Amazon Video Game Return Policy (opened, Used, After 30 Days + More)

It’s not surprising why game retailers are getting in on the video game craze and selling games for Xbox, Playstation, Wii, and more.

If you’re into video games you’re certain to be satisfied with the selection that Amazon has to offer, and with the various deals that are available on the platform.

If you buy games on Amazon, the buyer can return the game within 30 days of the purchase for a full refund. This process is simple and convenient. After that, the buyer needs to return the game to the seller.
Amazon offers free shipping for anyone who buys games, as long as the items total $25 or more.
Returns are easy, but there are some downsides before you decide to buy games on Amazon.

Amazon Video Game Return Policy In 2022

Amazon accepts video game returns within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Software, used video games, or games with missing parts may incur up to a 100% restocking fee. In addition, video games, downloadable game software for Xbox Live, World of Warcraft, and Wii Points cannot be returned.

You can return any video game and get a full refund if you change your mind, even one that you’ve already purchased.

How Do You Return Video Games On Amazon?

Amazon can refund the money you paid right away, but they won’t ship you the item back, as that would require a service provider to do that. You can get the item back for a fee, though, which is why you can cancel your order before this happens.

As long as the video games can go back to Amazon and the Amazon return policy can be used, the option to return the item will appear under your Amazon account orders.

I will cancel my order from Amazon because the product was not as described. Please do not return my product to Amazon.

This is a good idea because you want to check the return policy before buying because not all merchants or brands have the same return policy as Amazon’s standard one.

If you are unable to return this video game through, you or your retailer that sold you this video game may be unable to return it for you.

Can You Return Amazon Video Games After 30 Days?

There are still going to be no refunds for Amazon’s 30 day trial for video game consoles, but I’m pretty sure you can send in your old games for a full refund.

If you return your game, you will lose your payment. And if you decide to keep the game you should be fine.

If you send your game back by a courier service, you may be subject to a shipping charge. The fee will be the cost of postage. However, most of the time, you will have to pay a restocking fee.

You can click the help button in the corner of the order to speak to an Amazon representative and get the refund and return sorted if permitted.

Can You Return Opened Video Games To Amazon?

Amazon may allow you to return opened video game, but if you do, you may be charged a restocking fee that can cost as much as what you paid for the video games.

While the refund is the same for the original purchase price, any restocking or shipping fees may be deducted from the refund.

In fact, it sounds almost like Amazon has an incentive not to refund your money, but they still do it.

I recommend returning new, unused video games from Amazon to get your money back.

Does Amazon Accept Used Video Game Returns?

Amazon is accepting used video game returns with a restocking fee ranging from 10% to 100% of the original cost. It depends on the condition of the game and other factors.

If you want to return a video game, you will need to pay a resending fee.

You are paying for the shipping cost every time you place an order.

That’s why people who use Amazon for buying things avoid used video games and ensure they really want the games and will use them before opening them.

What Does Amazon Do With Returned Video Games?

The product quality is 100% and I just wanted a different video game. Amazon will make sure that the product is in good condition before it returns to the warehouse.

For the purposes of shipping to a warehouse, there is no difference in condition between pre-packaged games (with box and all accessories), those in optimal condition, and used games.

If you return video games that have been opened to Amazon, they will likely be checked by Amazon staff before being relisted under Amazon Warehouse Deals.

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The 30 day return policy on unopened video games is considered fair to the buyer.

If any of the items that you return are activated, opened, or are damaged, it can be charged in your account up to a 100% restocking fee.

Well, you can return or trade in your Wii Points that you purchased and redeemed before the date that you purchased an Xbox 360, but you cannot return prepaid Xbox 360 Live Arcade games like Assassin’s Creed, Halo, or Gears of War.

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