Does Costco Do Background Checks? (all You Need To Know)

In today’s day and age, employers are no longer the only ones that do background checks. If a person is applying for a job, their employer will have to do a background check.

When it comes to backgrounds checks, Costco does not conduct them on employees. Although not common, Costco does conduct searches of applicants. If you’re an applicant, you’ll need to submit a copy of your recent background check.

Does Costco Do Background Checks In 2022?

The background check policy is only as strict as applicable laws and government regulations. Additionally, the company’s records show that almost 5% of applicants have some sort of criminal history. At the same time, 3% of applicants have misdemeanor or felony charges. Finally, the background checks show that the company hires people with minor criminal histories.

You can learn more about Costco’s background checks and what they cover by reading on to find out more!

Do I Have To Complete The Costco Background Check To Be Hired?

Costco’s policy is to check the application thoroughly for any information that could hurt the business.

Although a background check is an employment requirement, Costco must ask for your consent before going through the process.

and must investigate the accuracy of a credit report if it’s denied any right or privileges under the credit law.

We need to be clear about our expectations about privacy. If you have any questions about your background check, please send them in for clarification.

Does The Costco Background Check Cost Anything For The Applicant?

Unfortunately, when a store conducts a background check on a potential new employee, it is the store that is responsible for the costs of conducting the background check, and not Costco.

What Does Costco Need From You To Conduct A Background Check?

– Identification: a valid photo ID
– Social Security: a copy of your Social Security card, birth certificate, or other Government issued ID.
– Proof of address: a copy of your credit card billing statement, utility bill, or rental agreement from within the last year. If you are applying for a membership card please provide the last four digits of your social security number.
– Employment History: a copy of your most recent W-2 form, tax return, or other proof of employment.

a driver’s licence, a passport, or a government-issued photo identification card.

If you are applying for a Visa, and your documentation does not clearly indicate your nationality, you may use one of the following documents.

What Kind Of Information Does A Background Check Review?

Costco will review information like your past employment and what products you purchased at Costco.

Costco considers credit reports before they hire you, so there is no access to your credit report.

How Does Costco Conduct Background Checks?

The Costco background check starts by reviewing your application. For example, the responses on your application regarding your contact information, education, work history, and references are cross-referenced with publicly available records.

Knowing that Costco participates in E-Verify will help you to be sure that your application is in order and that you are eligible to work.

Verifying the applicant is the person listed on the I-9 is one of the main functions of E-Verify.

As you can see, it allows employers to verify the employment eligibility of new hires, while preventing them from hiring illegal immigrants.

But a lot of employers may not know about this verification process, or may be too busy to process it every time someone comes to them for work.

The applicant must provide a social security card or ID to confirm his or her identity and proof of residency.

How Far Back Do Costco Background Checks Look?

Some job application companies allow you to go back as far as 10 years to review your social media postings, emails, and public records.

You will only need to remember one thing, that you should have a passport and visa ready when you plan to visit the United States.

People who are concerned about the potential of a new hire may be interested in the candidate’s employment history.

There is no real difference between the two, only a difference in how the search engines rank them.
You can use your best judgement to determine which of the two phrases is more relevant.
Personally, I believe that there is a difference between the two phrases, but it is not big enough to make it worth worrying about.

No matter how honest you are, you still have to worry about getting your application rejected.

What Company Does Costco Use To Conduct Background Checks?

The website privacy policy on the privacy page of the Costco website says that, the company may use a third party company to conduct background checks on the shoppers visiting the website.

What Are Red Flags On A Background Check?

People are naturally suspicious of the government and will be apprehensive that something on their background investigation will come up that will disqualify them from getting the job.

Background checks are a crucial part of the hiring process. However, there are red flags that can trigger the hiring manager to reject a candidate.

– Financial difficulties, including unpaid rent
– Arrest records
– Drug use
– Mental health conditions, including suicidal tendencies, depression, and/or psychosis
– Criminal charges, including charges of violence or domestic violence.

In this job application, honesty and accuracy must be given the highest priority at all times. If I cover up a murky past, my future career will become a lot more difficult.

If you have a history of lies that will show up on a background check, be honest and open about it rather than attempting to cover it up.

Does Costco Hire People With A Misdemeanor?

Usually, a misdemeanor will show up on a background check. Although it is a misdemeanor, it’s still on your record.

For all of you, if you want to have a misdemeanor charge reduced to a non-criminal misdemeanor (without going to court), you need to ask the court to have it reduced. That means that the misdemeanor conviction that you have on your record will be reduced.

So if an employer is searching statewide, then these county court convictions will not appear.
So the state convictions and convictions in county courts will appear statewide.

The state convictions and convictions in county courts will appear in the state records only.

Also, there is a big difference between a settlement, and an employer agreeing to pay a judgement, especially when the employer had full notice, and the employee had not, and the employee is claiming damages.

In any case, it’s not common for employers to hold minor convictions as a way to bar employment.

Does Costco Hire People With A Felony?

They are not an employer who will hire you after you have been convicted of a felony.

It is best to be honest but you can be discreet, just don’t lie and create a new identity by using a different address, birthdate or social security number. Most important, if you are accused of any crime, immediately notify the police so they can investigate.

To discover more you need to read our post on Costco drug testing, if Costco hires part-timers and if you can be fired for life for breaking Costco policy.


To avoid accidents or other undesirable events, Costco uses a system that allows the company to maintain a record of the activities of its employees.

With a background check from a reputable, government-accredited agency, Costco considers an applicant’s personal life and work history when conducting a background check to locate applicants that will best support the company’s core values.

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