Amazon Credit Card Not Working (8 Fixes + Other Faqs)

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Why Isn’t My Amazon Credit Card Working In 2022?

If your Amazon credit card isn’t working you could try to change the card number, expiration date, name, or billing address that are associated with the card. Additionally, you could have exceeded your credit card limits which could result in the card declining transactions.

If you are stuck with a broken Amazon credit card after following all of the steps that I’ve described, you may have found yourself in an even more difficult position, as you have to deal with a new credit card that is not working. This is where you can try the fix that I’ve described above with a new credit card, but you may also have found yourself in more trouble.

1. Reenter Your Billing Details

If you’re experiencing problems with your Amazon account, you could try to re-enter your billing information. If you still have problems, contact Amazon or the bank that issued your credit card.

When billing or account validation is sent to wrong zip code, you must notify your bank immediately so it can change your billing or validation zip code.

2. Check Your Credit Limit

Credit card problems can be from something as small as you overstaying on a visa, they can also be due to incorrect information or incorrect information.

Most people try to pay off their credit limit first, since that can cut down on the amount of interest you’ll pay.

3. Check Daily Purchase Limits

 I don’t think that this is true. I can’t think of a reason why this would be true if you are using your own Amazon credit card.

So, the best way to check what your balance is at any point in time is to check your current balance, and if it matches the amount of money you’ve spent in the past 2 months, you’ve stayed within your limits.

4. Purchase Flagged as Fraud & You Need to Contact Amazon

I have bought a lot of stuff in the past, and have had my credit card declined because of fraud.

If you tried to pay for a new computer with your credit card, it could be flagged and you will have to call Amazon to verify the purchase.

If you use a CC from your bank, it may be declined. If you use a CC with a bad address, it will block it everywhere you use it. If you use a CC with a bad amount, it will generally block it everywhere you use it.

5. You’ve Missed Payments & Need to Make a Payment

If you miss payments, it can leave your card unusable, which will affect your ability to make other purchases on Amazon.

As a result, a payment can not be made right now to restore functionality to your credit card.

6. You Need a New Credit Card Due to Expiration

You can’t use your Amazon credit card after the date of expiration. You need to make sure you look at the date of expiration and check your credit card bill for any updates.

7. Your Credit Account Has Been Closed & You Need to Contact Amazon

You can also contact Amazon to find out why your card has been closed, and to try to get your card reactivated. If necessary, you may need to report the problem to your bank or credit card company.

8. Notify Card Issuer If You’re Traveling Overseas

If you are traveling overseas and have a card that has a currency flag, you’ll want to notify your card provider before you travel because it can create issues that can be difficult to resolve.

Why Isn’t My Amazon Credit Card Working?

* Your Amazon account was created with an old email address. Please use an email address associated with your Amazon account to contact us and we will update your Amazon account.

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Some people are under the impression that they cannot order from Amazon or have a problem with their account.
Some are under the impression that they can order from Amazon but have problems with their account.

Also, sometimes the bank could have issues with their systems preventing them from processing your application in a timely manner.

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