12 Tips to Improve Your Mobile Photography

Taking great pictures with your smartphone can be difficult and even frustrating. But with a little practice, you can improve your photography skills in no time. The best way to do this is to take pictures often, especially if you want to improve your mobile photography.


Every time you take a picture, you are essentially capturing a moment in time. This means that you want to capture what you see, not just what’s around you. Here are some tips that depositphotos.com has prepared for you to improve your mobile photography.

Be aware of the lens

Since your smartphone is a camera, it comes with a lens. This lens does not come with any kind of automatic settings that allow the photo to be taken automatically when you press the button. This means you have to manually adjust the lens before taking your shot. For this reason, it’s essential that you are aware of the way the lens is set up so that you can take great photos.

This can be done by adjusting how close or far away your subject is from the center of the frame. You also need to consider how much light is getting into the lens and what type of lighting you want in your photo.

Look for the light

There is no doubt that you will not be able to take great photos on a dark day. So, the best time to take photos if you want great ones is on a sunny day. Not only do you want to find a good spot with plenty of light, but also try to avoid busy areas where there are large shadows and lots of people around.

Frame your shot

The best way to improve your photo taking skills is by making sure you frame the shot. This means that you want to make sure that everything you are photographing is in the picture and it’s where it should be, with no distractions. So, when you’re taking a photo, ask yourself if there’s anything else around or in the background of what you want to take a picture of. If so, move so that your subject is in the foreground and forget about the other things around it.

Watch out for colour temperature

Colour temperature is a measure of the warmth or coolness of light. To get a photo with the best colour, you want to shoot in natural light and avoid shooting in direct sunlight. This will help you avoid having your photos come out too yellow or orange.

Shoot in RAW

If you are serious about improving your mobile photography skills, you should consider shooting in RAW. By using a RAW file format, you will be able to adjust the image later without impacting its quality. If you are shooting for print or for commercial use, this is the best option.

Shoot in manual mode

The first step to improving your mobile photography is shooting in manual mode. This will allow you to control the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO manually. You will be able to shoot a clear photo or one that has a lot of depth.

Let your phone do the work

Your phone is a powerful tool because it has so much built-in technology. But this also means that you need to let your phone do the work instead of trying to do everything manually. With the right settings and the ability to take great photos with your smartphone, you don’t have to be a professional photographer in order to take beautiful photos.

On top of this, using your phone as an extension of yourself can really enhance your photography skills. By using it as a camera, you will often find opportunities for new angles and perspectives when photographing your subjects. You will find yourself wanting more shots and capturing better moments because you’ll be able to see what opportunities are available for photography before they’re gone.


The best way to improve your mobile photography is to simply keep practicing. But, if you’re looking for a few suggestions, these 12 tips should help.

As the camera market has boomed, and with the popularity of Instagram and the selfie-stick, mobile photography is now a huge part of the camera industry. With so many people sharing their photos on social media, it’s vital to take quality photos that capture the moment. As with any skill, doing it consistently is the key to getting better. If you want to improve your mobile photography skills, keep these tips in mind as you explore what you can do with your smartphone.

  1. A. Be aware of the lens
  2. B. Look for the light
  3. C. Frame your shot
  4. D. Watch out for colour temperature
  5. E. Shoot in RAW
  6. F. Shoot in manual mode
  7. G. Let your phone do the work

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