Someone Bought Something On Amazon With My Card (What To Do!)

Nothing is more frustrating or nerve-wracking that seeing a transaction on your debit or credit card you don’t recognize.

What do you do if someone does this on Amazon? What happens if your card is used to purchase something on Amazon? This is what you should do ….

What to do if someone buys something on Amazon with my card?

First, call the bank and inform them that you don’t recognize this transaction. They will then open an investigation. Amazon can also be contacted to track the account that used your card, cancel your order and ban the person who stole your information.

Continue reading to find out more about Amazon fraud protection.

Amazon can steal your card information

Amazon uses a lot security measures to protect identity theft. It is possible for someone else to hack into your account and steal your information, then use it on Amazon.

There are important steps to follow if you have Amazon transactions that you don’t recognize.

Inform the Credit Card Provider

This is the first step to investigate a fraudulent case. This should happen as soon as possible after you become aware of any suspicious activity in your account.

The provider will block any future transactions through your card and issue you a new card.

Make Your Pins Change

You should make an effort to change the passwords and pins on your financial accounts every so often. This will stop hackers from further accessing your account.

Complex passwords can be used to protect your credit card and make it more difficult for someone to guess.

Monitor and Observe All Card Activities

You can request statements from providers if your credit card is lost or stolen.

Sometimes it’s not just one card that was stolen, but several. To ensure that your credit and bank information are secure, you will need to carefully review them.

How do I contact Amazon about unauthorized charges?

These are the ways that Amazon can be reached if there is any fraud in your account using your credit card.

  • Telefonic calls: Call Amazon at the toll-free number 866-216-1075.
  • Postal address: The following address can be used to contact a post office:

Send an email to Amazon

Transaction Disputes

Amazon Payments


Seattle, WA 98108-1226

Contact us page: For any fraud case, you can also contact them via customer service for Amazon.

These are the key details that you should include in your inquiry

These rules should be followed before you report any fraud to your credit card.

Amazon can track who used my card?

It’s usually not possible to track someone who uses your debit or credit card. But Amazon can. Amazon records everything in paper so that they can trace which account purchased what credit/debit cards.

If you suspect fraud in your Amazon account, please contact Amazon immediately by phone.

They can cancel an order if they haven’t delivered the goods to the cardholder. Amazon can still track down the credit card holder via Amazon.

Amazon can track your credit card to see which account it was used.

What is the time it takes to complete the payment investigation?

Wait several days for Amazon to process your payment after someone files a claim. It will take approximately 45 working days to verify the case. This applies to victims who are based in the United States of America. For the process to complete, victims who live in other countries than the United States of America must wait for 90 days.

Once the process is complete, the Amazon Team will present the results to you. The results may contain clarification about where the company is responsible for losses.

A company may not be responsible for losses caused by a failure of theirs. It may not be a valid claim if an individual causes the losses.

If there is not enough money in your account to complete the transaction, or if other circumstances are beyond their control such as a mechanical system failure, the team may not be responsible.

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You must immediately notify your banks if someone purchases something from Amazon using your card.

Once the bank is informed, contact Amazon to have the credit card information traced if possible. If they find the fraud, they can cancel the order or ban the customer from fraud.

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