Does Amazon Hire Misdemeanors? (your Full Guide)

If you are thinking about applying for a job at Amazon, but have a misdemeanor in your criminal record, it depends on the type of misdemeanor.

If you would like to know whether Amazon will hire misdemeanors, and if so, what types of misdemeanors would be accepted, then click the link below to get information!

Does Amazon Hire with Former Misdemeanors In 2022?

Note that if you’re planning on changing your name, you’ll have to
go through the same background check, meaning that if you were
convicted of a felony, for example, Amazon might turn down your
employment application.

If you want to know the type of misdemeanors Amazon will and will not hire someone for, continue reading this article to find out!

How Many Years Does an Amazon Background Check Go Back?

In a press release, Amazon said that background checks will go back seven years, and it will be a complete criminal background check. They will look at both arrests and convictions for misdemeanors and felonies.

However, Amazon can legally use convictions from more than seven years ago, as long as that conviction is not related to the current employment.

Amazon is constantly running background checks and disqualifying candidates.

Additionally, Amazon doesn’t disqualify you if you have a misdemeanor on your record that you honestly weren’t aware of during your application process.
You’re more likely to be disqualified because you have a history of stealing people’s intellectual property, or because you have a history of lying at interviews.

What Background Check Company Does Amazon Use?

It has been said that Amazon uses Accurate Backgrounds, a third-party company that operates the background checks, as its main process.

It also checks the past seven years for any other things like a person’s credit history, bankruptcy information, and any outstanding debts.

Also, if the background check company is asking you for additional financial details, which may include your FICO or Equifax credit score, they may indicate they’ll be contacting you about your score once the background check is complete.

How Long Does an Amazon Background Check Take?

the type of background check being conducted
length of time the applicant will be under the investigator’s surveillance
location and the investigator’s location in the USA.

Does Amazon Hire People with a Theft Misdemeanor?

Most jobs are only required to be in good standing, and a misdemeanor charge isn’t usually a bar to job opportunity, unless it’s a theft charge.

Also, the store will hire people who’ve been convicted of crimes, but it won’t hire those who have a history of the same kind of crimes. If the charges are more severe, or if the crime is a more recent offense (like robbery or assault), or if there are more than four arrests or convictions, the store may not hire you. There’s a chance that your application will be denied even if you have no convictions.

However, you still won’t be able to work a higher-level position, and will only be able to apply and possibly work a entry-level job at the company.

Does Amazon Hire People with a Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charge?

If you’re convicted of domestic abuse, you’re unlikely to land an Amazon job. And if you’re arrested in the U.S. for drunk driving, it might be a deal breaker.

For example, suppose you murdered someone and the police caught the murderer. If you were acquitted of murder, you could try to argue your case for acquittal. For example, although you murdered the victim, you could argue that you didn’t mean to kill him, that he was committing suicide, or that you didn’t know the victim, and that you were at your home at a different time than when you killed him.

Unfortunately, Amazon management would be reluctant to hire you if you have a criminal record, a domestic violence arrest or conviction. Amazon management is generally very careful to avoid hiring people who are involved in crimes.

Does Amazon Hire People with Drug Misdemeanors?

Amazon will consider every applicant on a case by case basis. If you have been convicted of a drug offense, it is unlikely to be a factor in the hiring process. The only other potential reason that a conviction would be a negative would be if the conviction was for an extremely serious offense or if the employment is in a high profile position.

That depends on the situation: whether it was a first time or a multiple offense; whether the judge has a policy of leniency towards first-time offenders; and so on.

So, if drugs are in their system, they just say that they smoke marijuana or have a prescription for marijuana, but they want to keep their hands clean, and that’s why they are able to keep their drug status clean.

We are all concerned with drug use, but the most serious problem in this country, and in Europe, is the use of heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, and other more serious drugs.

Do All Misdemeanors Show up on Amazon Background Checks?

A background investigation will look at public information so someone who lied on a job application, for example, won’t show up on a background investigation.

People who have had minor misdemeanors or court cases filed against them that do not have a conviction will not show up. If you get arrested and have a bail, the bail will show up.

**You have to provide the social security number or driver’s license/ identification.

If your situation applies to you, you can choose to report the incident or not, but if you don’t and Amazon finds out, it could lead to you losing the opportunity or being terminated.

What Misdemeanors Will Amazon Most Likely Ignore?

“A person commits the offense of resisting arrest if he intentionally prevents a peace officer from effecting an arrest of him or another by using or threatening to use physical force or violence.”

It’s just as likely that the officers arrested the suspect for obstruction because they were trying to get him to stop resisting the arrest.

You can’t become a full-time Amazon employee until your misdemeanor is settled and you are officially no longer in trouble.

Serious misdemeanors such as robbery and murder are usually more likely to cause you to lose your job at Amazon than less serious misdemeanors like minor theft and assault.

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Amazon hires the misdemeanors that they want to hire and they don’t hire the ones they don’t want.

for example, if you have a record for getting arrested for drunk driving, but you haven’t been convicted or it was a few years ago, then you are considered a safer choice than someone who has a record of domestic violence.

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