Why Dubai is One of The Most Popular Destinations Among American Travelers

Almost every American traveler heard about Dubai — the place of the newest technologies, the home of the richest citizens, and the winner of many world records.

As the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing shows, before the pandemic — in 2019 — almost 16.73 million tourists have come to see this glorious, vibrant, warm city. The annual growth of tourism in Dubai should reach 5.4% in 2022. 

What is so special about Dubai that attracts so many people from around the globe? What’s the particular interest of Americans in traveling there? Let’s discuss. 

#1 Climatic Attractiveness

There is no bad weather in Dubai. Every season of the year is perfect for enjoying this city. Its climate is extremely warm.

The weather can be divided into summer and winter seasons, but the difference between them is barely noticeable.

Everything that changes is the temperature:  during the summer season, it rises to 30⁰C, and in “winter,” it drops, like, by ten to 20⁰C — which can be a problem if you want to sunbathe but doesn’t really change the general warm vibe of the city. 

During the summer season from April until October, tourists enjoy going to the sea and enjoying sea-related activities and sports: jet skiing, diving, fly fishing, parasailing, and so many others. Winter is perfect for sightseeing and getting acquainted with Dubai’s popular places and malls — and there are not as many visitors during the off-season. 

#2 High-Level Service and Development of Urban Infrastructure 

It is not only the climate and good weather that catch the attention of the tourists. Dubai’s hospitality and high level of service help this city to stand out from many other popular destinations.

According to the Dubai hospitality survey 2021, the quality of local services is estimated to have the highest ratings (according to customers, of course) — even during the pandemic, 87% of tourists have been satisfied with Dubai’s service and 85% of them plan to come back. Here are some popular Dubai trends that level up its hospitality. 

  • Healthy Lifestyle. As the world actively promotes the idea of a healthy lifestyle, Dubai decided to use it to its advantage. And most of all it concerns the sphere of nutrition. In the majority of Dubai restaurants, visitors will be provided with the best-quality dishes from organic products, vegan options, and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages — and, of course, they’ll be consulted on their allergies and cultural or religious dietary restrictions.
  • Local Traditions. Although Dubai is the city of international connections, this city is developing authenticity. Many local brands occupy important positions in Dubai’s retail market, there are lots of initiatives to introduce different small businesses to tourists (food festivals and so on). Home traditions are held in very high regard, and it boosts the workers’ satisfaction which is honestly a great thing when you’re constantly working with tourists. Gotta feel good about your job!  
  • Hotels And Restaurants Working Together. To achieve maximum hospitality, restaurants and hotels have agreed to work for the same goal. Restaurants lure clients with exceptional flavors and hotels and the real estate market in Dubai lets the guests of the city enjoy stylish housing.

More than 45% of Dubai’s city budget last year has been funding the development of its infrastructure: digital-first services are boosted, the government gives support to e-businesses, health tech is being developed at an astonishing pace, the city roads are prepared for driverless autonomous cars, and so on.

It’s very easy to get from one part of the city to other thanks to a well-thought, understandable transportation system; Dubai also has one of the world’s most streamlined transit systems.

#3 Amazing Attractions

Only in Dubai, you can see the world’s tallest buildings, the tallest elevator, and the highest restaurant. But this is just the beginning of what this luxury city has to offer.

  • Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is the most famous building in the UAE. Its height becomes 828 meters and the number of floors reaches 163, which makes it the tallest building that has ever existed. This building houses a large number of offices, apartments are located on the middle floors, as well as the tallest restaurant in the world — At.mosphere (there, you can order amazing oysters from France for dinner and enjoy the best seafood in the city.)
  • Burj Al Arab. This hotel is located in Dubai and also bears the name Sail, given to it by residents and tourists of the city because of its special shape. Nowadays, this hotel is one of the five tallest hotels in the world and is also one of the favorite vacation spots for millions of tourists.
  • Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina is one of the most famous areas in the United Arab Emirates: the most common way of transportation here is to move on a very expensive yacht (or two). This area is still under active development and according to the plan, there should be 200 skyscrapers.
  • Palm Jumeirah. Most likely you have seen a photo of this palm-shaped island at least once in your life. What is most interesting is that an island is also a place of residence, because there are real houses on it and, as of the time of writing this piece, about 10,600 people live there. So if you always dreamed about the house on the island, here you will find a huge variety of luxury apartments for sale.
  • Dubai Eye. Dubai Eye is the world’s tallest height wheel. This 250-meter amusement ride offers an incredible view of Dubai and its coastline. Of course, to ride it you have to buy an expensive ticket, but believe it’s worth it.

Americans find it gratifying to travel to Dubai partially because of the luxury experience they could get here — and all these unique, breathtaking buildings and attractions are a large part of that. That’s why so many of them buy luxury properties in Dubai for vacation or retirement residences.  

#4 Advantageous Shopping

Tourists also love Dubai because of its luxury shopping. There is the largest mall in the world — the Dubai Mall, holding 1500 retailers and food marketers under the same roof. If Milan is the capital of fashion, then Dubai can be called the capital of most luxury brands. There you can find the most precious items in the world. The richest people come to Dubai to shop. 

The variety of choices for opulent things to buy is not the only thing that makes shopping in Dubai so attractive. Along with the popular brands, Dubai visitors have low import duties and VAT refunds. The sellers make the shopping process even more pleasant with the great range of offers and discounts. 

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