Do Amazon Employees Get Free Prime? (Everything You Need To Know..)

Amazon, the largest private employer globally, has employed thousands of workers over the years. The tech giant employs approximately 1.3 million people around the world, 950,000 of which are American.

Many perks come with being hired by this multinational company, such as a free subscription for Amazon Prime. It’s a factual or fictitious claim. Let’s find the truth.

Amazon employees get free Prime

Amazon employees don’t get free Prime. However, they offer 10% off all orders shipped to them. The annual discount cannot exceed $100.

An important point to remember is that Amazon should sell the product that an employee wants at a discounted price. This discount may not apply to third-party products.

This offer is not available to all Amazon employees worldwide. Amazon Prime employees only are eligible for a $100 discount coupon.

Continue reading to find out more about Amazon Employee Discounts.

What perks do Amazon employees get?

These are just a few of the many perks that Amazon employees enjoy.

Amazon’s $15/hour starting wage: This is a very competitive hourly rate compared to other Ecommerce warehouses.

Health Benefits: If you work for at least 20 hours per week, you are eligible for health benefits starting the first day.

Amazon offers parental leave to full-time employees after four weeks of prepartum and ten week paid postpartum.

Tuition Fee Reimbursement: After completing one year of employment with Amazon, you are eligible for 95% tuition reimbursement for an associate degree or certificate.

Adoption Assistance: Adoption assistance can be provided up to $5,000 per child or around $10,000 for groups.

Amazon Employee Assistance Plan: All employees are eligible for free counseling, with three sessions in person per year.

Employees also get paid to work on six holidays: Christmas Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Labor Day.

How do I get my employee discount on Amazon?

Log in to your Amazon account to redeem the employee discount Navigate to Amazon and choose the product that you wish to buy.

Amazon should sell and ship the product, not any third-party. Your discount can be applied to any product that has a prime checkmark.

Add the product to your cart after selecting it. Next, proceed to the payment screen. Click on the payment method field to add a gift card or promotional code.

Copy the code to your A-Z account. Then paste it into the box and click Apply. It will be applied under the final payment. Simply place your order.

Once you have used your code once, it will automatically be applied to all eligible products or services.

Do You Get An Amazon Discount If You Work At Amazon?

Amazon employees in the United States receive a 10% discount on all products The discount is limited to $100 per year. To reap the full benefits, you would need to spend $1,000.

It’s not much but it’s better that nothing.

This is not valid in all countries. Employees from India or Canada are not eligible for employee discounts. Only employees who are based in the United States can take advantage of this offer.

Amazon offers Christmas bonuses

Amazon usually gives annual bonuses to its employees in December. Amazon offers $300 holiday bonuses to full-time employees and $150 to part-time workers.

Are Amazon employees paid weekly?

Amazon decided to pay its employees weekly after the 2020 pandemic. Those who were previously paid monthly will now be receiving a biweekly paycheck.

Before COVID-19 it was biweekly for full time employees and weekly for part-time workers. All Amazon employees receive the latest payout cycle weekly.

Is Amazon work stressful?

Amazon critics, as well as former employees, describe Amazon workplaces in high-stress working environments.

To meet a production quota, employees are constantly monitored by scanning cameras and monitoring cameras. If it bounces back, the scanners will catch up to them.

Amazon fulfillment centers don’t get many positive reviews for a job that is simple. Amazon offers a higher wage than the market but the job quality is not ideal for everyone.

Is it easy to get hired at Amazon?

It is actually even simpler and faster than that. An Amazon warehouse job does not require an interview.

You have applied and been qualified. Two emails will be sent to you. One about the training period, which is 24-48 hours before the job day, and one about the payout, shifts and other requirements.

Before the job begins, there will be a background check. If you pass both, you’ll be offered the job immediately. It’s that simple.

Many employees claim that Amazon doesn’t verify whether you have a high school diploma or GED.

Amazon Employees Can Quit?

Amazon retrofitted the “pay to quit” offer for employees when it purchased Zappos in 2009.

The proposal was initially only available for new hires. However, Amazon retained it for full-time employees for more than a year.

The employee who leaves Amazon will be subject to a signed away policy.

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Amazon Prime is one of many services that Amazon offers. Amazon Prime offers unpaid customers access to a number of benefits, including fast delivery, ad-free streaming music and videos, Ebooks, gaming, and grocery shop shopping.

Amazon Prime is a great service, but Amazon employees must pay full price to subscribe.

Amazon employees receive a 10% discount on all products that are sold or shipped by Amazon.

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