What Is Amazon Key? (how It Works, Is It Safe + Who Can Use)

Amazon’s mission is to be Earth’s most customer-centric company where customers can find and discover great value on the Internet. Its customers are customers for life.

As Amazon users continue to search and shop on Amazon, they may have noticed a tool called “Amazon Key.” Amazon Key is a feature that uses sensors and cameras to allow customers to unlock their door or garage without the need to press a button or enter a code.

What Is Amazon Key?

Amazon announced Amazon Key. This app is a convenient way for customers to accept deliveries inside their home, garage, or car. Once customers accept the delivery, the packages are automatically opened and deposited inside by delivering personnel inside your home.

If you are wondering about Amazon Key and are worried about your packages arriving when you are not home, then keep reading to learn all you need to know about this new technology and delivery option.

Why Does Amazon Have Amazon Key?

Amazon Key is a service that makes your Amazon deliveries more convenient by allowing the delivery person to lock your package, even when you’re not home.

When you order something, you are not sure how much time it is going to take to arrive, so you are afraid that it will be lost in the mail.

An Amazon Key device tracks your packages throughout the day and can allow the door to be unlocked (even if you’re not home).

The company’s global reach is a double-edged sword. Safe, fast and cheap delivery has made the company very popular and profitable but it also poses a risk to delivery drivers.

The system lets you leave packages inside your house all day no worries.

For the delivery person to enter your home, they have to have the correct key, and you keep it somewhere like a door key or a key that can be used in your car.

The delivery person will leave a package inside your door, no worries about leaving it if you’re not home.

How Does Amazon Key Work?

There’s a lot of security on Amazon Key. You don’t have to worry about getting your home stolen.

You will get an email confirming your orders from Amazon when you place your order.

You can also choose to print your receipt or leave it as a PDF on your device.

You can pick up your order as early as the next day at most U.S. stores.

And, you can place orders as late as 3:00 PM, so you’ll always have the perfect ingredients on hand.

This feature depends on the delivery address and your mobile phone service.
You can also opt-in to receive notifications on your Amazon Fire tablet.

When the driver arrives at your home, you can see a photo of the driver and an ID number.

The Amazon Cloud sends a ping signal to the lock so that it connects with the Key.

Once the package reaches the carrier, it is handed off to a third party who will then handle the shipping process.

They can’t proceed with their next delivery until they have ensured that the door is locked.

Is Amazon Key Safe?

This way you can order and pick it up from your local Amazon store.
This means that you can use this service as long as you are able to get Amazon Key to your doorstep.

Amazon Key is a safe delivery option. You can rest assured that Amazon Key will deliver your package.

Don’t forget to look over your house and make sure it is secure before your driver starts leaving the building.

Because of this, there is now a feature that allows the Echo to check if doors have been left open by Alexa.

This also means you can add new deliveries, and change delivery dates or pick up points, without even notifying your carrier.

Who Is Eligible For Amazon Key Deliveries?

If you haven’t signed up for an Amazon Prime membership, Amazon Key may be a good reason to do so. Amazon Key lets people unlock your door with the Amazon mobile app, and it can also text when your package arrives, even if you aren’t home.

Amazon is only selling to qualified buyers in certain zip codes.

If you have a free trial or paid membership to Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime, or Prime Student, you should be able to get Amazon Key.

The Amazon Key is a smart lock that comes with Amazon’s doorbells, and as long as the doorbell is armed, you can use your phone to access your house.

What Do You Need To Use Amazon Key?

With Amazon Key, you can use your existing Amazon account to store your home keys in the cloud.

It is only available for Prime eligible items, so if you don’t have prime, you won’t be able to see the delivery information.

This camera lets you monitor your home from anywhere around the world with just a web browser.

If you’re using a keyless bolt lock and you’re having trouble with your home alarm system, you may need to consider an Amazon Lock. You can choose from three different models but the Echo Dot is the one that offers the most flexibility.

A very easy way to ensure that you have everything you need is to purchase the Key Smart Lock Kit, which ensures a compatible lock and camera system.

What Is An Amazon Key-Compatible Lock?

Amazon Key makes it possible to lock your front door with Amazon devices. But it requires that your front door be compatible with the technology.

The Amazon Lock System is only compatible with the locks that have the Amazon Lock option turned on in the app and it also requires the device be paired with the Amazon Lock app on the compatible door locks.

For doors that are compatible with 3/8” and 2” thicknesses, you may need to remove the door to make sure it is in good working condition.

Additionally, your door needs a separate handle and lock with standard rectangular deadbolts.

*This answer is a paraphrase of the original, with no guarantee of accuracy.

If you are not sure of your door or lock’s compatibility with the Amazon Key system, you can consult Amazon customer service or purchase a compatible lock directly from Amazon.

What Is Required For Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery?

You should consider placing the garage door delivery entrance into a lower location, such as in the basement or the ground floor.

Amazon Key In-Garage delivery requires a compatible Wi-Fi garage door opener or smart garage hub.

You can use this garage door opening option to allow delivery associates to deliver your orders to the garage without a security concern.

You can use the myQ app to set up your car, so you can have it ready when you arrive.

For example, if you have an old garage door opener, you can buy a new control device for that (elevators, garage doors, garage door openers, automated gates, gate closers, etc.), or you can buy a smart garage hub to control all the devices in your garage.

Cameras are not required for in-garage deliveries, however they do provide good monitoring of your deliveries.

The app is compatible with the myQ Smart Garage Camera, Ring Stick Up Cam, and Ring Indoor Cam.

Who Is Eligible For Amazon Key In-Car Deliveries?

Amazon Key in-car delivery is a new delivery model. Amazon has now entered into a partnership with car manufacturers to deliver packages.

This service is free for eligible cars that are parked at street level and accessible to authorized Amazon delivery drivers.

Amazon’s Key delivery system is pretty much the same as their in-home delivery system, you just set up a delivery zone and they’ll come pick it up.

Please check the delivery option you are selecting, the delivery time you choose is only accurate if you select this delivery option.

If you’re a car owner, you can use your vehicle’s OnStar or On Call subscription to receive roadside assistance, emergency vehicle service or other services.

Amazon locker is a free service that allows you to access your digital locker from multiple computers and mobile devices. The Amazon locker works across all your devices and allows the syncing of your files to different devices.
Amazon basics is an introductory class that teaches you about the fundamentals of Amazon, and how it can help you to get where you want to be.


Amazon provides an easy solution for people and businesses to get items they have ordered and shipped to their homes. You can select items from the store to be delivered to your location.

This is the home delivery option which uses Amazon Key which requires a compatible smart lock and Amazon Key to lock and unlock your door.

– You can change your mind at any time, and can block a delivery or update your preferences at any time.

If you do plan to shop with Amazon Key, just remember it’s available only for Prime-eligible products. The Amazon Key product launch video, available on YouTube, is also worth a watch if you’re curious.

Amazon is also planning to introduce an app for Android TV in the Fall, which will allow users to order products, pay with a mobile phone, and receive the delivery person’s arrival status on their TV.

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