Amazon Shop With Points Not Working (list Of Potential Fixes + Faqs)

Do you know about the Amazon Shop with Points feature?

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Oh boy, Amazon has certainly changed their user interface since the time I bought my Fire HD 10 (Fire HD 10 – the one that did not work for me).

Why Isn’t Amazon Shop With Points Working in 2022?

If we are not working, please make sure that your credit card has not expired since you last used it. If you purchased items that are not eligible for Shop With Points, please contact your credit card company.

Amazon has rolled out Shop with Points, a new and improved loyalty program which is designed to make it easier to earn money back on your purchases.

How Can I Fix Amazon Shop With Points?

There is no need to enroll your credit card in Shop With Points as long as you have a membership level of “free” in Shop With Points.

This step would be important because if you’re not enrolled then you won’t have access to the Amazon Shop with Points.

One example is, you have a Shop With Points card, but it’s not the card that you used in the past. Make sure you’ve clicked the right card.

To use the “Shop With Points” page, you have to create a card that belongs to a specific program.

After you’ve loaded the webpage, refresh the webpage.

It sometimes happens that simply refreshing the page can be enough to see your Shop With Points offer. However, this is not always the case. If your Shop With Points offer has not shown up despite refreshing the page please fill out this form and we will investigate with our team.

If you’re able to see the details, you’ll then need to get into the settings of your web browser and change the settings for cookies.

Do not use expired credit cards for online purchases. An expired credit card cannot be used to purchase additional credit on the same card. The cost of the purchase will be charged to your card. If this happens, we will report this to the major credit card companies to help recover the loss for your damaged credit card.

When you’re using your Amazon Shop With Points account, verify the expiration date on your credit card before checking out.

Once you have successfully created the account. Make sure that all the billing and payment details are correct.

I’ve had that happen to me before too. Sometimes it’ll show up as a balance and other times it’ll show up like it normally would. If you do have a balance, just go ahead and click on the balance to see your purchases. I’ve seen this happen to people too.

Make sure you take the points!

Users of the shopping comparison site have reported that the points that are earned for shopping at Amazon aren’t showing up in their accounts. The problem seems to be that someone else in the household has clicked on the points and didn’t tell Amazon the customer.

Therefore, make sure that you have points on yout account. You may not have any points to use on your purchase.

Check the box at checkout to see what’s eligible for free shipping.

When you make a purchase, you might be able to earn rewards, like free shipping, extra cash, or the chance to win free products.

The [Original]: items are not available in stores or at online retailers.

Your device needs to be completely restarted.

You might want to try turning off your devices cookies, cache, or other issues relating to displaying the website properly.

If you reboot your device and open the Amazon page again, your balance should be showing in the Amazon Shop With Points panel.

When it comes to gaming, and especially sports betting, the value of a point varies depending on the time of the sport.
The point value has traditionally been set at 1/24th the value of a regular American coin.
So a regular coin might be worth ten dollars, and a point would be one-tenth of a regular coin (in this case, it would be one tenth of ten dollars, or $0.10).

The Amazon Shop With Points program relies on your bank contacting Amazon to add points to your account, and the points are for the last billing cycle.

One example, is if you think you have more points than you actually do. So be aware, that the last billing cycle may not have your points shown correctly.

Make sure the web server is up and running properly.

Sometimes, you may not see Amazon Shop With Points because there is a problem with your browser or your browser settings.

It is recommended that you try and use any other free web-based backup solutions to back up your website. You cannot always rely on Amazon’s services to be available, so having a backup of your website is very recommended.

Do Amazon Shop With Points Expire?

Amazon Shop with Points do not expire, but you will need to make sure your account is in good standing, active and open in order to keep those points accumulating.

I don’t see anything about the above sentence being misleading.
I suppose, if you have your credit card closed and have not paid the balance, it is an issue.
And if you have not redeemed the reward after 60 days, it is an issue.

How Do I Redeem My Rewards on Amazon?

Go to “Rewards and Offers” on the Amazon App and select “Rewards”

You can have your account balance automatically transferred to your AmazonSmile account.

In addition, you have the option to use automatic points redemption or to manually redeem your points for a transaction.

If the problem persists, we recommend contacting the Amazon Seller app Support through the Help section of the mobile app.


If Amazon Shop With Points isn’t working you’ll need to check that your card is enrolled in Shop With Points, or that your card hasn’t expired.

A potential fix would be to check your billing and payment information or make sure someone else in your household hasn’t used them.

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