Ikea Plates (7 Things You Should Know Before & After Buying)

Dishes are a really important part of the kitchen. It’s a good idea to check out new dishes before you buy them.

With that in mind I’ve been looking into IKEA’s plates thoroughly, here are 5 things that you should know before and after buying your IKEA plates.

1. Buy it online!

IKEA Plates In 2022

ikea has a number of different plates for different occasions. For everyday use, you can expect to find plates that are standard circular in shape. At the same time, you can find dinnerware sets or even plates that are slightly squared.

For more information concerning the plate quality, the material of which the plates are made of, and if they can be microwaved or put in the dishwasher, keep reading!

What Types Of Plates Does IKEA Sell?

IKEA has regular plates that are used for regular-sized meals and also larger serving plates and dinner plates.

These small metal plates might seem more appropriate to protect the surface of the toilet seat.

If you’re looking for something more intricate to use on your plate, and you want to design your own pattern, then STRIMMIG plates are the way to go.

It’s made from brightly colored polypropylene means it is shatterproof. Kids with younger parents will be interested in the variety of plates and cups available.

For the kitchen, the designer uses the IKEA 365+ collection of products that will help you create a space that combines functional elegance for the family and easy and affordable entertaining.

Are IKEA Plates Durable?

Ikea plates are made from the best quality materials to ensure longevity, and are extremely durable.

Many customers are happy to have purchased the product and continue to use it for years or even decades.

All of the plates that are made of this material have a nice sheen even after years of use.

Do IKEA Dishes Scratch Easily?

IKEA is famous for its high quality and durability which is the reason why it is so popular.

IKEA products are very hard to damage. I have used them for many years now. Although the surface of the product is smooth, the material (plastic) is fairly thick. Some users may have claimed to have scratched the product easily over time but that is not the case for IKEA.
In the end, all that matters is how well the finished product looks and not how you got it.

However some people have said that when cooking over a grill or stove top then this can add minor scratches to the plate over time.

Are IKEA Plates Like Corelle?

And so, IKEA has made their own version of Corelle and we can enjoy them in the comfort of our homes.

The Oftast and Corelle are made from tempered glass. However, IKEA glass plate lacks the Vitrelle ingredient and the 3 layered laminated glass.

Oftast plates give a perfect finish; not too shiny, and not too dull. There have been some reports of the plates being too flat and not very durable, but their price and size make them a much cheaper option than the Corelle brand.

How Expensive Are IKEA Plates?

As for the price, IKEA’s selection of plates can vary depending on the material used.

Low-cost plates such as the OFTAST series are priced as low of $0.79 each, but most plates cost $3-$7.99.

You can also order the BÄREN containing 4 individual plates for $12.99.

While IKEA dishes cost a little or a lot, at least you get an accurate count on how many dishes you use after dinner. However, some places count the use of the same dishes as one. I’m not too sure how they count the plates.

Are IKEA Plates Microwave Safe?

It’s true, IKEA has the ability to temper glass and I’m not sure if they actually do. IKEA typically uses tempered glass, but not specifically all of their products. Tempered glass is generally very safe, but is very brittle. Due to the lack of tempered glass in this product, I would suggest looking for another plate that does have tempered glass.

Customers should not put plates from the Backing collection in the microwave as the heat may cause the material to shatter or break into small, hard to find, parts.

ikea states that their products are safe to use in the packaging or their online descriptions.

The plate could be dangerous because the plate could break if you put it into a microwave.

Are IKEA Plates Dishwasher-Safe?

I had to look up what earthenware is, after being told that earthenware plates could be used in the dishwasher. The dishwasher, like all household appliances, should only contain dishes that are suitable for its use.

Glass is also suitable for use in the dishwasher since these glasses are tempered materials.

Glass is a type of vitreous material used in the fabrication of glassware.

What Are IKEA’s Plates Made Of?

IKEA’s selection of plates are made to suit your needs. The quality of the plate you select is determined by how many people will be using them. We have plastic and ceramic plates in our assortment.

In the case of bone china, the pieces that the molds are made from are often made of an inferior grade of clay and are not as strong as metal molds. The pieces are then fired in a kiln to make the clay more stable. Then they are painted or glazed. They are then broken into smaller pieces.

IKEA makes dinnerware that is sturdy and keeps food hot and cold longer because the porcelain is thin and the pots are not heavy.

This mineral will keep your teeth white and it also gives the toothbrush a pleasant and subtle whitening effect.

ikea is a good buy if you want to pay less. IKEA plates are affordable and you can buy them in a range of colours and patterns.

Feldspar porcelain, also known as porcelaine, is the common name for the type of earthenware which was manufactured from the late 15th century to the early 19th century in the Low Countries and Germany.

The ceramic plates are also more often manufactured for a single shape of plate, because they are thinner and more lightweight. The stoneware plates can often be made in a larger variety of shapes.

These plates are usually made of plastic or metal, and they are not commonly seen on the street.

Feldspar porcelain is light weight but is hardwear and great for everyday use.

A ware with a vitreous or glassy surface as distinguished from fired clay; a pottery that has been made in stoneware.

This is done by putting a mixture of lime and silica in the porcelain, which makes the glaze thicker. This porcelain type is also called high-fired.

Stoneware is a type of ceramic ware made by heating and blowing a mixture of ground stone and clay. The resulting product can be used as a cooking or serving vessel, along with the other two types in the family.

This material is fired at a higher temperature, which leaves it with a more understated color scale. Indeed, it works well together with matching sets.

The GLADELIG series offers a beautiful, sophisticated and timeless look for your table.

Ceramic plates are the most widely used in the production of high quality plates such as STRIMMIG.

These plates are called porcelain or stoneware, but are fired at a lower temperature than the other ceramics that are fired at higher temperatures.

You can apply a colored glaze on top of a clear glaze in order to intensify the color of the glaze.

This kind of material is porous and can be sensitive to impacts. So this material can be used for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries and other events.

They might be more expensive than other plates, but they’re the better material.

I don’t know if you know but I like to drink a lot.

Although glass dishes are quite sturdy, they are not resistant to chipping and are not as heat resistant as tempered glass.

This can be used as a decorative element to bring out the beauty of a room or to simply highlight a sculpture.

Some glass can be stained, blasted, engraved and printed. It can be used for dishes and bottles.

These are an excellent choice for your dinner table. You can find them in many different colors and patterns. An example is the Backing plate.

If you want to learn more about IKEA kitchenware, you can also read our related posts on IKEA food containers, IKEA pots, and IKEA pans.


There are multiple different types of plates to purchase, and they are all designed to be microwave and dishwasher safe. Because of this, there is a certain degree of risk to using glass in the microwave.

If you buy your plates, bowls and cups at IKEA, they come together. If you buy them all separately, they get cheaper!

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