Are Ikea Kitchen Products Oven Safe? [bowls, Plates, Mugs, Pots + More]

ikea is a manufacturer of home furnishings that is famous outside of Sweden for its unique and affordable product lines. It prides itself on offering products that are affordable, durable, and easy to maintain.

You may be wondering whether IKEA’s extensive kitchen range is oven-safe. This video will try to answer that question.

Are IKEA Kitchen Products Oven Safe?

Oven-safe products from IKEA are safe to use in a regular oven and should be used without hesitation.
However, IKEA does not offer any kind of certification for safe use in the oven, so you have to test each oven-safe product individually and ensure they are safe for use in your oven.

In order to learn more about what you can’t put in the oven, keep on reading!

How To Tell If An IKEA Product Is Oven Safe?

If you aren’t sure if the product will fit onto your range, you can just take a look at their product page as most of the time they indicate the fit on there.

If you can’t find it that way, you can also go into the product information page directly. Simply click on the product and scroll down to “Product details” in the lower right corner. Once there, you will find the “Materials & care” section with an option to “View care instructions”.

If you buy the stove without specifying oven-safe, this means it will not fit the oven.

Are IKEA’s Bowls Oven Safe?

Generally, yes, the bowls can be used in the oven, but the heat of the oven will weaken the porcelain. As a result, if you place a bowl in the oven, it should be placed on a wire rack to keep it safe from breaking.

However, the plastic bowls from IKEA which don’t have a glass or metal center can be considered oven-safe, so keep a close eye on them for burning.

Are IKEA’s Plates Oven Safe?

If your IKEA plates are made using porcelain, they are not oven-safe. For this reason, porcelain plates can not handle the intense heat caused by high oven temperatures.

ikea’s website can be used to look up and see which items are suitable to be put in the oven.

One of the greatest things about using IKEA’s plates is that they are super easy to clean up and not the least bit sticky or hard to remove.

Are IKEA’s Mugs Oven Safe?

Yes, IKEA’s range of mugs are constructed from either glass or porcelain. Of course, porcelain cannot handle the intense temperatures of an oven, and glass can be damaged by extreme heat. A quick look through the IKEA website revealed that even IKEA’s glass mugs are not listed as oven safe.

Also, when IKEA lists its products as microwave safe, the company is saying that the item is safe to use in a microwave, not that it’s microwave-proof.

Are IKEA’s Pots Oven Safe?

If you intend to use food to grow plants, you need a pot that is made of a material that can be easily washed so that you can clean it periodically.

Pots that are made of steel and enamel are listed as being safe for oven use, as well as safe for use on gas burners and cast iron burners. They can be placed directly on induction burners.

Steel pots should not be used in the oven. Cast iron pots should not be used in the oven.

Use a plastic measuring cup to measure ingredients.

Are IKEA’s Pans Oven Safe?

ikea kitchen pans are constructed with steels and aluminums. It doesn’t have any differences in it.

The following pans that are constructed using aluminum are not listed as being oven safe:
The one pan where the oven and the stove top are on the same side.
A rectangular stove top pan of any size.
A rectangular stove top pan with rounded corners.
A rectangular stove top pan with a non-rounded corner.

Are IKEA’s Food Containers Oven Safe?

The company offers a variety of glass food containers, including both oven safe and microwave safe glass containers. It is important to note that the containers are not oven-proof, and must be removed from the oven.

IKEA’s plastic food containers are not oven-proof, as plastics can melt at high temperatures. You can use this container in the oven for one hour at 200 degrees, but you cannot use the container at 160 degrees. The lid should also be left ajar to release steam during cooking.

Are IKEA Resealable Bags Oven Proof?

The bags can be used inside the oven, but you should take care to turn off the oven before you open the bag. IKEA mentions that, after opening, you should not add any food to the oven.

Are IKEA’s Ovenware Items Any Good?

ikea is a brand that offers an extensive range of ovenware with deep dish and wide tray sizes, so it can make a wide range of dishes and cook a wide variety of ingredients.

ikea ovenware items are well-made, robust, and suitable for kitchen use. They can withstand the elements of intense heat and high temperatures, and can be matched to your overall kitchen style to add character and to complement the style.


This is very true, but some of the products contain heavy metals, and some of these are toxic and can be harmful to the health.

If you are unsure about whether your IKEA kitchen products are oven safe, you should consult the IKEA website. You can always check whether an item is oven safe by going to the product’s product page and looking at the details that the web listing provides.

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