Amazon Pre-order Policy (how It Works, Products + More)

Amazon is known for being a huge online shopping site. It is able to deliver items to your doorstep very quickly. The choices are a wide variety at an affordable price.

Sometimes you have to wonder whether you made the right decision in purchasing your items. Before you preorder something, check out this list so you are ready to order when the time comes.

Amazon pre-order policy In 2022

As to why Amazon chooses to release a video game on consoles rather than PC or on the App Store, it can be considered as a business and marketing strategy. As consoles are more popular and have a larger user base, the profit margin is generally higher and more products can be released monthly on the console platform.

Pre-ordered items are sent to you within 7 business days of your pre-order confirmation.
If you pre-ordered on or after July 6th, 2019, you will not be charged until the item is ready to ship (this may take up to 7 business days).
You will be charged for the cost of the item in the order in which you placed the order, and you will not be charged for shipping.
Once you have paid, your address will be updated to reflect the address of the Amazon customer service center.

How does pre-order work on Amazon?

Pre-ordering on Amazon works the same way, it begins by searching for the product you’re interested in. You’ll see an option to pre-order when you can add the item to your cart.

When you receive your order, you will have the option to place your item on hold (hold item in cart). Upon selecting this option, your order will be placed on hold in our warehouse for processing and processing your order in the quickest way as possible. You will receive tracking information on your order and we will ship your order as soon as it is received. If your item is on hold, you will receive a tracking number when your item is ready to ship. If your package is returned to us, you will receive a full refund less the cost of return shipping.

The product is in stock in our warehouse. We usually ship the product out in 2 business days after the ordering to our customer. We can provide a specific delivery date for the product you ordered, but we cannot guarantee the delivery date. We do not have specific delivery date for the product you ordered.

From here, you can place your order as you normally would and that’s all you have to do to pre-order on Amazon!

You can get a copy in one of two ways. Either by following the instructions at the top of the
page, or by clicking the link below.

The products you ordered will be delivered to you within a few business days after your order is shipped.

You can also see the status of your order by going into your account and selecting the ‘Order’ tab.

Changes to date, price, etc are stored here for pre-orders just as they are for normal purchases.

What is the Amazon pre-order price guarantee?

Amazon has a pre-order guarantee on physical and digital goods. However, since they are a stockist, the guarantee is only for the product once you have placed the order. The guarantee is not for the whole period of time or even during the time it’s in stock.

If you are buying a product which is part of the pre-order price guarantee program like the LG Nexus 5, you won’t find any information about that for you on Amazon. The guarantee applies when the product that you are buying is released on time.

If you purchased a video or music download with a credit or debit card, you’ll receive a refund within 48 hours of purchase.

Also, if you want to know your return status, do not go to the Amazon site directly. Instead, check your Amazon account status here.

Does Amazon charge you immediately for pre-orders?

This means that Amazon will use your pre-order money to fulfil the order from its own warehouses, and the money will only be taken from your account when it receives it from Amazon’s warehouses.

You shouldn’t have to worry about receiving your package in time for the holiday! If you want to make sure you are going to receive your item in time, feel free to call for an overnight shipping with our tracking service.

In most cases, if you pay with a credit card, Amazon will charge your payment method, and you won’t see the card statement, about a week before the item ships.

If you want to guarantee your pre-order item to arrive to you on time, it’s best to have the funds available a week before release so that the payment can be processed without issue.

Once you have purchased your game, it will be added to your wish list. You can then pre-order your copy of your game through Steam’s store.

The following images are taken directly from the original website for you to see what the actual user interface looks like.

How long do Amazon pre-orders take to ship?

When you pre-order an item from the Amazon store, they ship it to you within two to three weeks of the order. If you are not a Prime member, they will take longer to ship your item.

If you have Amazon Prime and order a week or more before release then the item will ship a few days before the release.

For all orders, if you are a Prime member we will ship your order on Monday and Wednesday. If you aren’t a Prime member, we will ship on Tuesday and Thursday.

Prime members can expect Prime Day products to arrive within one to two weeks of release.

That means that if you don’t already have a Prime membership, then you need to be quick in getting one.

Waiting until right before the product is released to place your order makes it difficult for Amazon to ship your item and have it delivered the day of release because Prime members are given priority, but you’re not.

If your item does not ship out on the date you paid for, a customer service representative will contact you and discuss your options to resolve the situation.

Amazon’s insurance does not cover you if something happens that you do not expect to happen.

Does Amazon limit pre-orders?

We may have an item that will require a special order because of a limitation or other reason. If you haven’t placed an order in a while, check the status of your account and see if you have any outstanding orders.

Typically most launch of new video game consoles are accompanied by a huge backlog of unreleased games, that will never see the light as the developers are waiting until the console have enough players to justify the full development of the games.

After selecting the product, you’ll see in the pop-up window, “Limit:” where you can enter the quantity you’d like to buy.

What types of items can you pre-order on Amazon?

I am looking at the Kindle Unlimited book, The Last Policeman. Its available on Amazon.

The most popular items on Amazon are tablets, gaming consoles, video games, toys, and other Echo and Fire devices.

Do Amazon pre-orders arrive on the day of release?

You will get the game the day of release. If you are a prime member or opted for the ‘next day delivery’ option, you’ll get the game the day after release.

There are multiple items to choose from, but only one of them will be available for release date delivery.

Amazon, like any other online retailer, takes the costs for shipping, taxes, and fees for orders into account. The price you see when you have a look at the product page is the price you pay including shipping, taxes, and other costs. This is also the price you see in the shopping cart or when you enter a price during checkout.


You can get the lowest price on the product and get your money back if the price goes up. So, if you can get the pre-order price and make sure, they will refund the percentage off.

Pre-ordering items on Amazon is easier than not pre-ordering and waiting until the item ships.

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