How Technology Has Given Rise To Online Sports Betting in the U.S.

The U.S. has experienced an incredible surge in popularity surrounding sports betting. This exciting and captivating field of online gaming has set fire to many new technological developments, including safety software, security implementation, the acceptance of various payment methods and advanced game graphics. These developments have all contributed to the rise in demand for online sports betting facilities.

This article aims to shed light on the reasons behind the growing demand for online sports betting and how certain advancements have made a massive contribution to the rise of sports betting platforms around the country, you can continue here for more info in addition to reading the below so that you are completely up to date.

Security Technologies

Playing online is a lot of fun. Whether you’re into blackjack, roulette, baccarat or poker, it’s important to enjoy the process but also to ensure safe play. An area that most likely has the largest and strongest impact on online gaming spaces is technology. A multifaceted field that encompasses many different avenues that all work together to create a more dynamic offering for punters. 

The first area to mention is how tech has positively impacted the realm of safety and security regarding financial transactions. Punters can now look forward to their cryptocurrency, coins and tokens safe and secure. Software such as blockchain technology, two-factor authentication and hardware wallets are all avenues that have radically transformed the world of online sports betting.

Blockchain technology has made it virtually impossible for cybercriminals or hackers to access private player information. All transactions of an online gaming platform are stored on a public ledger, giving more insight into transactions and the history of play for both online platforms and players alike. If a player wants to dispute any winning or loss, the transaction information is accessible. However, only through a special key combination that only authorized parties have, keeping the information secure from malicious intent. Sensitive data is stored in these blocks which are all connected, hence the name blockchain. Once any block is tampered with, the entire chain hard locks to ensure no hacking is possible, keeping data safe and secure. 

Two-factor authentication is another vital area. It’s a great double security measure that players can add to their own devices. Using platforms such as 1Password or Google Authenticator, players can secure themselves more with a double password engine. As per usual, a player will have their email address and password linked to a site. In the unfortunate event of this being hacked, the player is left in an awkward situation. Therefore, the extra layer of security with a second password, which comes in the form of an ever-changing code made up of a long string of random letters, numbers and symbols that are only accessible through a device on the player’s person, such as a mobile phone, greatly reduces the odds of being hacked. 

Hardware wallets are a further technology that keeps players safe daily. With a hardware wallet, players store their finances, such as cryptocurrency or coins, in an external drive, making it impossible for hackers to gain access. This is an ingenious way of keeping information stored securely.

Advanced Gaming Technologies

Other than safety, technology has also had a large impact on the process behind online sports betting. The notorious way of playing before was simply betting on whether a team would win or lose, it was one bet. With advanced upgrades, new forms of betting have been introduced. 

One such form is known as microbetting. As the name says, this allows punters to place wagers on small (or micro) actions, making for a much more inclusive and exciting way of betting. Punters can now place live bets as games are shown. They can now place bets on which athlete they think is going to take the penalty shot and whether or not he will miss it or if the next try is going to be scored or not. The only reason this is possible is due to the fast speed of the Internet, the fact that players can now watch games in real life, online platforms can accept hundreds of thousands of bets and keep up without crashing and games are streamed worldwide now.

Finishing Up

It is clear to see that the world of online sports betting is continuing to rise dramatically. The future shows no sign of slowing down. With new developments, such as AI (artificial intelligence) cropping up rapidly, it is safe to say that online sports betting will likely continue to grow quickly. AI is most likely going to have a large impact on this field in the coming years. It is said to have the ability to access large pools of data, process it in microseconds, spit out interesting statistics and offer strong predictions. Punters looking to gain an edge will certainly use AI as a backup of information when placing bets in the future.

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