Best Buy Video Game Return Policy (used Games, Open, No Receipt, +more) 

The Best Buy website, which is the world’s largest retailer of electronics such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones is best known for its variety of video games for all devices.

What if a customer just bought the wrong video game? When can you return it for a refund or exchange? Here is a quick guide for the most common video game retailers.

Best Buy Video Game Return Policy In 2022 

Best Buy allows customers to return video games that are opened within 15 days for Standard, 30 for Elite, and 45 for Elite Plus members as of 2022. If the video game is unopened, customers can get a full refund, or an exchange if the video game is opened.

You might be thinking “How can I return a video game? Can I return a used video game? Can I return a video game without the receipt?” Keep on reading if you want to know all about this!

What Is Best Buy’s Video Game Return Policy?

If you keep a video game that you bought from Best Buy, you can return it to a Best Buy retail store within ninety days of purchase for a refund.

You will not be billed for your products until the return period is up. If you need to return the product for any reason, you must contact us within the return window to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization. Once your product is returned, we will then begin the shipping process. Please note, we do not refund shipping charges.

You must also ensure that the video game is intact and complete, in a “new-like condition,” and accompanied by a valid proof of purchase such as the receipt.

Can I Return Opened Video Games To Best Buy?

Users can return the video game in the same condition it was purchased in the store.

In return, you have to pay the shipping cost for the replacement Nintendo DS Lite.

In the coming days, we will have a better picture regarding which video games can be exchanged for Best Buy video games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Red Dead Redemption 2, Ice Age, Scrat’s Nutty Adventure, or any other video game.

Also note that the video games have to be in original condition (like at the time of delivery), and you have to attach proof of purchase such as receipts.

We also have the following rules that you should be aware of.

Can I Return A Defective Video Game Purchased Together With A Console?

If you bought it as an accessory to a console, then you can return that video game to Best Buy even if it was a defective video game.

The time limit for the return is between 14 and 17 days, depending on which country you bought it in.
However, if you are returning the game because it is defective, the time limit is 90 days.

Can I Return A Video Game To Best Buy Without The Receipt?

You can return a video game to Best Buy without the receipt and it must include alternative proof of purchase such as a packaging slip, a credit card, or a valid ID photo.

You must return the game within the given 15, 30, or 45 days depending on the membership level that you enrolled in at Best Buy.

Although it’s not stated on the listing, you have the option to exchange different game titles, but you will only get identical game titles, not a different variety.

If you bought the video game with a console, you will only get a replacement for an identical video game that fits your Play Station 4/5/Switch console.

3.I understand that I may be able to purchase additional storage space for my games and consoles.

Can I Return Used Video Games To Best Buy?

You can return a video game bought through Walmart to Best Buy through the Best Buy Trade-In Program. However, the program is not available in all locations, nor for all video game products.

You can do the same thing in the Amazon store, but you need to go to the “Video Games” section of the store.

In addition, it is important to determine what you can’t return and to check the return policy of any other retailers that you are considering.

Can I Return A Video Game Purchased On In-Store?

If they bought a game online Best Buy allows them to return it to any of the Best Buy stores.

If you still have your proof of purchase, please bring it. Please bring your proof of purchase that was used when you purchased the video game. You will be giving your receipt back to the staff member at the time of purchase so it is vital to have it on hand. If you are not able to produce this document, we are unable to process your claim.

Best Buy will use your purchase receipt as proof of purchase in order to match verify your transaction and offer you a refund accordingly.

Can I Return A Video Game At Best Buy Without The Original Packaging?

You can return your game at Best Buy without the original packaging and accessories if you got them installed.

In this case, if you return the item at the Best Buy store, the item may not be returned to you.

Does Best Buy Offer Refunds For Video Game Returns?

You will receive a refund if you return a video game at Best Buy, but without proof of purchase, you will receive a limited refund. If you’re denied a refund, you may be required to wait 5-10 business days to receive a refund.

Additionally, Best Buy will not refund you, and will instead charge you a restocking fee for returns made without proof of purchase.

 You may receive refunds in the form of Amazon pay, credit card, or your chosen payment method at the time of purchase.

Can I Return A Video Game To Best Buy Via Mail?

When you buy a game online at Best Buy, you can return it for a refund on the condition that the purchase and return are made within the United States.

You can also return your video game by mail. To return the video game by mail, pack it in the original packaging, attach the packing slip and shipping label, and send it to the Best Buy Returns Center. There is no fee to return your video game by mail.

One of the biggest problems of the PS4 when it was first released was that there were a few glitches that happened when downloading games. This was fixed shortly after the console was released.

Can I Return A Gifted Video Game To Best Buy?

The store is really strict with what they will let you trade your purchase for. It’s pretty much only another video game.

For returning your unopened gift that is shipped to you in the mail, the store will credit you an amount of cash equal to the shipping charges.

We hope that these tips make the process easier for you. Have a great holiday season, and we’ll see you next year!

In order to learn more about Target’s video game return policy, read their TOU and video game return policy.
In order to learn more about Walmart’s video game return policy, read their TOU and video game return policy.


If you are thinking about upgrading to a better membership, will still give you 45 days to return or exchange your current membership, regardless of whether you have been opening or using your games.

You can bring your receipt or packing slip to get the refund, but if you have lost it, you can bring your payment card with your ID, or another proof of purchase.

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