Does Kroger Sell Amazon Gift Cards? (Updated 2022!)

Amazon gift cards are becoming more popular as they make it easier for the gift giver to choose the perfect gift. Around 50% of Americans bought Amazon gift cards as holiday gifts in 2012. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to buy Amazon gift cards, especially if there is no way to find them.

It makes sense that Kroger can sell Amazon Gift Cards. Continue reading to learn if Kroger stocks Amazon Gift Cards, and which other gift cards can you purchase at Kroger.

Kroger sells Amazon gift cards?

Kroger sells Amazon gift certificates both in-stores and online. Kroger charges $0.10 for Amazon gift cards purchased online. However, transactions made in Kroger banner shops are free.

Kroger can activate Amazon Gift Cards online by depositing $25-$500. The Amazon gift card can be activated and is eligible for 4x gas.

Kroger Fuelpoints and Amazon Gift Cards: How can you save?

Kroger Fuel Points can be earned by shopping regularly with your Kroger card. You can also save money at Shell by doing regular grocery shopping using your Kroger card.

To earn even more points, you can use your Kroger-purchased Amazon Gift Card for online shopping at Amazon.

These points can be used to purchase petrol or to fill up gas tanks in areas where the Kroger Fuel Programme is available.

Kroger allows me to return an Amazon gift card

Kroger’s gift cards have a no return, no refund, and no exchange policy. If you are not allowed to return any gift cards purchased by Kroger Family Stores, or request a refund, they will not accept returns.

You can be certain that you won’t regret making the purchase.

Kroger also sells other gift cards

Kroger currently sells around 200 gift cards for every occasion. Kroger also sells gift cards online, including Amazon gift cards.

IKEA card



TJ Maxx


Yankee Candle

Smash Burger

Victoria Secrete

Ace Hardware

AMC Theatres

Baby Gap


Barner & Noble


Black Angus Steakhouse


Boston Market

Burger King


Dick’s Sporting Goods





The Border



Peet’s Coffee



Home Chef

Dave & Busters


Dollar Shave Club

Red Lobster




Round Table Pizza

Kroger gift cards purchased from other sellers than the Kroger Family of Companies can earn you fuel points. Simply enter your Kroger shopping card number when you check out at Kroger.

Can Kroger Gift Cards Be Redeemed Online?

Kroger gift cards can only be used in-store at Kroger banner shops. They cannot be used online. You can present your Kroger gift card to a cashier prior to shopping.

Kroger makes it easy to order online for delivery or pickup. Online orders are only available for credit and debit cards. For delivery orders, Kroger accepts SNAP/EBT.

Can Kroger Gift Cards Expire?

Kroger management views gift cards as cash that can never expire. Kroger gift cards cannot be replaced or refunded if they are lost or damaged.

Kroger recommends that customers protect their gift cards just like they would cash. Kroger recommends that you protect your gift cards as you would cash.

Where can I redeem my Kroger gift card?

Kroger gift cards can be redeemed at Kroger family shops only for shopping. Kroger gift cards can be used at the following stores: Baker’s City Market and Copps.

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Amazon gift cards, as well as other brands of gift cards, can be purchased at Kroger stores or online for no additional charge.

You can purchase gift cards in different denominations starting at $10, $255, $50, $50, or $100.

However, you cannot return a gift certificate once it has been activated by a Kroger cashier.

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