Walmart Bike Return Policy (used Bikes, Assembled, No Box + More)

Walmart has an array of bikes for those who are ready to make the leap from bicycles to the world of motorcycles.

It is very easy to buy the wrong bike. I have done this dozens of times. Walmart accepts returns, but it’s not a simple process. Let me tell you how to buy the right bike!

Walmart Bike Return Policy In 2022

Purchases made with your Walmart REDcard for items like bikes and electronics must include a receipt. This receipt is the proof Walmart needs to make sure you’re giving a good return.

Please take this into consideration when deciding whether to purchase something or exchange something.

The following post is meant to give you information to help you with a bike return, and the bike return process.

Can You Return A Bike At Walmart?

WalMart is a very profitable company and is always looking for ways to improve their customers experience.

The company has a very strict return policy only allowing customers to get a refund, or exchange, if the item was defective and if the customer purchased the right size, which is pretty much the return that is already implemented.

If a customer gets a bike and they don’t like it, they can return it and it will be exchanged for a different bike.

Customers can get refunds instead of exchanging their receipts for another product. Also, customers who have a receipt can get a refund instead of exchanging it for another product.

How Long Do I Have To Return A Bike At Walmart?

If the customer wants to exchange the bike or get a refund, they must do that within 90 days from the purchase date.

However, Walmart is very strict about their return policies, and you can get a return if you don’t use it within 30 days of purchase.

They know people like to return their purchases, which is likely why the policy is rather loose and allows customers to exchange or return their items at any time without any sort of penalty.

How Do You Return A Bike To Walmart In-Store?

When making a return at Walmart, it is the customers responsibility to bring their bike in its original condition, or they will be charged a lower refund amount.

Therefore, to return a bike in-store at Walmart, head over to the Customer Service desk, and a will be happy to assist you. Or maybe not.

One last tip, make sure you bring the receipt with you when making an in-store return. At the counter, they’ll need that to process the return if you forget and they won’t have your phone.

When you return an old bike at Walmart, follow these steps: go to your local store, go to the returns and exchanges section, find your bike, and just return it.

A customer service associate will review the bike for damage, ensure all accessories are there (helmets, chains, pedals, lights, etc.), verify proof of purchase, and make sure the cycle is in its original packaging. This process can take as little as 5 – 8 minutes and we do not require any of our shoppers to wait.

Can I Return A Bike To Walmart Without A Receipt?

If you are returning a bike without a receipt, try to find the store you bought the bike from. You can also get some help from the staff there.

That said, associates can pull up your purchase history but they can’t see your credit/debit card used.

For those that tried to access your purchase history or find a receipt, you can still exchange the product or get a gift card.

Can I Return A Bike Given To Me As A Gift?

This is not an easy thing to do, however, with the help of the experts at Tuff Sheds, you can easily send your unused bicycle to an ideal location for recycling.

If you do not use an email address, we will send a note to your address and/or provide your name.

When the purchaser’s order has been received, they will receive an email with an order number and a tracking link for their item.

If you received a gift receipt and you want to exchange the received item for another item, you can request a refund. The amount is equal to the value of the item you are receiving minus the value of the gift receipt you received.

– If the return reason is an error or you have the wrong item, the merchant will initiate a refund,
– If the return reason is the item did not match or you received the wrong item, the merchant will initiate store credit for the purchase amount, or
– If the return reason is a defective product under the manufacturer’s warranty, the merchant will initiate an exchange for the defective product.

There is a customer service line that you can call at 1-800-WALMART or 1-800-925-6278 if you have other questions.

Is There A Restocking Fee For Bike Returns At Walmart?

You have a guarantee that all your returns will be completely free due to Walmarts 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Since bikes are no longer sold at our store, we do not charge a restocking fee.

Can I Return A Bike To Walmart If It’s Unopened or Unused?

We accept returns on unopened bikes in boxes, or bikes that haven’t been used, and offer a full refund. There are no questions asked.

Can You Return A Used Or Open Box Bike To Walmart?

You must return the bike in the same condition it was received in, otherwise there is no exchange or refund.

Walmart uses the used bikes to make sales and the bikes are sold in the box.

The Wal-Mart policy will allow you to exchange your bike for anything of equal or lesser value within 90 days of purchase.

How Does Walmart Refund You After Making A Bike Return?

Walmart allows their customers to either take a refund, or return their order with a store credit they can put toward gift cards or other merchandise.

In the event that you paid for the sale by cash or check, you will receive your refund by check.
If you paid via credit card, you will receive an email notice within 7 business days after the refund was posted to your credit card.

Refund is a process of making payments in the amount of refunds to a customer to settle an invoice or transaction. This process should be implemented with care to minimize potential mistakes and risks involved. Also, to maintain the same standard of refunds, the system should have the tools and policies to manage the refund process across multiple systems, countries, and financial institutions.

Buying your bike on credit card is the perfect way to pay off your bill. If you get a refund, you can go back to the store and pay with the card that was bought with.

Also, the government and its banks are often very lenient with their policies when it comes to credit cards, even for people who may have engaged in fraudulent activity on their cards.

Now, you can buy a new bike from the Walmart, and if you feel that there is something wrong, you can either take it for repair to the store, or you can take it to the Walmart warranty center.


Walmart returns are the best customer-friendly policy in the industry.

This means Walmart is not bothered about making sure the bike is in good condition and is only returning the bike because they want to maximize their profit margin.

You can exchange your bike for a different bike of the same model if you can prove you never rode the other bike or if you open the box or lose the receipt.

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