart on is available anytime. If you need to report an issue, you can email your order to
Customer Support or call them on the number you see on your order confirmation page.
If you have a question about a specific order or need help, you can email your order to
Customer Support or call them on the number you see on your order confirmation page.
Customer Support for is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For example, when a user shops at a particular store, they have to choose a payment method – cash, credit cards, gift cards. The option to pay with gift cards won’t appear until they choose a store while in the store.
When a user is in the checkout process, they can see their total purchase price and their shipping address.
When they choose the payment method, they can see the amount of the purchase price and the amount of the shipping costs.

On Instacart, shoppers can contact the company via live chat or by phone. They can ask about the quality of the item delivered. They can ask about how the delivery was done and about any delivery problems.

You can prevent your account from getting flagged, but it’s still possible to get your account deactivated if your behavior continues to be unacceptable.

Here you can see an image of the Instacart delivery confirmation email and below it’s the text “Delivery Confirmation”.


An Instacart shopper who has had a customer complain about their order not being delivered should contact Instacart support immediately.

A good practice would be to take photos of your deliveries and make sure that you document your actions for future reference. In case you are ever accused of theft, you won’t have to take the blame.

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