Kfc Statistics (23 Interesting Facts, Trends + Statistics)

If we are talking about KFC, then we are talking about a great chicken restaurant which is available in multiple countries like Canada, UK, USA and many more.

KFC is probably the most well -known fast-food restaurant, especially in the West. It is also one of the biggest global fast-food chains. They’ve been around for almost 80 years now, and it’s still going strong.
Everyday, more than 40.000 people are eating at a KFC restaurant around the world. They are pretty much available anywhere in the world.

KFC Statistics In 2022

KFC has over 5000 locations worldwide.
The Colonel first came to America in 1971.
The Colonel has over 10,000 restaurants around the world and over 12,000 more in the works.
The Colonel has over 45 different variants of chicken and has over 20 flavours of sauce.
KFC’s website has over 50 million hits a day.

In the early 1900’s, a man named Harland Sanders began a company with his lifelong friend, a man named Bill.

He realized that chicken was his specialty and decided to turn the petrol station into a restaurant and motel.


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The first Colonel Sanders’ opened in a little house on the outskirts of a town called Corbin, Kentucky in 1930. His restaurant was called “The Kentucky Fried Chicken”.

The first KFC opened in the United States, in the state of Utah. It was a franchise.

They also met at a food seminar, but this time it was Peter Harman, the owner of this franchise.

Pete Harman of “The Old Fashioned Bucket Day” is responsible for the idea. It was in 1957 when he came up with the idea of selling a 14-piece bucket meal of chicken with rolls and gravy.

KFC has grown a lot since the beginning, and can now be found in more than 146 countries of the world.

It’s pretty weird that KFC is in 146 countries, but there are over 26,000 KFC locations throughout the world, which makes it even more mind blowing.

You must be kidding! In KFC, the “secret” 11 spice and herb mixture is kept a secret by the chefs, and the owners are kept a secret from the company.

However, the recipe is so vital to the quality of the burger that it has to be kept secret.

Kentucky Fried Chicken changed its name in the 1990s to KFC, in order to avoid offending people about fried chicken.

An interesting coincidence is that a guitarist in America, Buckethead is famous for working with the band Guns N’ Roses since the years.

He also wore an orange bucket, and the bucket had an illustration of the word “Funeral” on the side of it.

The company has become a famous restaurant worldwide, and the world knows that people eat KFC on Christmas Day and for the following week, as Christmas is close.

The tradition began in 1974 when Kentucky Fried Chicken wanted to sell as many chicken buckets as possible before Christmas.

The company is selling a limited edition pair of KFC crocs, as part of a limited edition release that features red and blue laces.

Not only does the chicken drumsticks come in their own ziploc, but the ziploc has a chicken-scented liner!

KFC is in the business of fried chicken and that’s about it. There are about 14,000 employees and this number has been increasing even though new restaurants are opening.

In addition, people expect that the number of employees will remain the same through the next several years.

Most KFC employees are women. They have the highest wage scale for women and the second highest for men.

However, the gender makeup of a store can quickly change and it is also dependent on many other factors.

This article suggests that if the franchise model was used for KFC, it would have taken time to develop and have more locations. I think that is probably true, but I do not think it is a good argument against a franchise model.

When Colonel Sanders heard about all the extra gravy that’s used on the chicken, he forbade his cooks from putting it on unless absolutely necessary.

But the cheap version of the gravy was a bad thing because it started to cost more than the original gravy.

The fast-food chain KFC is one of the biggest and most famous fast-food chains in the world, so it’s not a surprise that in 2021, the revenue of the company is just over $31 billion.

But, even if we account for the loss of the China business, I think that the total revenue for 2020 would have been roughly equal to the revenues from 2019.

KFC is a brand that is immensely popular in China. As of the beginning of 2018, there are over 4,500 KFC locations around the country.

I have found that Chinese fast food is much more flavorful than American fast food and I find the menu much more exciting.

The regular menu is still there, and it’s just that the number of items has dropped.

Did you know that Colonel Sanders is so beloved that a video game is dedicated to him called “Colonel Quest?”
No, actually I didn’t know that.

This video game is about Colonel Sanders and his journey as he sells chicken. The main goal is to collect his chicken drumsticks.

I found out about the average length of KFC employees from the study this company did a few years ago. I also found out that the average length of KFC employment is longer than the average length of employment at McDonald’s or Burger King, which is also interesting.

So the reason we made the decision was that [Yum! Brands] was interested in the brand and the restaurant was one of the restaurant brands that [Yum! Brands] was most interested in.

The brand value of KFC is $8.3 billion. There was a time when the world’s highest brand value belonged to Coca-Cola, but KFC has overtaken the company, and they have a record of making the top brands in the world.

A high of 53% of the employees at KFC have a college degree, making it the most common education level completed by those working at the restaurant.

A study found that, on average, KFC employees are between the ages of 18 and 20. Almost 3% of them are above the age of 40.

How Many Customers Does KFC Serve Daily?

The first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant opened in 1952, just 3 years after the first chicken franchise, White Tower, opened up.

How Much Does a KFC Franchise Make?

KFC franchise can make anywhere from $942,000 to over $1,000,000 depending on the location, popularity, and type of food sold.

Many times a manager will have to invest his own time and money to run the location, whereas with an investment property, you are getting the location for free.

However, some franchise owners have made millions of dollars with their restaurants and it is not difficult to turn a profit on a Yum! Brands restaurant.

How Much Do I Need To Open A KFC?

It’s not cheap to open a KFC location, and the franchise fees are about $45,000, plus you have to account for startup costs and other expenses. Some franchisees estimate the startup costs at around $1.2 million.

That is in addition to the 5% off the top that has to be paid by each store.

What Is The Busiest KFC In The World?

In 2016, the most popular KFC location in the world was the railway station in Jakarta, Indonesia.
KFC is a Chinese restaurant chain, and the most popular KFC restaurant in the world is in Beijing, China.

What Countries Do Not Have A KFC?

New Zealand


The United States

The United Kingdom



So that’s a list of some of the countries KFC doesn’t even have a presence in. Now, think about that for a moment. KFC has no presence in those countries. I’ll be honest, that’s amazing to me.

Why Does KFC Taste Different In Different Countries?

If you travel abroad, you might have noticed that the food tastes differently because each KFC franchise owner can add some local flavors.

I think that a lot of times you see the fast food chains that will use local ingredients. So for example, I think KFC is using local ingredients. They have had chicken in their restaurants for years, and I think they have chicken tenders that are made with local chicken. I know that there are a number of other fast-food restaurants that use a lot of local ingredients. But you see the fast food chains that are using local ingredients all the time.

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Some interesting facts about KFC include that “Kentucky Fried Chicken” was begun in 1930 in Kentucky with Harland Sanders.

Also, in 2014, KFC opened their first restaurant not owned by a franchise. The first ever “Mom’s Kitchen” was opened in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, Texas. It was named Mom’s Kitchen because the restaurant targeted busy women with children as a primary audience.

KFC has made an offer for a new store to be built for the company, which, if accepted, will be the first new location opened in four years.

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