Gambling traditions in different countries

Gambling business is actively developing all over the world and it is a well-known fact. In this case, each country has its own traditional games that emphasize the worldview and interests of different peoples of the world. It is also no secret that in some parts of the world, gambling for money is prohibited and criminalized. 

Gaming in different countries

Some machines and video slots are universal to all countries. They are appreciated by users of best winning slot sites and other gaming sites. They have the same rules for all the peoples of the world, without the characteristic features. But there are separate traditions, typical only for some countries:

  •  “Pachinko” is one of the most famous gambling games in Japan. In fact, the game resembles a pinball game. In the online version, the casino offers users to purchase a metal ball, which is then launched into the machine. As it flies, the ball encounters various obstacles. If it succeeds, it hits the prize hole, for which the player is given additional balls or other gifts. By the way, the country categorically prohibits games with cash prizes.
  • The European version of the Japanese “pachinko” is a machine “crane machine”. With its help, players can pull out different toys. The machines can be set up and set winning times. 
  • There are fruit machines in England that are similar in nature to the classic online slots. These machines can be found on the Internet. Their distinctive feature – fruit instead of different symbols and one active line. 
  • The basis of the budget of Monaco is the money of gambling tourists. Similarly, gaming policy is built in Malta, India and Britain. 
  • Baden-Baden resort in Germany is known for its intriguing gambling world, without any restrictions.
  • New Zealand, Australia, Bahamas, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno are open to gambling enthusiasts. Also attracts the attention of romantic atmosphere and the opportunity to hit the jackpot Venice, San Remo. By the way in the rest of Italy gaming business is prohibited by law.  
  • Rather gambling people live in Sweden. There are not many gaming establishments, but all of them are licensed. From all the income derived from this kind of activity, the country fills the budget well. 

Where gambling is forbidden

In some countries, access to various types of gambling entertainment is unlimited. But there are also countries where gambling is not only prohibited but also punishable. So in Arab countries, the government introduced a moratorium on any kind of “one-armed bandits”, land and online casinos because it contradicts the religious rules. Such countries include Turkey and Egypt.  

In China, games with real money stakes are strictly forbidden. Visiting underground land or online casinos is not only forbidden, but also severely punished by a minimum of several years imprisonment. 

In Israel for many years the gambling business was banned. But in the past few years, bans have been eased slightly and now gamblers can use roulette and poker at online institutions. 


Modern technology allows access to various gaming platforms anywhere in the world. Even in spite of government bans, interest in gambling is only growing in many countries around the world. Every nation has its own gaming traditions and favorite machines, but not everyone can enjoy them legally. On the contrary, some states use the popularity of gambling establishments to fill the budget, legalizing such business as much as possible.

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