Is Zappos Legit?

So you are finally planning to buy that dress and those shoes from Zappos! But are you questioning their authenticity? If you do shop a lot online you will know how famous Zappos is getting these days.

With the widespread opening of new shopping sites, the first instinct of any shopper is to question the authenticity of a site.

If you’re one of those people who have questions regarding the authenticity of Zappos, let’s answer this once and for all! Yes, Zappos is a legit shopping site they offer a wide range of shoes and eve clothing pieces from very reputable designers.

Zappos isn’t a scam and the following article will tell you what you need to know about this site and if it is worth the hype. What exactly is Zappos?

It was initially named “” when it started in 1999 but had a name change the same year.

Zappos means shoes in Spanish and initially started as a store that focused on shoes but since then have expanded their inventory and are now offering clothing and accessories as well.

It was acquired by Amazon in 2009 and continues to operate as its subsidiary to date.

It is a legitimate fashion store and has been online and selling high-quality products for the last 20 years without any problems. In fact, if you visited their site today you will see high ratings and good reviews on their products.

 How to Know for Sure That Zappos is Legit?

 1. Any online store should be recognized and permitted to operate by legal jurisdiction. Scam stores are not registered to any company and they do so to avoid legality. Zappos is owned by Amazon and the website is operated by Zappos IP LLC. Which is registered in the US, with headquarters in Las Vegas.

2. Fulfilment of orders is another method to check the legitimacy of a store. Scam stores do not fulfill orders as their merchandise is pretty much nonexistent. A legitimate store fulfills orders and has the capacity to store merchandise. Zappos has a warehouse and fulfillment center. Moreover, as mentioned above they have 20 years of existence and an annual turnover of $1 billion which is not possible for a scam store to accomplish.

3. Checking the reputation amongst industry watchers is one of the methods to check for the legitimacy of a store. A scam store won’t have a good reputation while a legitimate store will have a good reputation amongst shoppers online and industry watchers. Zappos has been listed on the “100 best companies to work for” in the fortune magazine several times.

How to Know if Zappos is Safe to Use?

Cybercrimes have been a major issue that all shoppers are worried about. The misuse of data provided online is also another problem.

The legitimacy of a store isn’t everything when one shops online they also need to be concerned if a site is safe to use and the following points discuss them:

1. A reliable site doesn’t sell personal information to fraudsters. It protects the information given by the customer. Unreliable sites may not take care of information properly and sensitive information may be captured by fraudsters. Zappos administratively restricts access to personal information and reduces the chance of your data being compromised.

2. SSL or secure sockets layer is another measure that reliable shopping sites have. It is the industry standard for creating a private connection between devices and their web servers. It prevents third parties from accessing the data transmitted into the website. SSL also uses encryption which makes sure that even if the data is downloaded by the hacker it cannot be read by the hackers. Most major sites including Zappos use an SSL and therefore its’s safe to say that Zappos is safe.

Are the Products Sold by Zappos of Good Quality?

You will notice while shopping in Zaapos that they have a wide variety of items in their inventory. Choosing from a huge variety of items means that you will find enough matches for your price and budget.

Moreover, any clothing site needs to give quality products. Zappos does not offer brand seconds and will always offer you first-rate items from original brands.

You will find top-quality shoes, clothes, and accessories and a huge amount of happy customers. It is evident from countless reviews from happy customers on independent platforms like Instagram, Youtube, etc. Moreover, they offer good quality products at an affordable price.

What are the Payment Methods?

The mode of payment can be a problem if you do not know whether the site or the store you are visiting accepts your preferred mode of payment. To avoid a hassle-free payment process pay close attention to this section.

Zappos accepts credit and debit cards, however, they accept only master cards, visas, discover, and American express. As of now, there are no options for Paypal or any web wallets.

You can also pay with your Amazon or Amazon Prime account.

What are Their Return and Refund Policies?

Size and color issues are a problem while shopping for clothes and shoes online. Most online stores offer a return but for a lot of them, the procedure can be tedious.

An ideal online store allows you to return any item that you are totally not satisfied with and will offer you a refund or another item in exchange for the item that you returned.

One of the strongest points about Zappos is their return policy. Most clothing stores accept returns within a very small time period, and 30 days is the average return window.

However, Zappos allows up to a year for you to return or replace orders and has one of the easiest return processes.

For returning your product on Zappos you need to follow the instructions given below:

1.Log into your account

2. Find your order and select the items you want to return

3. State the reason for returning your order and choose how you would like to

receive the return label

Final Thoughts

Zappos also provides the lowest possible cost of returns and that is free returns. No amount of money will be deducted from your refund or return. However, there are certain conditions that need to be met for the approval of your return.

Firstly, all returned items must be in the same conditions that they were delivered in.

Secondly, the items must be unworn, unwashed, and unaltered.

Thirdly, the product must have all its tags intact and must be inside the original packaging.

Lastly, please know that your items may not be accepted for returns without the original packaging. As for refunds, it takes the store 5 to 10 business days to process and issue the refund to your credit card.

It takes roughly 2- 10 days for the bank to reflect the change in your statements.

Moreover, in case of any problems, you can always contact their customer service and your problems will be taken care of right away.

Their customer service responsiveness is one of the best. That being said you will realize that Zappos is well worth the hype and is a reliable site for shopping!

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