How to Play Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports take sports betting to the next level. Their popularity has grown bigger with the passing of time, and even though not many sportsbooks are offering this service, industry giants like Betsson have already introduced virtual sports to their game catalogs.

However, as fun as these games seem to be, it’s important to understand how they work before you start placing bets on them. In fact, it’s of utmost importance to not treat virtual sports as if they were traditional sports – even though their real-life counterparts may feel the same, virtual games have an RNG that influences results.

Let’s dive deeper into the world of virtual sports and understand why they have become so popular in recent years.

Types of Virtual Sports and How to Play Them

As the Virtual Sports market has grown, a larger diversity of games has been introduced. Soccer remains the most popular and most varied virtual sport of all, as it has different leagues and competitions where, you’ll find the most successful teams of the year, recreated virtually so you can enjoy them and place bets from the comfort of your home.

As well as soccer, there are many more sporting events in which you can place bets virtually, developed by all sorts of companies. You will find multiple versions of virtual sports games, but the ones found at Betsson are the most popular (and the Betsson quick payout makes it one of the best casinos to visit, too) – they are also found in other popular sportsbooks from around the globe.

  • Soccer/Football – The biggest and most popular sport in the world is also the most popular virtual sport. Multiple types of bets are there to be placed, as well as virtual leagues that recreate competitions like the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and even the World Cup and Champions League.
  • Tennis – Place wagers on virtual tennis events and experience the thrill of Slams without having to tune into your TV!
  • Basketball – Basketball is arguably the second biggest virtual sports game. It also comes with virtual leagues, which bring even more emotion to the table. Now, you can bet on the NBA all year round!
  • Horse Racing – You can place bets on your favorite virtual horses and try your luck at horse racing virtual sports.
  • Hound Racing – Hound Racing, as well as Camel Racing, are two additional betting events that you’ll find in online casinos with Virtual Sports.

On top of all of the aforementioned sports, you will also find some virtual sports developers that offer other games like cricket.

So, What are Virtual Sports?

Virtual Sports are simulated sports that resemble a videogame, where events for different sports are simulated with a sports betting interface. Thus, it helps recreate a real sports betting experience but in a way that allows players to always place wagers, regardless of whether there are ongoing real-life events or not.

Virtual Sports look more real than standard video games because the animations of players and athletes are recorded using motion capture technology. This enhances its realism and helps you feel as if you were placing bets on real sports.

Virtual sports use an RNG to determine the outcome and plays of games. Favorites are favored by the algorithm, whilst underdogs are not. Just like in real sports, underdogs have the chance to win, though. You will notice that virtual sports like Basketball and Soccer aren’t reproduced for the full length of a real match, but the most important plays are shown to demonstrate the current performance of each team. 

Some companies like Gamastack are known to develop some of the best virtual sports games in the industry.

Can You Play Virtual Sports Often?

Yes, there is no limit as to how many virtual sports bets you can place, as long as your casino account has enough balance to fund them. Virtual sports events are always ongoing, so you can just join the one where you’d like to place your bets and start playing as soon as you see fit. 

If you bet on sports with virtual leagues, you can just see them as standard sporting leagues and make your decision on whom to bet for based on current performance. Such things are taken into consideration for the virtual sports algorithm. 

Difference Between Virtual Sports & Classic Sports Betting

As similar as virtual sports aim to be, there are clear differences that separate both types of sports. Let’s take a look at the key difference between sports betting and classic sports betting:

  • Virtual Sports are Ideal for Rookies. Since these sports use an RNG, rookies will not be influenced by real-life results or previous real-life knowledge when wagering. What would be a disadvantage for real sports betting is a blessing in disguise for virtual sports betting.
  • There’s Always a Match Going On. There’s no need to wait a week for your favorite soccer team to play again when you can simply follow the virtual leagues and place wagers on new matches every couple of minutes. Time won’t be an issue anymore.
  • RNG is Present in Virtual Sports. Unlike standard sports, virtual sports are influenced by a random number generator. As much as they aim to be similar to real sports, that fact will always remain. Some players will prefer to wager on real events.
  1. Visit Safe Casinos and Bet on Virtual Sports

Now that you know how they work, it’s time to visit your favorite Virtual Sports casino, create your account, and begin playing. One of the advantages of wagering in virtual sports is that you can use the same balance that you use to play other casino games, which means that you can use your virtual betting winnings to play other games.

Test your knowledge and try your luck by placing wagers at the best virtual sports betting events from the comfort of your home, or play on the go with your mobile phone. 

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