Aldi Yogurt (Price, Types, Suppliers, Quality + More)

This is a great snack because of all the nutritious factors. Yogurt is a great snack because it is filling, easy to eat, and it is a great source of probiotics to help your gut.

One of the reasons Aldi has been so successful is its focus on kitchen staples. Another reason is its commitment to stocking a wide variety of products as it sees fit.

Aldi Yogurt In 2022

Aldi offers a wide range of Greek yogurt including flavors like plain, cream, lowfat and sugar-free. A cup of the plain yogurt is 34 cents and the others range from 36 cents to 51 cents a cup. The larger containers run from $9.99 to $14.99.

For the full break-down, detailed descriptions, cost comparisons, quality reviews, and from where Aldi sources their yogurt, you can find all the information below!

What Kind Of Yogurt Does Aldi Have?

Friendly Farms is one of Aldi’s dairy lines and covers most of their dairy products, including many of their cheeses, yoghurts, milk, and even some of their ice cream products.

Greek yogurt is made just as it is in Greece using traditional methods from its first use as a food in the 5th century and became famous in the 1970s as the first line of dairy products to be able to claim to have no added sugar. The yogurt comes in a variety of flavors including plain, honey, vanilla and blueberry. It is available in 2% and 3% fat content options, and can be used as a topping for cereal or incorporated into other foods.

– If you are shopping for non-Greek products you will notice a lot of “Greek”
products are mislabeled or labeled with different names. This is because
sometimes the non-Greek food companies have to pay a higher amount for
the food to be labeled “Greek”.

– For the Greek brands, most of them are Greek.

The new design is more ergonomic, with a contoured base for a better angle and placement, and an angled back for a more comfortable fit. The new design also has a unique grip to hold the glass while enjoying its contents.

It is not the most important issue for me, but I would be curious to know this information.

I found a lot of the greek yogurt I’ve tried to be thin and watery. I’m fine with that for making pancakes and some scones, but I think most of the ones I’ve had have been too thick and sweet, so I keep buying low fat versions and have been wanting a thicker tasting one.

I was not able to find any similar product that could perform the same function with different color, type, or size on our target market. Therefore, the new product is a significant improvement from the original.

63 cents per Tilt, or 89 cents for the Tilt.

If you’re a real yogurt connoisseur, you can score the best quality by buying it raw, which you’ll find in the refrigerated section. You can also find it in the freezer section, in a plastic tub, and many grocery stores have it in the natural foods section. Many people like to blend Greek yogurt with fruit, and this makes it a perfect topping for cereal and toast.

I think the Tilts are awesome and make for a delicious dessert.

There are many types of Greek yogurt out there, and if you’re a fan of Greek yogurt, you’ll be pleased to know you’ll never get bored of it.

The original variety of Greek yogurt is the variety that’s most similar to plain yogurt in flavor, texture, and consistency.

In a bowl, mix the ground turkey with the breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese. Shape the meat into a loaf in the center of a large piece of wax or parchment paper.

My kids love the Moo Tubes and the price is super reasonable. The kids love the “tubes” and I love that we can easily just open the lid and pop it into our mouths. No squeezing out a bunch of yogurt down the side of the container and just making a mess!

Aldi is an awesome organic grocery store, where they have tons of great stuff and have very limited stuff that is not organic.

It looks like the new Aldi Finds line, which replaced the Original and Simply Specialty labels, will also include Luxe Yogurts. I have seen some of the new boxes and they do seem to have a nicer design and more appealing flavors as compared to Original, but I am not sure of the quality that the new Luxe Yogurt line will have.

As for the dairy products from the countries mentioned in the comment, those are mainly products made under license from the original Danish company and are not produced under the same conditions of quality control as the Danish products.

Is Aldi Yogurt Cheap Compared To Other Stores?

The company said it’s trying to get into the business of selling yogurt because the yogurt is cheaper than the other brands, especially when it comes to dairy.

Aldi’s costs are the lowest in the supermarket game hands down! This is because they buy in bulk and, with their own private label, cut out the middle man. They purchase their grocery supplies in bulk from a third party distribution company and they are able to have their products at the lowest prices.

You can buy a 32-oz. tub of nonfat Greek yogurt for $3.29 at Aldi. At Walmart, you’ll pay $3.47 and at Wegmans, it will cost you $3.79.

Although the prices of Aldi and Walmart are higher by a few pennies, the prices of Wegmans are still lower than the national average.

You can also try to buy Greek Yogurt from the store. I couldn’t really find it anywhere, but Wegman’s and Aldi’s both has it, but with a different flavor as well.

With almost the same ingredient lists, you will save money. In no way, do you take home an inferior product.

Is Aldi Yogurt Good Quality?

One of my staff members recommended Aldi yogurt when I mentioned I would like to try it.

One writer at calls Greek yogurt a “breakfast staple” in her kitchen, while Cooking Light singles out the Friendly Farms Greek yogurt as worth a purchase.

A registered dietician said she loves Aldi Greek yogurt because it is low-calorie, low-fat, and very tart.

In the United Kingdom, the Aldi diet was one of the best-selling health diets of 2001, selling two million copies.

I know in the southern US you can get powdered buttermilk, but that is a lot of money, and I don’t think it is available everywhere. If you don’t have buttermilk on hand and happen to have some powdered milk, you could stir the powder into the milk to “concoct” it.

Oh yeah, did a whole thing on Aldi, and it was a hit. Also, they made a video showing that the yogurt was fantastic.

The second instance is with our product, the Kombucha Kombucha! We also did a whole series on how great this drink is.

Who Makes Aldi Yogurt?

Aldi sources their yogurt from a wide variety of suppliers. So, it’s difficult to ascertain every manufacturer.

I’ve also seen a couple of their yogurts on Amazon and I know they carry the other Green Mountain brand, so it seems that their products are pretty interchangeable.

If you don’t know the dairy code for a yogurt product, you can look it up by visiting The web site will tell you where the product came from and where it was sold. That might be helpful if you see a bottle of yogurt in a store but don’t know what makes it unique.

If you are looking for further information on shopping at Aldi, you can see our related articles on where does Aldi milk comes from, who makes Aldi products, and what are Aldi special buys.


Add yogurt to your diet as a way to add calcium, protein and probiotics, and it’s a lot more inexpensive when you shop at Aldi.

If you want Greek yogurt, this is the place to go. All of the Greek and regular yogurts have the same great taste, so you can really mix and match your favorite flavors.

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