Does Walmart Do Background Checks? (+ Other Faqs)

Walmart is very popular with employees across the United States, and one of the leading places to work.

Although it isn’t an official confirmation that you’ll receive a job offer or that your background check will be approved, I’ve done an extensive amount of research on the matter and I’ll be happy to provide an answer to all your concerns. I’ve taken the time to search high and low for the answer to your question.

Does Walmart Do Background Checks In 2022?

To do background checks on potential candidates, Walmart uses the information you enter on your job application for your background check. Additionally, past Walmart employees report waiting between five days and three weeks for background check results, which a third-party company conducts.

I researched Walmart’s background check process and found the following: Walmart’s online policy states that the company will conduct background checks on “all individuals entering the company.” In order to do that, they utilize two different background check services. One is called ChexSystems. Another is called Secure Check.

Why Does Walmart Conduct Background Checks?

You will get a background check done during the employment process and you have to submit something like an employment application and have your employment verified.

It is in Walmart’s best interest to ensure that you are a good fit for their organization. Therefore, Walmart runs a background check and asks you to participate in a pre-employment orientation.

It helps determine which applicants are the best fit for the job by ensuring no one has committed any serious crimes or has a history of theft.

Regardless of the position that he held, Wal-Mart wants to make sure that its employees are trusted to handle products and money responsibly, and that their customers’ safety and satisfaction is a top priority.

The online background check might uncover potential problems that Walmart can’t find out about with a “facial recognition” background check.

It’s best to search for potential red flags before you hire someone because those kinds of things can help you reduce future employee turnover, increase productivity, and improve workplace safety.

What Company Does Walmart Use For Background Checks?

Since individuals cannot contact the third party, knowing the company handling your background check and personal information may bring peace of mind.

Walmart is partnering with to help secure a safe, fast and easy way for potential employees to conduct pre-employment screenings.

How Do I Complete A Background Check For Walmart?

Your online background check will take a few weeks, and you may have to complete an actual background check if you are applying for a job in one of our more than 2,100 stores.

Walmart will be asking you to give them your personal information as well as the details of your educational background, and how you worked in the past.

Without any dishonesty, your background checks become a matter of public record, which is why it’s important to be honest and accurate.

Additionally, applicants should use the visa application form or the Visa Application Fee Receipt form; either type of form clearly indicates that a visa application form must be submitted. Forms of a type other than the visa application form should not be used.

After the application is completed, you will be asked to provide a form of identification (social security card or passport).

You’ll need to fill out a Walmart background check form and submit it before the link expires (normally 3-7 days).

A background check is very helpful for people looking for the right employee and I believe it’s a good thing the government performs them.

Since the Fair Credit Reporting Act states that potential employers must have the applicant’s permission to run a background check, the applicant should be aware of their rights.

However, refusing a background check at Walmart means you will not be able to apply for any type of job at Walmart.

What Shows Up On Walmart Background Checks?

Even though a lot of people believe that background checks only deal with credit, past employment, and education, you’ll be glad to know that Walmart doesn’t rely on credit scores for employment decisions.

* Any “illegal conduct” for the individual — such as drugs, a history of domestic violence, or the intent to commit a crime.
* Any history of arrest. (For legal workers, an arrest is generally a red flag.)
* Any criminal conviction, even if it’s a misdemeanor.
* Any previous attempt to enter the U.S. illegally.

– whether the applicant has a criminal history,
– whether the applicant has ever worked at the location,
– whether the applicant has ever worked in the same industry for an employer,
– whether the applicant is currently employed,
– whether the applicant is applying for a second job within 30 days,
– whether the applicant has had previous employment at the location,
– and whether the applicant is married.

As a reminder, you need to be truthful in your applications. You might have to explain your job history, past firings, and past criminal activities.

It is always better to know details than to be in the dark. Your current employer might have the wrong impression about you.

What Information Does Walmart Need For A Background Check?

How Long Does A Walmart Background Check Take?

Walmart has an automatic background check that it can run that can take anywhere from three days to one week.

However, it’s not really a red flag; It just means that the information is taking longer to be collected.

How Do You Check Your Walmart Background Check Status?

Even though there is no place that individual applicants can check the status of a background check, Walmart personnel can look into it for them.

They have a hotline for people to call if they want to make a background check for someone they work with or someone they’re hiring.

If there were issues with your report, they will be fixed in a later run of the report.

Does Walmart Hire Employees With Misdemeanors?

Even though your background check checks your criminal history, it may not appear on your report.

County courts typically handle misdemeanors, so a background check may miss these offenses.

Usually, the misdemeanor settles without going to court.

To have your case classified as a misdemeanor rather than a felony, you must have been completely free of any charges on your criminal record.

Will Walmart Hire People With A Felony?

Some people still think that, and they may be right on this occasion. But a lot of people who have a felony will find a job, and they may have the same sort of background as someone who was convicted of a misdemeanor like speeding, or something like that. The felony conviction may not be as important.

Walmart believes that people who have committed a crime deserve another chance to make things right. Walmart participates in the “Ban-the-Box” initiative, which gives individuals with a felony record the opportunity to apply for jobs with Walmart.

What Happens If You Fail A Background Check?

In most cases, a failed background check will disqualify applicants. It’s unlikely that they’ll ever see your application beyond that stage of the rejection process, and if they do your background check probably won’t be looked at.

It does not tell you everything, as an employer may only provide information that it wishes to discuss with you, or that it deems necessary to discuss in order to evaluate your skill level or the skills you possess.

There could be something wrong on your background check such as if you don’t have any previous convictions.

This is why I’ve always believed that it’s important to be honest on your Walmart job application.

To learn more, you can read the link above or go to our post on whether Walmart drug tests. If you have any questions, you can let us know!


If you’re applying at Walmart you may have to reveal confidential information about your arrest history.

Walmart has a background check for applicants, and they review past employment and education history.

You will need to prove your identity to be sure your identity doesn’t pose a threat to any Walmart employees or customers.

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