Can You Buy Mcdonald’s Toys? (in-store, Online + More)

This was one of the first toys that I realized how cool McDonald’s was and how much money you could make if you ran a business like they did.

It is possible to buy McDonald’s toys. But, if you’re considering buying one, make sure to read this article to know everything about McDonald’s toys.

Can You Buy McDonald’s Toys In 2022?

The ability to purchase toys from any restaurant that carries McDonald’s is definitely a perk for kids and the parents that care about what they buy. The toys available are more varied than other chains like Burger King, which restricts the purchasing options.

This article will contain detailed information about how to purchase a McDonald’s toy, as well as the price of the toy, and a lot more!

Can You Buy McDonald’s Toys Without a Happy Meal?

For example, if you buy a Happy Meal that comes with a toy and a large order of fries, you may only purchase up to five toys from a McDonald’s restaurant.

Also, as McDonald’s is a franchise, you can only purchase one toy per person per day, unless you are a family of 4 or more.

In this case, try to find a toy store that will sell you the item when you request it, or try to buy the item from another store.

What Do McDonald’s Toys Cost?

– McDonalds toys if purchased without a Happy Meal in the store will cost you around $1.59 although the price can be a little lower or higher as it could be as low as $1.49.

For example, if you’ve purchased a Happy Meal and you’re going to a restaurant, $.79 is better than the $.99 price.

Can You Ask for a Specific McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy?

The toys are usually not specific to any franchise. The worker or manager will go into the back and find the toy you want.

So we have 2 things to take care of: the box, and the toys.
So let’s look at the box first: we are going to look at the box of the toy.

The staff may not give you the toy you want.
If the toy is sold out, they may not be willing to exchange it for you.
If a store has many stores, they may only be willing to exchange the toy for you in the store you are staying at. They may not be willing to exchange the toy for you at another store.

3) You have to return the item before buying another one.

Can You Buy McDonald’s Toys Online?

The website,, does allow you to purchase a toy from any McDonalds store in India. It does not allow you to purchase a toy from any restaurant or outlet in India.

A lot of people find toys on Amazon or eBay, as well as Facebook Marketplace and even a lot of websites to sell them.

McDonald’s has recently released a lot of toys online, and if you’re in the right time you can find them. A lot of the toys sold online are older toys and more collectible, but you can still find recent McDonald’s toys online if your timing is right and someone is selling them.

What Are the Most Valuable McDonald’s Toys?

“McDonald’s is now selling kids’ Happy Meals again.”
In fact McDonald’s has been selling Happy Meals since 1979 and we continue to have new and exciting Happy Meals, especially Toy Meals!
We are currently offering many new kinds of toys and Happy Meals throughout the year.

The new Teenie Beanie Boos are so fun to wear!

They were released in McDonald’s Happy Meal boxes in the US but also sold individually in grocery and toy stores.

A really good price for a couple of Beanie Babies. You could get a couple for $40-ish, but you won’t make the same amount of money off them as you would if you were selling a couple of large Beanie Babies.

The sea is under the control of the monster. The sea monster and the sea are interlocked.

If you have a collection of Underwater Monsters then you can easily get $400 for the collection!

These things are a mystery no one has ever figured out what these creatures are, and they are one of the most valued of all the toys.

The robots are a small robot that can walk and move fast. The other robots look like a box you put your head in. I was told to only answer with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ or ‘I don’t know’ and not to try to say anything else.

This is an interesting image. Why did it feel like this image was a response to a question that I wasn’t asking? I’m pretty sure I remember seeing this image in the book, but I can’t be sure. I remember being interested, but I can’t remember what else I learned about the image.

Power Rangers used to be awesome back in the 80s.

You can go to Dollar Tree and find an assortment of vehicles for $1. It is a classic McDonald’s toy that brings back nostalgia from 1994.

The Inspector is not a smart gadget. He’s a very silly gadget.

Children who watched the cartoon they wanted to emulate that adults found boring and found no relation to our generation.

Also, this movie comes out in 1995; and that was the year that the Inspector Gadget toy came out. And, if you can find a toy, you can make $350, just for one toy!

“I just went to the Fraggle Rock and it was awful. The Fraggles were not very friendly and they were all very unhappy and they all fought with each other and it was terrible.”

The end of the original version was a completely different one.

The McDonald’s toys for Fraggle Rock that was released in 1992 were based on the success of the show for children.

These toys are so rare that they’re being sold on the internet for $300 or more!

Is McDonald’s Stopping Happy Meal Toys?

The company said it would be selling some of the toys, but eventually, they would get rid of the plastic toy and would move to sustainable toys.

To start making more toys with recycled materials. Or to start making some toys and other things from plant-based materials. Which will reduce the number of toys produced, and reduce the amount of toys that we end up with, and that people end up with.

In the future, we’ll be able to play with our real-life 3-D friends without needing to take the toys out of their packaging and to unwrap them, and without having the packaging take up space.

Finally, Mcdonalds is going to become more environmentally friendly by switching out their packaging from plastic to plant based products.

If you are looking to learn more about McDonald’s, I have compiled a list of our previous blog posts about the history of the company and what they sell.


You don’t have to buy the Happy Meal to purchase the toys. You can purchase the toys individually.

You can choose to buy McDonald’s products on websites such as Amazon and eBay. These items are great if you’re a collector!

If you have an older McDonald’s toy that you don’t mind spending much more than others, you might be able to make a small investment and possibly get some good returns.

The company said it wants to change its packaging to include more recycled and sustainable materials by 2025.

The new website will also provide a shopping cart option to buy all the toys in one go, and it will allow you to see the price for all the individual toys.

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