Should I Call Walmart About My Application? (your Full Guide)

If you are applying in a Walmart store, you should know that it won’t hurt to follow up after you submit your application. In most cases, you might be asked to follow up again if the interviewer says something that needs to be clarified.

The following examples will help you to better understand the sentences with the paraphrase.

I’m going to tell you about what you should do after you have applied for a job at Walmart, so keep reading to learn all about it!

Should I Call Walmart About My Application In 2022?

While it’s not a big deal to call up Walmart about your application once every few weeks, it’s a big deal to repeatedly call them about it. So, be sure to just call them once every couple of weeks so that it doesn’t seem like you’re harassing them.

I’ve read all of your questions regarding Walmart and the application process, and if you need more info on this topic we can continue with more questions.

How Long Does It Take for Walmart to Reply to Applications?

The length of waiting time
The number of applications at the time
The number of people applying at the time (especially if the store has a big holiday season)
The amount of work for the receptionist

But according to a former sales associate, even at a busy Walmart the only application “screening” that is done is name-based.

How Do You Know If Walmart Accepted Your Application?

Walmart will contact you if and when they want to talk to you about your application. Remember to check your email for your application confirmation.

You’ll receive a confirmation screen at the end telling you that you’ve successfully submitted your application, and you’ll be alerted via email that you’ve successfully completed the application.

Although you might not be able to complete the online application during the first application window, you should still be able to complete the application if you submit it in the first application window and the store chooses to accept you.

Log into the Walmart portal and see if there is a record of a completed application. If there isn’t one, you may have missed it.

Is It Rude to Call Walmart About Your Application Status?

I didn’t have to call the company, I just took it upon myself to check on the status of the application.

You should ask for a job in a polite way. Try to use the form “Hi, xxx, would you mind sharing your job post with me?” or something similar. Make sure to ask for a job within a week or so. If you ask too early, the hiring company may be busy and forget about you. If you ask too late, you won’t even be considered.

I want to give my name, my name is (your name), I work for (your company) and I need to know how to get a hold of (your name) who is in charge of the (industry/ department/etc).

What Is Walmart’s Hiring Process?

At that point, you’ll need to review the job description carefully to make sure you answered all of the questions correctly. The better you do, the more interest NOC will have in you and the more likely it will match you up with an appropriate position at NOC.

The hiring associate would look at all of the employment applications and then decide which applicants would be a good fit for the job openings.

In addition to the two major problems that the applicant has already listed, the paraphrase adds the additional problem of the hiring associate having to check through all of the available applications, which is certainly not how the original writer meant it to be taken.
A: I don’t know.

The associate will review your resume looking for positions that you can best help a recruiter with. They will then call you back to discuss if they are interested in pursuing working with you.

This is why it’s important for you to keep your social media profiles clean, to ensure the interviewers can see the real you.
Make sure you’re only sharing work-related information.

3. What happens now?
If the job offer is accepted, the employer will send you an offer letter, as well as the necessary paperwork for you to start working.
The employer will also tell you the salary you’ll be paid, as well as an indication of your starting date.

The next step at Walmart is to orient with the company. You’re treated to a series of small orientation sessions which explain your job and job responsibilities.

After completing the required orientation, you’ll begin your job, which may take a week or less depending on the job and the employer.

Does Walmart Hire Everyone Who’s Interviewed?

While some jobs may only require a high school diploma, Walmart also expects experience in retail management, leadership skills, the ability to work well in a team environment, and the ability to pass criminal and employment history background checks.

Therefore, Walmart will pick the best three candidates for that job and interview them, and whoever they select for the position will be the one that gets the job.

Also, Walmart typically hire several applicants at once, and they will interview you together, so you should be prepared to be asked questions by several different people during the interview.

There will likely be two rounds of interviews before you will move onto the next step, both having three people doing the interview, so be prepared for a similar interview setup to the first interview. Both interviews will be on-site in the US, and there will likely be a travel component.

If you want to know whether or not Walmart has night shift job, if you want to know if Walmart hires part time, and if you want to know how to get hired at Walmart, then you can go here.


Do not call Walmart at all except in extreme emergency situations. Walmart will probably have a few good reasons why you don’t qualify for this credit, one of which is that they want to make sure it’s truly a credit they can use.

You should only call the hiring manager once a week to see the status of your application because you don’t want to seem like you’re harassing them. When you are calling, you should be friendly, polite and state your name and reason for calling so the hiring manager can refer you to the right person.

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