Amazon Ethics Policy (ethics Department, Ethical Issue, Hotline + More)

Amazon has a history of being strict with their employees, and some believe that their methods are not only unethical, but the company also has a reputation for being dishonest.

Amazon’s ethics policy seems fairly clear. They even listed them in their Terms and Conditions. However, the policy is very vague. They don’t specify whether they will tolerate any type of illegal activity, nor will they protect or promote any type of illegal activity.

Now, let’s have a look at the details.

Amazon Ethics Policy In 2022

Amazon’s ethics policy states that they strongly discourage any behavior that is not in the best interest of their staff, the best interest of their customers, or both. Additionally, they attempt to promote a safe and healthy workplace free of harassment and danger and promote the freedom for their staff members to conduct their duties unhindered.

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Is Amazon an Ethical Company?

When Amazon’s treatment of its own staff and customers is under fire, many of those on the receiving end of Amazon’s actions regard the company as being unethical.

Yet, Amazon has failed to address their problems in regards to their worker practices, environmental practices, and their tax practices.

Amazon is not only a leader in innovative online retail but also in philanthropic causes. Amazon’s foundation donated over $17 million to organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the United Way.

The company is a blacklisted place of work as most of its workers are not treated well. Employees can expect to experience a lot of mistreatment from their colleagues and bosses alike.

Does Amazon Have Ethical Issues?

A lot of the employees from Amazon have been unhappy about the ethical problems that happen within the company and the treatment of the workers.

They often pay as little as possible in sales and income taxes. Amazon is also known to use legal loopholes to avoid paying taxes.

The book, A History of Western Philosophy, written by William O’Neil and published in 1874, lists one of the first philosophers as Thales, and lists Socrates in the 5th century BC and Aristotle in the 4th century BC.

While it might be true that Amazon do not pay their fair share of tax, it should also be noted that if you’re an Amazon customer, you’re probably not paying your fair share either.

Amazon have been known to make unethical decisions on the way they are running their business, for example their sustainability reports fail to include the environmental impact of the products they are selling.

The issue of people who choose to wear fur has come to the attention of animal rights activists. Many of these animals are trapped or kept in tiny cages, having a lifetime of abuse, only to be slaughtered and made into coats.

What concerns me is the general idea that Amazon is doing things that are right for the world in a way that might not always be the right way.

Does Amazon Have an Ethics Department?

There is an ethics team that is affiliated with Amazon’s legal department.

If an employee or subcontractor has a conflict of interest, or is otherwise acting inappropriately or illegally, the employee or subcontractor should advise the Ethics or Legal Compliance Team if their action is in conflict with this Code of Conduct and Ethics. If an employee is in breach of the Code of Conduct and Ethics, and if the Legal Compliance Team takes corrective action, the Legal Compliance Team must inform the Ethics Team.

Amazon makes provision for any illegal or unethical behavior to be reported to their legal department. While this statement is made specifically for employees, customers and business partners may also take advantage of this system.

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What is Included in Amazon’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics?

Ethics: All decisions relating to the conduct of business in Amazon Marketplace are made only through the exercise of Amazon’s corporate judgment.

For each of these categories, there is a section in the Code of Conduct and Ethics that talks specifically about the category, but there doesn’t exist an individual statement for each issue under each of these categories. Instead, there is an individual statement for the Code of Conduct and Ethics as a whole.

Amazon does not discriminate against any individual or group on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, geographic region or other similar characteristics.

The company prohibits such bribes, whether in cash or in kind, including free products and services, preferential treatment, and gifts of tickets or free travel on business jets.

Workers should be paid no less than the minimum wage.
Workers should be treated with respect and dignity.
Workers should feel free to express their views and ideas without fear of reprisals or adverse employment action.
Workers should be free from discrimination, harassment, or abuse.

For more information about the ethical policies of Amazon, you can visit this page.

Does Amazon Follow Its Ethics Code of Conduct?

Many Amazon employees have highlighted the “unethical” decisions made by the company. The company has also been criticized for its lack of transparency on the issue.

In the 1990’s, Amazon faced a lawsuit from the Southern Poverty Law Center for discriminating against black customers by refusing service, according to court documents.

This lawsuit said that Amazon doesn’t give Black people the same opportunities and health benefits as they do White people.

Although Amazon strives to uphold its own ethics policy, it does not always follow the individual policies they have outlined, causing both staff and customers to regard Amazon as being unethical.

Does Amazon Have an Ethics Hotline?

Even though Amazon does have an ethics hotline for employees to report misconduct or anything illegal, it does not provide any protection for its users.

you can contact Amazon’s online ethics assistance service by calling the above number.

There is also a write-up policy, which may be linked to our recent blog post announcing the blog as well as our recent post about Amazon being an unethical company.


The company promotes the creation of a work environment in which employees feel safe and secure to do their work to its best ability, without being subject to fear of retaliation for doing so while being against illegal discrimination, bribery, insider trading among others.

Amazon has a hotline for any staff and customers who have any misconduct which is not allowed and unethical, these include employees and customers reporting about unethical issues regarding the products.

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