Why The Greek Islands Are Becoming Europe’s Most Popular Destination

There’s a trend for everything nowadays and we’re totally on board with it. Travel trends are always exciting to look into, as you never know when inspiration for your next holiday will strike.

Dubai has been top of the list for a while now as a must-visit destination for luxury holidaymakers, but it seems there might be a new kid on the block, or actually, a very old one. The Greek Islands are making a comeback as one of the most popular destinations, particularly for European holiday-goers. With their centuries of history and stunning scenery, we look into what it is about these islands that makes them so irresistible. 

Let’s Start With Food

Greek cuisine is enjoyed the world over and even if you don’t think you’re a particular fan, there are some dishes that we guarantee you’ll love, perhaps without even realizing they’re Greek. One of the most universally enjoyed Greek dishes out there is Gyros. Meat is marinated and then skewered onto a spit where it rotates as it’s roasted. This is shaved off to order and combined with a tangy yoghurt dressing, fresh vegetables, and a still-warm flatbread. 

There’s nothing quite like freshly made gyros and there’s nobody that makes them quite like the Greeks. When you add super fresh seafood, delicious Greek salads, decadent olives, nuts straight from the tree and the iconic Greek dishes of baklava and moussaka, it’s not hard to see why foodies love the Greek islands. 

Ancient History

Perhaps the most unique thing about the Greek islands is the wealth of history that is available to explore on them. One of the largest islands, Rhodes, is home to a number of notable architectural sites that anyone with the slightest historical interest would love to visit.

The Acropolis of Lindos is one of the most spectacular, taking the form of a citadel on a cliff. This site was likely chosen as the citadel is naturally fortified and has a great vantage point with views out across the Aegean sea. 

Travellers can visit for around 10 euros but the climb is steep. If you feel like letting someone else do the heavy lifting then you can ride a donkey to the top for an additional fee.

Of course, The Acropolis isn’t the only architectural history site on Rhodes. Monolithos Castle is another prominent site that is situated on the southwestern coast of the island. It’s typical of the Byzantine era and remains a pilgrimage spot for many travelers. With such ancient history it’s no wonder that travelers who enjoy all things cultural are flocking to Greece for their vacations. 

Unmatched Nightlife 

Not only is it possible to pack your days with the most exciting activities, but the islands also come alive at night too. All the way back to the days of Ancient Greece, the Greeks were known for their love of merrymaking. In fact, some of the oldest relics that confirm the origins of dice gaming can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks. 

Not so much has changed nowadays, with huge casinos like The Regency in Thessaloniki open 24 hours at the weekend offering numerous different table games for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. The option for 24 hour holidays used to be reserved for known party spots, but this refreshing attitude to nightlife is evident all around the Greek islands.

And Finally

Greece’s beaches are unparalleled

Everybody loves a beach holiday and with the islands naturally having so much coastline, it’s no surprise that Greece’s beaches are adored by all.

Whether you like a traditional white sand beach that looks out onto an endless ocean, or a rocky cove where you can snorkel and see all kinds of sea life, the Greek islands have something you’ll love.

Top that off with the famous Greek hospitality and a good dose of sunshine and you’ve a holiday made in heaven.

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