Does Costco Sell Coffins? (price, Types + More)

When it comes to buying items for home, Costco is one of the largest retailers in the world.

First of all, not to be confused with the Costco brand used for storing and selling coffins, a Costco coffin is a metal casket manufactured by an American company called Mossberg Caskets. Costco is a multinational corporation that sells everything from canned meat to wine, and they own the Mossberg brand. You will have to decide if Mossberg caskets are right for you since this information is not available on their website.

Does Costco Sell Coffins In 2022?

If you can’t decide on a traditional wood casket, think of the casket as a blank canvas. With a few choice accent pieces, a casket can be personalized in a number of beautiful ways. The best part? The cost is very affordable.

To know more about the pricing, delivery, and range, read further.

How Much Are Coffins At Costco?

A $999.99 casket with a steel-reinforced interior. (Photo: Costco)
A $1,199.99 casket with a steel-reinforced interior.
A $1,399.99 casket with a steel-reinforced interior.

What Types Of Coffins Are Sold At Costco?

Although Costco Wholesale may periodically change products, currently, they do not offer half-couch caskets.

The top half of a coffin can be viewed even when the lid is closed. In this case, the coffin is split in half and the whole body appears to be buried in a grave.

I bought the cheapest casket and the casket was fine.
We also purchased a $3,000 casket.
It was in a cardboard box, that’s why it was cheaper. The box was actually a casket.
Next, we went to a funeral home.

A custom wood casket is available for cremations only. They include a solid poplar wood casket with a glass viewing window on the lid.

The following section explains about the benefits of purchasing a solid wood casket.

– The following section explains about the benefits of purchasing a custom wood casket.

Note that the casket is not specified as metal-free, as might be required by some religious groups.

The following rules are for determining which parts of speech may be used with adjectives, which ones may be used with adverbs, and which ones may be used with prepositions.

Costco sells a variety of caskets for different occasions using different materials.

Steel caskets are measured based on the thickness of the steel. For example, an eighteen-gauge steel casket means that eighteen sheets have been stacked against each other.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver A Coffin From Costco?

In-store pick-up is an option for Costco customers. Costco can deliver the coffin to these locations after 10 a.m. or 5 p.m. The location and time must be specified in the order’s note section.

The order status will be updated to “Shipped”.

You can track the status of orders placed by you by clicking the tracking number on the ‘Order’ page.

Costco advised customers to call before placing an order to verify availability and shipping details.

Other factors that can delay the transfer of funds include unforeseen bad weather and state of emergencies.

Can Costco Deliver A Coffin To My State?

Some caskets can only be ordered and delivered to some states. The list includes

However there is still an option to order a full casket online from the distributor.

What Information Do I Need To Order A Costco Coffin?

To purchase a casket, you need to enter the name of the shipping address for a casket that is shipping to a funeral home.

If you would like to create multiple users, you can use the [Create New User](/admin) page.

Can I Return A Costco Coffin?

The Costco return policy for funeral caskets is good, but in some cases, it isn’t applied.

Even though Costco has already accepted the casket, the casket company has an agreement with them not to return the casket due to cosmetic damages.

To return your casket, you need to call 1-800-955-2292 or email For more information on what you can return or call your local Costco and tell them that you have a return on your order.

To determine whether or not you qualify for senior discounts at Costco, check the membership page on the Costco website, read our guide on whether or not Costco offers a senior discount on membership, and visit our guide for more information about whether or not Costco offers military discounts.


Costco gives a solid option of shopping for caskets away from funeral homes at affordable prices for high-quality options. If you are interested in buying from Costco, schedule a meeting with the funeral home before making an in-store purchase.

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