Instacart Shop Only Orders (what Is It + Other Common Faqs)

Instacart has two options. One is the full-service shopper where you order for grocery or in-store delivery. The other option is the in-store shopper, where you shop and you earn an hourly wage.

Now, you might have noticed shop only orders on Instacart. These are orders placed on your personal accounts only and are the ones you will see listed in the app, and the ones you can see on your app’s dashboard.

What Are Instacart Shop Only Orders In 2022?

Shoppers on Shop only batches are automatically assigned a delivery route, just like on in-store batches. The main difference is that in-store shoppers get a delivery estimate and an option to be paid via cash, check, or Apple Pay before starting their service.

How Do Instacart Shop Only Orders Work?

They asked if they could work directly with customers, and they were told that customers would have to call the store first.

Hi, Shopper. We are introducing a new type of batch in your region, Shop-only.

We will be giving out a certain number of tickets to a group of people, and if your group is not one of those people, we will issue the tickets to somebody else who might be interested. If you are not one of those people, you will not get tickets.

Your employees may do the majority of the work, but they don’t do it alone. They rely on you to guide them through the fulfillment process.
To get started, let’s take a look at the various levels of customer order fulfillment.

and as a way to avoid a negative experience if the person who accepted the purchase order was not available at the time the order was delivered.

You can also see that it is also very similar to the regular order, so you can even fill it in the same way as any other order. The difference is that you have to get used to it, since the notifications are not the same like the regular one.

Customers who purchase these ingredients online will see the discount applied to their orders at the time that they are shipped to their address.

When a store is using checkout-only, the customers will only be able to check out without buying any items.

The cashier will not have any way of knowing that the bags are supposed to be delivered, so they will not be charged for those bags that are not going to be delivered.

After they are done checking out at the store, shopper take the bags that they are carrying, label them and group them by size or size.

Frozen items are stored at a low temperature until the customer arrives for pick-up. Refrigerated items are stored at a higher temperature to be delivered when the customer is ready to receive them.

When the bag is in the bag and its shelf has been designated, the person who collected
them places them inside the appropriate bag.

And this helpful content creator named “StuntKitty” on YouTube also keeps shoppers in the spirit of the holidays by reminding shoppers to take photos of the staging areas where they left the bags.

The people who leave bags in this area will most likely find them in the same, exact location they left them in.

You can’t see them, but we’ve made several batches over the years, each of them with more ingredients, each of them with more expensive ingredients and with slightly more expensive items.

Note that for any given product, the [store] or [storegroup] attribute in the [listing] table does not relate to the SKU, and is never inserted in the database. It exists only for the purpose of creating the relationship with the other model entities, and does not exist in its own right. So we do not need a separate attribute for [store]. Also, for any given product SKU, there is only ever one entry in the [listing] table.

How Do You Get Instacart Shop Only Orders?

Shoppers are able to sign-in to open for a shopping trip on the store’s app and that unlocks the store’s shopper capacity. These are the shopper-only orders that end up within the shopper’s assigned geographical area.

Everyone who travels to the US and has any interactions with federal government workers is asking themselves the same question.

But, if the area is a shop-only one you can get it while you’re there, otherwise you won’t be able to get it anywhere.

The shop-only batches are mostly present in the southeastern states. In fact, Florida is a favorite place to find.

Although there is currently no info on whether or not they will extend to all states, if you are in the Florida area, check it out.

How Much Do You Make with Instacart Shop Only Orders?

Instacart orders are usually smaller than traditional grocery store orders. But sometimes you can make more money with smaller orders. The more orders you complete, the more money you will make.

A restaurant, having served a customer, should pay the delivery component.

With Parexchange, you’re always guaranteed to have a fixed amount of money; whether that’s $10 or $20, the total and final amount doesn’t depend on the generosity of your customer.

In the past tip baiting has been a concern. And I don’t think it will happen here. It will not happen because my game works so well and I have so many good tips.

You could earn some serious money by placing an order from just one store.

With no in-store traffic or driving, you can make a run of 10 or 20 orders in a hurry, and then take a lunch, or take a shower and be back in time for dinner.

The first person to comment on the Reddit thread posted that they instantly fell in love with a shop-only order because it was so easy.

Are Instacart Shop Only Orders the Same as In-Store Shoppers?

Instacart shop-only orders are orders where you click “Shop Now” but you don’t pick it up from the store. They’re placed in separate orders.

Retail workers are actually employees of Instacart. They are paid hourly wages, versus full-service shoppers, who are paid by the batch.

Customers who order online and choose “Ship to Store” will be assigned to the same delivery pool as in-store shoppers.

Their ratings affect their chance of earning the most money on an order, and in that sense their ratings play a role in their pay on each order they place.

To learn more about Instacart, you can also read our post on Instacart demo orders or Instacart pay stub.


Shoppers with a full-service Instacart account can now shop in stores and have their orders delivered to their front doors.

Time will tell, but meanwhile, shop-only orders, with their guaranteed returns, are a terrific opportunity for shoppers to complete batches quickly and earn guaranteed money for each.

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