15 Things to know Before Buying A Tv From Costco

Costco is usually one of the cheapest places to buy a TV, but do they really have the best deal? I’ve personally never bought one from Costco, and I can’t find any evidence to prove its authenticity.

You’ll need to know a few items before you buy your smart TV or flatscreen TV. Read on to get the full scoop.
There are things to know before you buy your flat screen TV.
This is what you need to know before buying your flat screen TV from Costco.

15 Things To Know Before Buying a TV From Costco In 2022

1. Costco Has Many TV Options

You should also check out if there are any local Costco members in your area with any experience in building TVs and/or audio products.

> The main advantage of using a touchscreen is that it makes it easier for people to use their phone, as they can interact with the phone without the need for a physical keyboard or mouse.

2. Certain TV Options Are Limited At Costco

Costco is more like a grocery store than a television store. There aren’t as many options for televisions at Costco.

3. Sometimes A “Deal” Is Not A Deal

Costco works out deals with companies to get you lower prices when you buy things with them. For example, Costco will cut the price of a television if you pay for it with one of their participating data companies.

For example, some of the new “deals” that we see are very expensive, as well. These often come bundled with various perks, which will cost even more. So, you are better off sticking with the better, traditional live-streaming options.

It might be wise to save some money by investing in the TV alone and BYO your own streaming services.

4. Package Deals Can Be Tricky

Costco offers savings of up to 40% off of name-brand prices, but there is a catch.

One of the benefits that you can get with AT&T is the two-year contract. If you don’t sign a contract, you don’t get the AT&T special pricing.

I have seen rental agreements that can be terminated after one year. But many companies like to get you to sign longer term, for example three years, so that the landlord can get the maximum benefit from the extra payments.

5. Costco Has A Limited Return Window on TVs

Costco’s return policy is a little tricky. In stores that don’t have a return policy, you can return your product within seven days for any reason. For stores that have a return policy, you may return your product within 45 days for any reason. However, Costco will only refund the money you paid for the item.

Costco’s return window for the TV is only 90 days. So, you will be stuck with this TV if you continue to like it at the end of that period of time.

However, Costco does provide TV warranties, and the warranties are probably very good.

6. Costco Offers A Superior TV Warranty

The best way to protect yourself is to make sure that your new TV is protected by a reputable manufacturer and that you’re buying from a reputable retailer. Costco is one of the best places to buy a television because of their special warranty policies.

TV’s larger than 37 inch come with either a 3 year warranty or a 1 year warranty and technical support, for an addit…

7. Protection Is Extra For TVs

If a computer or a smartphone malfunction, it’s a good idea to contact Costco and see if they will replace it under a protection plan.

 However, if you want to use the app, you must download the app from Play Store. Once the app is downloaded, the phone will prompt you to enter your PIN, and then you can select your favorite channels.

These protection plans provide five years of protection through the Costco Insurance program, however, Costco is not partnered with the Allstate Insurance policy. Costco’s protection plan offers the same features and coverage as Allstate at half the cost.

If your home’s worth over 300,000, the first two years are covered by Costco and the other three years are provided by Allstate.

8. Membership Is Required For Buying TVs

Costco memberships are great for people that enjoy the many benefits of a Costco membership. By joining as a member, you can save money by purchasing items that you have previously purchased, and receive additional benefits when you shop.

To be honest, this one made me laugh. I guess most of us know the “members-only” stigma that comes with Costco.

For most people, this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal. A Costco membership usually costs about $50 per year. So, most people would consider a membership the only logical route to great deals.
However, there’s a small group of people that are willing to pay a lot for the convenience of a Costco membership. These are the people that pay $300+ dollars per year for a Costco membership.

So it is. But if you do the majority of your shopping at Costco and are willing to eat more expensive meats, then it probably would be worth it.

9. Online Costco Matches Physical Costco For TVs And Other Products

If you feel like a big shot, or don’t like shopping in a store and driving around, you can just go to Costco.com and search for whatever you need.

You never have to worry about someone asking about the meaning of obscure characters and trying to find out how to type it in.
You can use custom emoji to make a conversation more lively and fun. It can be used to say what you mean and not what you say.
You can use special characters and emoji to convey messages in a way that is easy to understand.

to learn how to price match on costco’s home depot pricing, you can read my full guide here!

10. Price Matching Other Retailers For TVs Is Almost Impossible At Costco

Before buying a tv you must know the model number of the tv. Thats because Costco has a small number of different television models and they never mix them up.

This is because if the seller accepts the price as fair, the seller usually accepts a return.

Costco will take a look at the pricing and determine whether they will match the pricing of a competitor.

This is really frustrating, because Costco is clearly a Costco. And this is clearly a Best Buy, and not a Costco, and should not have to be treated the same.

11. Costco Provides TV Tech Support On Select Days And Times

Costco does not provide technical support for all of it’s products. For specific technical support you should contact the manufacturer for support on your product.

I’d better hope my problems occur between 5 AM and 10 PM on a weekday. Because tech support is off the clock after 10 PM every night and on holidays.

This is something that can be most distressing if you’re stuck at home over a holiday weekend with a malfunctioning television. Or if your set breaks down during your favorite midnight show.

12. TV Delivery and Set-Up Not Included

Costco bundles TVs with delivery and installation in their purchase price. Most people don’t consider this a big deal because they’d have to pay for delivery and installation anyway. If you care about price, this is a feature you should take advantage of by choosing a Costco membership.

Also, you have an opportunity to see if any of these companies are offering similar packages and to use them to compare prices.

And for the elderly or the person who already does more than he can get done, this service would be quite helpful.

TV sets are usually heavy, and they are often too heavy for many people to lift. For people who find it hard to lift large objects, putting a TV on wheels makes life easier.

For those who drive small vehicles, a big television can be difficult to fit. It might be worth considering if a delivery and setup service is included in the price of the TV.

This is a bit of a dealbreaker, but not as bad as some of the other features that you’d find on a modern system.

13. Not All Credit Cards Are Accepted

A television is a rather large purchase, so you won’t have the cash to pay it upfront. Usually, this type of purchase goes onto a credit card.

That’s true. Costco doesn’t accept credit or debit cards, but uses a system called membership cards. You need a membership card in order to shop in the Costco.
And, you need a Costco membership in order to shop at Costco.

To get your money back, you may want to double-check your credit card company’s terms and conditions before attempting to buy that Costco 60-inch flatscreen with it.

14. Costco Prices May Be the Best Even When They’re Higher

Costco’s prices are a bit higher than many other retailers. If you have never shopped at Costco, it may be worth visiting one to see if there is a better deal.

Another reason for people to shop for things at Costco is the great selection of things in their warehouses. And those are some of the best places to find a deal, too, because the selection is so big. Also, Costco is one of the best places to shop for electronics. A store that big has to have a decent selection of electronics. And Costco also charges lower prices than most other electronics stores in the area.

15. Buy A Costco TV And Get A Gift Card

Costco will send you a gift card for some of the products that you buy from them. You can use that gift card to pay for those same products at other stores, or you can go ahead and spend it at Costco so that you don’t have to.


If you just want to buy wine then you can learn more on that in my guide on buying alcohol from Costco.

Research Is Key To Getting Deals 

If you’re in a big hurry, you can always shop for TV online, but you’ll have to be a bit more careful – a TV that’s been purchased online can’t be returned; you have to pay the restocking fee, plus an expensive return shipping fee, and there is typically a waiting period before you get the TV – all of which will add money to the bill.

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