Everything I Need To Know About Sailing Catamarans In the Bahamas

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Nowadays, when making the decision to go on a holiday the options of what location to visit seem endless. With an increasing trend in people opting for fun and activity filled holidays, a large portion of tourists are seeing the appeal of visiting locations like the Bahamas. In fact, the iconic Bahamas still retains a reputation of being one of the most craved holidaying and travel destinations in the whole Caribbean region. As The Bahamas recorded a total of 2 million tourists in 2020, ranking 75th in the world in absolute terms, it seems that this trend is going to continue well into the future. 

Firstly, there are many reasons why the Bahamas is so popular among tourists. The weather and temperatures are one of the most enticing factors for many who want to escape the fluctuating weather conditions of their own country and instead relax and unwind while catching some rays of sunshine. The Bahamas stunning coastline along with its clear waters provide the opportunity for tourists to involve themselves in water sports or take a captivating catalogue of photographs. There is also a plethora of wildlife surrounding the area as manta rays, turtles and reef sharks are common sights around the islands, attracted by the healthy reefs that act as thriving marine communities.

Another reason why the Bahamas is flourishing in popularity is due to the fact that it is a prime location for sailing enthusiasts to charter a yacht or a boat. In fact, choosing to sail around the Bahamas is regarded as the best and most feasible option to see all of the different islands and discover what each of them have to offer. With this type of holiday, there is no need to worry about rushing back to your hotel or spending extra money getting transport back to where you were staying.

If you charter a yacht by visiting companies online like Borrowaboat you also have the option to use the filter option to get a boat or yacht that suits your preferences. For example, you can choose whether or not you would like a captain or crew on board which can be very helpful in navigating you to secret locations and places that will avoid large throngs of tourists. Companies like these also ensure that tourists are booking a holiday in a safe and secure way.

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Many people opt to sail on a Catamaran due to its many benefits. 

Furthermore, among the many vessels that tourists can choose from there is a growing trend for people to opt to sail through locations like the Bahamas on the Catamaran above any other type of boat or yacht. A key factor drawing so many tourists to this boat is the fact that its structure means that it is stable on the waters and is able to regulate its speed in a safe manner. This means that the vessel is less likely to capsize or turn over. The architecture of the Catamaran also diminishes the risk of passengers getting seasick which is a factor that turns many people away from the idea of chartering a yacht in the first place. The Catamaran is also regarded as spacious boasting up to double the amount of room that a typical monohull vessel would have. Tourists who want to visit all a country have to offer in large groups of people opt for this vessel as it gives them plenty of space to have both their own alone time as well as places to come together and socialize. 

When sailing through the Bahamas, there are plenty of attractions to visit and activities to do. For instance, Blue Lagoon Island offers tourists a unique opportunity as it is home of the acclaimed Dolphin Encounters program, affording travelers a chance to check off a line from the bucket list and swim with the ocean’s most intelligent mammals. This activity is suitable for all ages and is actually associated with a number of benefits including reducing stress. To the south of Eleuthera tourists will be given the option to visit Conception Island National Park. This stunning national park attracts both nature lovers and adventurists who can glimpse an array of wildlife including green turtles and seabirds. For those who want to remain active on holiday, the clear waters offer them the opportunity to participate in water sports like swimming or snorkeling.

Alternatively, they can also glimpse wrecks, reef sharks and whale sharks by climbing and exploring the surroundings of this beautiful park. It’s beaches and picturesque background is also the perfect spot for those wanting to dine on their Catamaran and soak in the views. If you are not particularly a fan of nature or exploring, there are also plenty of shopping facilities and centers to choose from as well as bars and restaurants. If you are on the lookout to blow off some steam, the Bahamas boasts a great nightlife where you can go clubbing or go to the best cocktail bars which have music and dancing lasting into the early hours.

In conclusion, in the face of thousands of holiday options tourists are consistently attracted by the prospect of visiting the Bahamas which is full to the brim with exotic sites and beautiful scenery. Not only is visiting the Bahamas by sailing through it on a yacht or boat a stress free experience but it is also a unique one that cannot be created on any other type of holiday.

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