Target Bike Return Policy (used Bikes, Assembled, No Box + More)

Target sells a variety of bikes for all age groups and terrain types at its massive stores across the U.S., at reasonable prices and with loads of discounts.

If you bought a bike at Target you may wonder whether you can return it to the store. Here is all the details on how you can be a part of the Target bike return program.

Target Bike Return Policy In 2022

If a bicycle is returned to Target it will be inspected for damage and the value of the bike will be deducted from the refund. If the bicycle is in good condition but was purchased with a gift card, then the purchase price will be refunded to the card issuer. If the bike is in good condition but was purchased with cash, then the purchase price will be refunded to the customer by check.

In addition to the standard warranty, there is a two year warranty on parts. If your bike or part doesn’t meet the standard warranty you can take advantage of a service agreement for $25/year.

Learn more on the website.

How Do You Return A Bike To Target In-Store?

The most useful and popular type of bike for kids is a recumbent bike. They are a more comfortable way to get around, and are usually used for recreational purposes.

You can get a refund for your bike if you find that it doesn’t suit your needs.
The bike has been sold to you.
You are required to pay the full price of it as well as the return shipping fee.
The seller will refund you the price of the delivery.
You have 30 days to return your bike.

Make sure the bike is in its original packaging before you head to Target. The accessories may not be packed together.

You at the store to return your stuff. If the employee is busy, you will need to ask for assistance from another employee or a manager.

The original receipt must include the name of the cardholder (including the last name, first name, and full address), the card number (excluding the account number), the card type and model (Target Visa, Target MasterCard, Target Discover, Target American Express, Target Diners Club, or Target JCB), the amount of the payment, and the merchant’s name and address. The original receipt must also show the dates of sale and purchase.

Additional information will be obtained by the government to verify eligibility for immigration benefits for the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

Once your order is confirmed, the cashier will ask you to provide your contact information so you might receive a refund if you change your mind. Make sure to provide this info in a way that will make it easy for you to get back in touch.

How Do You Return A Bike By Mail To Target?

You can return your bike via mail to Target, or you can return your bike via Target mobile app, or to return a bike via, or on the Target mobile app. Once your bike order has appeared, select the ‘return an item’ option.

Pick the next option and select the reason for return from the drop down menu. After that, select either refund or replacement and set your shipping address.

Finally, when you submit the form, you’ll be able to print out a mailing label which you can place on your package and drop it off at a local UPS location to have it sent to Target.

You will receive a refund in the form of a payment card adjustment once your transaction has been verified by Target. This may take up to 5 business days after your payment card has been processed.

Can You Return Bikes Purchased From A Target Plus Partner?

The Target bike is available from several third-party sellers such as Schwinn, State Bicycle Co., Jetson, Hero Cycles, and Sole Bicycles, and allows customers to return these if they aren’t satisfied with their purchase.

However, Target does not return bikes if they are not brand new and damaged because they are not in brand new condition.

The return policy for these bikes is similar to standard ones – i.e., you can return them either in-store or through mail following the procedures described above.

Note that some third-party sellers have modified return policies. In particular, it is possible that the return window is different than what is stated in the sales conditions, which is why you should consult the policy under “shipping and returns” in case there is a different returns window or other criteria.

Can You Return Used Bikes To Target?

In fact, Target does not sell used bikes. So if you return a bike that is not in “as new” condition, you are liable to pay a big fine and get your refunded.

The Target return policy is that you have to return it new and unused.

If your bike has been damaged in some way, they will reject your return. They only accept returns that are in a good condition.

A retailer may not be obligated to honor a return or exchange that is caused by a defect or failure of the bicycle after you bought it.

Can You Return Assembled Bikes To Target?

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 1.800.558.2310 or visit us at and click on Contact Us.

If you have included all accessories and add-ons, it is time to package your guitar up and get ready to add your bass case and headcase to your mix.

Can You Return A Bike To Target Without The Box?

Many target stores allow returns without any box provided you can show proof of purchase within the relevant return period.

Target is going to let customers who bought used bicycles to return them without any fees.

Do You Need A Receipt To Return A Bike To Target?

Target recommends that you bring the receipt in original form when returning a bicycle back to Target.

However, it also has alternative ways to return bikes even if you have lost the receipt.

If you make a purchase using a credit card or debit card associated with your Target account or the Target app, you can access the return barcode or digital receipt.

If you have a rewards card, the Target store will also automatically check your recent purchases and find any eligible purchases from a manufacturer or distributor.

If you don’t have proof of your purchase, you may be given store credit for other purchases, in the form of a credit card debit.

Can You Return A Bike To Target After 90 Days?

The official Target returns policy states that you will be prevented from returning a bike to Target once the 90-day window has passed.

However, if you paid with a Target RedCard, you will have an additional 30 days to return the bike (or 120 days total).

You can expect to receive a replacement if you have not made a decision or if you have returned an item for another reason. See “Returns” above for more information.

If you have the original receipt if its in order then you will be able to return the bike after 90 days.

How Will You Get The Refund For A Bike Return At Target?

You can start a Target gift card refund within about 1-2 days. You then have around 3 days to get your cash refund in that amount. In-store cash refunds are instantly dispensed.

If you haven’t paid at the time of the return, the check may not clear at the return location until after the return is completed. As a result, you’ll need to use a merchandise return form which is different from a check refund.

Once you have a paid bike, it will be processed by Target to check for quality. This can be up to 7 working days. Please check with you local Target store for any further guidance.

PayPal users will receive in-store credit or cash for your in-store return. Or, if you prefer to get the Target eGift card for a quick $10 gift card to spend on anything you’d like, that’s an option as well.

If you bought it with a Target gift card, the store will send you a check on the same card.

To make sure that you get a brand new and working bike on Christmas, you should be sure to buy your bike from a store that you can return it to in case you don’t like it.

If you are thinking of returning your Target purchase, visit the Target Return policy page for the Target return policy, the Target return policy for furniture, and the Target return policy for clothing.


Any bike purchased on, Target Mobile or in Target stores can be returned to Target in-store or via UPS mail within 90 days of purchase, or 120 days if bought with a Target RedCard.

it may be returned to us without assembly, but we will have to charge the buyer for the labor of assembling the bicycle.

**In the case of damage or loss, the return of the product should be done with the item unsealed and in the original packaging.

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