Does Ups Take Apple Pay? (You’ll Be Surprised)

In 2013, Apple created this app that is used to get money from your friends, which has become extremely popular thanks to the ease of use.

It doesn’t yet, but you can check to see if you have a working payment processor on your devices. You can either access this yourself, or in iTunes connect. If you have a payment processor, it will display the Apple Pay icon on the device as well as in the Pay section on the App Store. This allows you to have customers pay in-app without a checkout page.

Does UPS Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Apple Pay isn’t accepted at all retail stores, yet. However, you can use Apple Pay to pay for things in certain circumstances. If you’re using an iOS/macOS software, you can pay for things at retail using Apple Pay and your card information. Some online stores like Apple, Home Depot, Nike, etc. will allow you to pay with your phone.

If you’re interested in using Apple Pay for your next UPS purchase, or just want to get a better understanding of how the relationship between UPS and Apple Pay works, read on for more facts!

Apple Pay is accepted in UPS stores where it is possible for the customer to also present his or her drivers’ license or other official ID.

UPS accepts Apple Pay by using the UPS app for iOS devices. To begin the process, download the app from the Apple Store here.

You can use the Amazon payment app or any other payment method (credit card) as long as it supports Apple Pay.

Because of the way the Apple UPS app connects with your account, you can purchase UPS items from that app from a mobile device.

Does the UPS Store Take Apple Pay?

There are many reasons why not. Most people do not carry physical credit cards anymore. Apple Cards are an online solution.

It’s not uncommon for individual franchisees to use different software or even different operating systems than their parent companies (though this is still rare).

You can find a list with the location of your closest Apple Pay in-store location by using the online Store Locator page here.

If you buy more than a single copy of an item, you’ll be given one of these special vouchers which can be redeemed for physical copies at future events.

Can You Use Apple Pay Online for UPS?

iOS or macOS 10.12 and Safari 10 and higher are required to use Apple Pay.

While UPS is not technically a “participating website,” you can make online purchases and shipments through approved Apple software, such as Apple Pay.

This means that only certain Apple devices can make online purchases with Apple Pay. I’m unsure of when this restriction was put in place, but it has caused a lot of confusion amongst users.

You can use your fingerprint to verify you’re the owner of your Mac with a Touch Bar.

The use of your Apple account (your Apple ID) is verified by the device’s connection to an Apple Watch or iPhone, which is then authorized using Face ID or Touch ID.

If you want to know how your packages are shipped, or to find out if you need an account with UPS, you can read our post on whether or not UPS takes UPS.


UPS will accept Apple Pay if you are buying an item from an Apple device or through the UPS app on the Apple Store.

You would use your credit card to load up at an Amazon location, but you cannot use it to pay Amazon online because Amazon is also an independent franchise.

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