Why Is Walmart Pickup Not Working? (why, Potential Fixes + Other Faqs)

Walmart sells everything that everyone needs. It also tries to make shopping as fun, convenient and easy as possible for everyone to enjoy.


I don’t see any difference.

Walmart introduced online shopping, which allows customers to choose a pickup address. But what if the store fails to deliver the order to the location you specified? I had some questions, and here’s what I discovered.

Why Is Walmart Pickup Not Working In 2022?

Walmart Pickup is not currently working because the server, or app has become disconnected or is misbehaving. Some solutions to Walmart Pickup issues include calling your local store, updating the app and phone, and clearing the app’s cache from the phone or tablet.

In this article, you will get to know the whole process of how to clear data on your phone and clear cache on apps. Also, you will find out how to clear data on Walmart Pickup in a detailed manner. I hope this article will help and guide you in the right direction!
If you want to learn more about Walmart Pickup, how to clear the app’s cache from your phone, what the Walmart Pickup feature is, and much more, keep reading! I’ve discovered everything you need to know!

What Is Walmart Pickup?

Walmart Pickup is a feature that helps you shop faster by allowing you to pick up orders at your local store.

So, with that, it’s an easy way to shop online, have things delivered to your home, and pick it up at a time of your choosing.

When you use Walmart Pickup you can avoid the long checkout lines and avoid wasting time browsing products that are in the store, at Walmart.com.

* Walmart does not accept returns of in-store orders made online. You have 30 days from the order date to return an item you ordered online.
* The customer will be charged the standard shipping fee for orders that are returned.
* Any refund or credit due will be credited to the original form of payment.

Why Isn’t Walmart Pickup Working?

Sometimes, Walmart won’t work and experience lags or glitches while users try to order items.

There was no order for the product for some reason.

If you place an order on Walmart.com and feel like it should be ready for pickup, it’s essential to check that the order went through.

The confirmation email should contain a prediction of when the order will be ready based on the order’s “Ship From” information.

If you do not receive a confirmation email on your phone, you did not pick up your order. You must follow up by calling the store directly.

Walmart has confirmed that the Amazon outage occurred at the same time as the Walmart outage!

One common reason which you are facing a problem is that the server is down.

It said you can perform updates in the future on the iPhone to make the update work properly.

I guess there are no ways to deal with this, and you can only wait for Walmart to fix it.

Some users have joined the site in the past.

You can buy that for yourself and I guarantee you that a lot of people will buy it. However if you want people to know that you have that skill set you need to put that on your resume.

Walmart wants to make sure that the Pickup feature is working as fast as possible and that it doesn’t slow down when there are too many users on the website or app.

Walmart’s website is basically used by many people at the same time, so its processing speeds might slow down. For example, in the past, it was impossible for a person to use Twitter on their phone within a minute.

Walmart app does not get updated regularly.

You may sometimes not be able to pick up your order from Walmart because the app you are using needs to be updated. It may only update occasionally, so it may not work right away.

Walmart has had to fix a lot of its apps for Android and iOS. The company has even removed them from Amazon, and Apple stores. It was also found that Walmart’s apps and web pages had a lot of vulnerabilities, which was why the company decided to update its platform.

I would recommend that you update your device to the latest and greatest version. This allows your phone to run more efficiently and will allow the apps to run more efficiently.

What Should You Do If Walmart Pickup Isn’t Working?

If you are using Safari on the iPhone, try clearing the cookies. This worked for me.
If you are using Safari on a Mac, disable your location sharing. I had this problem, and this solved it for me.

You must call your local Walmart store and request to be shown the item’s price tag. If you cannot find the price tag, bring this with you and speak to your local store manager.

When you place a Walmart Pickup order, you will receive a confirmation email.

When the order is complete, we’ll send another email to let you know your order is ready.

It’s important to note that if you place your order after 1 p.m. EST or on a weekend, you will receive our order status email the next business day.

When you receive a confirmation email it means that the credit card payment has been charged and your order has been processed. But to make sure the order has been shipped, you have to confirm it with the store by calling.

If you have a problem, or need help with the app, you can contact the app support in the app settings and give your problem description.

You can also just call your local store to see if they offer local deliveries.

Clear the cached information from the Walmart app. This may mean removing your user data.

This data, which includes your name, phone number, email, and more, can be retrieved in an encrypted form by hackers or other scammers.

If you have used a lot of features on your phone, then Walmart pickup will not work as it is supposed to.

Navigate to Settings – General – Usage – Usage Data.
Scroll down to Find your apps – Clear Usage Data.
Tap the cogwheel icon for Cache.
Tap Clear Cache.

To clear the cache for the Amazon app, follow the exact same guidelines.

If you are using an Android, here are the steps to take to clean it from the app:

-Go to the main menu
-Select `Settings -> Storage`
-Select the `Clear Cache` option

Once you’ve done those steps, you should no longer see this error message when opening the app again.

To ensure your shopping experience is free of the Walmart App, click on the icon and uninstall the Walmart app.

The company will roll out in-store pickup locations, adding more selection and reducing traffic. It also will use mobile technology to notify customers when an item is available for pickup.

If you uninstall the Walmart app, it can fix small bugs and make it more efficient when you re-download it.

Restore all your apps and data. Do not make an in-depth cleaning. It is recommended to use Android System Cleaner and also delete unnecessary apps from the Google Play Store.

You can restart your phone to have the Wal-Mart app and the Walmart Pickup feature fixed.

The software also can help you refresh the system by restarting the phone.

And Walmart will work better after the restart of your iPhone, and it only takes a few moments to do so.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on how to get your Walmart orders picked up fast, how long does Walmart pickup take, and Walmart grocery pickup complaints.


If not all of the steps were followed correctly, you’ll get an error message that says ‘The order failed to process. Please try again.’.
You’re going to lose the order if the order didn’t process. But fortunately, you can edit your order, make sure all the information is correct and it will still be live.

If you are having issues with picking out your items at Walmart, try updating your phone or clearing the app’s cache from it.

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