What Does “this Card Cannot Be Used For This Transaction” Mean At Paypal? (why, Fixes + Faqs)

PayPal, as a service, looks at credit/debit cards on a number of different indicators to determine if a transaction is a valid one. If it detects a card that is in the “gray zone”, which it considers as potentially fraudulent, it may flag the transaction as “valid” and send it along for payment, but if it detects a card that is “valid”, it may not send the transaction to the processor for payment.

If the message says “the card you entered cannot be used for this payment” or “the card you entered cannot be used for this transaction,” it means the transaction has been declined due to a missing or invalid security code.

What Does “This Card Cannot Be Used for This Transaction” Mean at PayPal In 2022?

If you are having an error on PayPal, it may be that you haven’t fully verified your information on PayPal. Also, you may have received a limit on your PayPal account in 2022. Issues that may cause this error message are when your card is suspected as stolen, or your card issuer or PayPal is experiencing problems.

The problem when using a credit or debit card is that, in most cases, the card number is not actually stored in the magnetic strip, but in the database of the bank/merchant.

Why Does PayPal Say “This Card Cannot Be Used for This Transaction”?

If PayPal gets declined, don’t panic! This means you’re not the target.
If PayPal gets declined, and you’ve tried to purchase something from us before with that same card, that means our servers had issues.

Your card may be declined because this card was previously declined, or because the account holder’s billing address has changed.
For help, please contact your credit card provider.

If your bank is using a third party payment service for handling credit card payments, the service may decline your payment if your card issuer does not allow the particular merchant or merchant account to honor the credit card.

How Do I Fix a Declined PayPal Card?

Thankfully, fixing a declined card payment is relatively easy, as long as you contact your card issuer, and check if it’s having any errors.

In the latter case of when your card is declined, you should always check the transaction details, before you think it is likely a security breach, and follow the steps listed below to verify your account.

In case that you have card issues, you should check if your card and other information are properly confirmed on PayPal.

There’s also a good possibility you have a bank account but no credit card.

I checked the security limit and no payment limit on my PayPal account.

If you are getting the “message” above, you will not be able to use paypal for a while if a fraud warning like:


…shows up, then you will need to complete a security check and remove the limit before you can use PayPal again.

You may also want to check if your information is outdated, and ensure that the expiration date, security code, and billing address is updated.

The only other option, is to give the seller your name, phone number, and any other card related information so that they can get in touch with you. This option isn’t ideal because you are being told that they already know your information and that they want to see proof of it.

If you do not trust the merchant or recipient information, you can check the email address that the merchant or recipient registered with Amazon. If the email address has already been used by another seller for this transaction, you can block the seller by changing the status to “suspended,” but this will not prevent the seller from completing future transactions.

1. Merchants may not charge transactions to your account if you do not have your account fully confirmed on their site.
2. You’ll receive a notice if your account isn’t confirmed on a merchant’s site.
3. Make a note of the transaction receipt and the merchant’s username (login).

How Many Times Will PayPal Retry Payment?

To give you a better idea of payment retries, if you were to retry your payment after the first decline, PayPal would consider your third retry a new attempt, so you’d end up with 2 attempts every 5 days.

What Cards Does PayPal Not Accept?

Unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t have a list of cards they accept. Fortunately, there is a list of the cards they do not accept.
This post should be helpful to many developers. The only issue is that the blog doesn’t use HTML. It was created in some kind of editor which I do not know.

You can pay with US Dollar, UK Pound, and Euros. You cannot pay with a debit card, but you can use a credit card or prepaid card.

Why Can’t I Link a Credit Card to PayPal?

If you’re unable to link a credit or debit card to your PayPal account, it’s because you don’t have enough money in your PayPal account.

There are two reasons why the name or address on your card doesn’t match the name or address you gave PayPal: One, the card’s name or address don’t match the name, or the address you provided PayPal; two, if the name or address on the card don’t match the name or address you provided PayPal, it will not allow you to use your card. Moreover, the same goes for your bank account.

In addition, the account can be updated by contacting the bank of your PayPal account or update your name or address with PayPal.

Additionally, if you have a card in your name but also have another card in your name, you can link them.

If you are looking to learn more, you can also read our posts on PayPal money on hold, how long do PayPal refunds take, and what is going on with the PayPal security challenge.


If you have not confirmed your PayPal account with the credit card it is linked to, or have not verified the amount that is to be charged, it is very possible that the payment was declined.

Luckily, you can resolve this by checking your card details or PayPal, or you can contact your card issuer or PayPal. Furthermore, you can also try a new payment method, such as a free online invoice template excel if the other solutions don’t work.

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