Ikea Food Containers (9 Things You Should Know Before & After Buying)

If you take a look around the IKEA website, you’ll see an entire section devoted to the organization’s own goods.

ikea has a wide range of food containers that you can use to help you organize your kitchen. I’ve looked into nine things you should know before and after buying ikea food containers!

IKEA Food Containers In 2022

To use an airtight food container for freezing, it must meet IKEA’s environmental standards. It is recommended that only food containers that are safe to recycle should be bought. Furthermore, only food containers that are food safe for the long-term should be bought.

To learn everything about food containers IKEA sells, whether they are safe to use, and more, continue reading.

What Types Of Food Containers Do IKEA Sell?

Ikea offers a wide range of food containers. There are containers for dry food, dry food with cover, containers that keep cold food cold and containers that keep hot food hot.

They sell dry food jars under the IKEA 365+ series that can take up to 2 quarts of flour or cereal, depending on how you organize your storage.

For instance, they can buy a “Vardagen” with a lid on it, and fill it with a mixture of milk and cream. When the lid is in place it’ll be able to keep the product fresh for up to 24 hours.

ikea even makes spice jars that come with different openings on their lids so you can put your spices on top or under it.

Are IKEA Food Containers Microwave Safe?

Well, thankfully IKEA’s plastic food containers are microwave safe, and you can heat food to a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you have any questions about the product care instructions, please check the packaging or visit the IKEA website to find out for yourself.

It’s important to leave the lid slightly ajar to allow for the steam to release from any food and food dishes that are in the microwave.

Microwaves can often break when you put metal or glass containers in the microwave.

Are IKEA Food Containers Dishwasher Safe?

A great variety of food containers and cookware can all be placed into the dishwasher without breaking down.

Make sure your food label says it’s safe for the dishwasher. If it doesn’t, you can toss it in a sink with hot soapy water or place it in the oven at high heat. I usually put my food inside a plastic bag, or cover it with a towel while it heats, just to keep it from getting soggy.

There are many different types and brands in glass jars, so just be sure to place them in the safest section of the dishwasher.

Are IKEA Food Containers Airtight?

The IKEA 365 Series is just for food storage, but IKEA has a couple others for all sorts of things. They have a series out called ‘IKEA 365+’ and there’s another series they call ‘IKEA VITA’.

We can use a very similar design for both plastic and glass because the two materials have similar properties.

Food containers do not need to be spill-proof, so the PRUTA series is not spill-proof.

As it is suggested to keep your food containers organized with a variety of items for your baby.

Are IKEA Food Containers Safe?

All IKEA food containers and lids are made from polypropylene which is a safe and recyclable material. They can be used to store food and other products.

Their glass containers are tempered not only to withstand hot and cold temperatures but also to remain stable even at extreme low temperatures.

There are no sharp edges because the glass is tempered or treated, which means that it is safer and easier to break.

Can You Store IKEA Food Containers In The Freezer?

So you can keep IKEA’s food glass and plastic food containers in the freezer for up to 12 months and then thaw them for use.

Just make sure that when you remove glass containers out of the freezer, there’s a little bit of time between when they have thawed out and when you take them out.

Can You Put IKEA Food Containers In The Oven?

Some of IKEA’s food containers seem so handy to use that you may be wondering if you can even use them on your kitchen countertop.

Not taking your lunch to work because you didn’t have a proper container. You could also take a thermos or travel bottle, and put your lunch in there.

The IKEA food containers are safe to use in the oven because they’re made of glass and plastic, however, the lids are not safe to use because they’re made of plastic.

This plastic is only heat resistant to a maximum of 212 degree Fahrenheit.

Don’t forget to check the label and instructions with the food container as these will tell you whether it’s safe to put it into the oven.

How Much Do IKEA Food Containers Cost?

Customers who want to buy smaller jars of honey should be happy. The new jars of honey hold 70 ounces of product and cost under $5.

As IKEA understands the needs of today’s busy consumer, it has created an impressive set of plastic containers for just $5.99. The collection includes 17 box containers in assorted sizes.

The smaller size and cheaper prices are the two biggest benefits of spice jars and condiment holders. For a 6-pack or 12-pack of spice jars, customers can expect to pay between $7.99 and $17.99 per set. Condiment holders, meanwhile, are only $2 per pack.

The cheap bottles are the cheapest option for your favorite recipes.

What Are IKEA Food Containers Made Of?

IKEA has food containers ranging from different materials like plastic, glass, and even metal.

The container will have plastic or glass on the outside, accompanied by a lid that fits on the top.

IKEA offers many choices for their storage jars including glass lids and bamboo lids.

For more information about purchasing from IKEA, there’s a link at the bottom of this page to the FAQ section, where you can learn more about different kitchen products, like what IKEA kitchen products are dishwasher safe.


ikea has many types of food containers which are suitable for transporting food and simply organizing food at home.

For long-term storage, make sure to pick containers that are dishwasher safe and that you can remove airtight lids, which will extend the life of food by keeping it fresher.

This product has BPA-free packaging, which means that it is safe to use for food storage. Additionally, it can be used in the freezer.

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