Why Is Fedex So Slow? (11 Reasons Why Your Delivery Might Be Delayed)

FedEx’s own metrics suggest they’re doing a great job. However, their delivery performance is still far from perfect, with 15% of packages arriving later than expected.
The most frequently cited reason for delayed shipments was due to “shipping constraints”.

If you’re wondering why FedEx is taking its time delivering your package, you might be wondering why FedEx does this. Be sure to read this in order to learn more about FedEx’s reasons why your delivery might be delayed.

Why Is FedEx So Slow In 2022?

There are a slew of reasons why FedEx can sometimes deliver your order three or more days later. Some of the main reasons include bad weather, accidents and a lack of available vehicles and/or drivers in specific areas. It makes sense that some of you in some of these areas will have a longer delivery time than the average. But, we will try to get as much as we can to as many of you as possible.

This article is very helpful for figuring out why the FedEx website is so slow, and how you can make it faster!

1. You Live Outside of the Contiguous United States

Your package delivery will not be fast like those in California, New York, or Florida because you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or a U.S. territory like Puerto Rico or Guam.

Here are all of the available shipping options that are available to customers who are located in the United States. Customers in Canada and most other countries outside of the United States have additional shipping options available to them.

It is likely that FedEx will ship from these locations, but it is harder than the others.

Although FedEx is not that dominant in Europe it has some presence, but still, air transport will be essential for them.

Also, air transportation is more expensive than ground transportation, so FedEx waits until the plane is really full before dispatching it. Because of this, the delivery times are slower.

2. You Live in a Rural Area

I live in an area where everyone uses the U.S. Postal Service for delivery. That’s why FedEx deliveries are slow.

These areas are usually far from cities and far out in the country so they can take longer for the FedEx driver to get to. These areas can also be more difficult to communicate with to make sure the correct address is provided to the driver.

Rural areas will likely experience slower shipping times because FedEx’s delivery strategy will not be able to fully tap into the delivery network of FedEx’s partners.

In the US FedEx Ground is a common choice for rural and suburban communities where FedEx doesn’t have a big enough presence to support a local delivery service.

The service uses USPS for the “last mile” of delivery thus is much slower than other FedEx offerings.

You can choose to use the free version of our apps which has unlimited shipments.

The reason for this is due to the fact that mail carriers are not permitted to stop and load/unload their vehicle at each and every stop sign.

3. It’s the Holiday Season

E-commerce is a booming industry, which has been growing for years. It doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the period between Black Friday and New Year.

In fact, during the holiday season of 2021, FedEx went through more than 100 million packages than in the previous season.

FedEx continued to succeed in delivering 96.5% of orders on time, but more than 2 million packages arrived after Christmas.

4. Bad Weather

FedEx has seen a huge increase in business because of packages getting damaged in severe weather.

It may be better to do the shipping themselves than to rely on other shipping companies.

They have a “Global Operations Control Center” that allows drivers to make routing and operational changes within minutes of spotting weather problems.

Google has 15 meteorologists on staff who can see trends throughout time and predict what is going to happen and make suggestions accordingly.

But even with these systems in place, weather can be a difficult obstacle to overcome.
Weather has always posed a struggle for flight, and the industry is still dealing with it in some ways.

5. The Recipient Wasn’t there to Accept the Package

A signature is needed when a delivery service requires the recipient to sign for the delivery.

If you have any suggestions, or if you notice any mistakes in the data on this page, please let us know.

If no one is there to accept the package, FedEx will either hold onto it or deliver it another day. If the recipient is not home, FedEx will give you a time frame for when they will be back.

Some of our customers are not available during the delivery window and this may cause delays in delivery, especially to rural cities and towns.

6. There’s a Mistake with the Delivery Address

From the first paragraph, the reader understands FedEx employs a courier staff of tens of thousands to handle every parcel in an efficient manner.
The word staff could be replaced by employees or staff for a more accurate understanding.

Buyers that use USPS shipping methods are required to enter the shipping address correctly. When this happens, the buyer must follow the seller’s instructions and ship the package to the address that’s on file at USPS.com.

You could end up getting your package delivered to the wrong address or have your package held up at FedEx office.

It’s possible that a label was dropped on the floor of a FedEx office with a FedEx logo and a delivery address.

In either case, the fact that the issue is not being reported by the customer to FedEx is an excellent indication that there is a legitimate issue with the delivery address, since it means that the delivery person did not complete their required steps.

7. Your Package Got Lost in the Shuffle

If your package can’t be delivered for any reason, the shipping company is not responsible for your product.

When it comes to packages that don’t make it through the door, it may seem hard to believe, but FedEx has a secret weapon to prevent the loss of packages.

If it seems like you’re never going to get your package, it’s probably better to ask around the neighborhood.

If you’re having trouble hitting a website, it’s possible that the site’s servers are down.

8. FedEx Is Understaffed

I’m sure that’s true. But there is some question of how serious FedEx is about delivering. One day in January, a New York Times reporter tracked down the person in charge of the company’s overnight delivery efforts and asked him if FedEx really intended to meet an end-of-year deadline for delivering packages in the mail.

You can think about this as the speed of light, you know, like the speed of light is constant.

9. FedEx Couldn’t Access the Delivery Location

If an employee at a FedEx driver is unable to access your residence (whether because of a locked gate, a loose dog, or something else), they will not leave your package.

Instead of opening the door and taking the package, they will leave a tag on the door informing you of their next delivery attempt. That could be the next day or later in the week.

This is a really big problem when you need to get your package in a hurry.

But we can’t let that stop us from enjoying some delicious snacks.

10. The Sender Selected a Slower Delivery Service

I have had some issues with FedEx. I have never had a problem with delivery time, or have never had to pay an additional fee for express.

It is not just the time it takes to get your package to you, but also the time it takes for them to figure out what the delivery needs are and to take the necessary measures to insure that your package is delivered properly.

After speaking to customer support, I have learned that if you are having difficulty getting the package shipped from your local FedEx office, it is likely because your local office is experiencing an overwhelming amount of packages.

11. FedEx Started Using Contract Drivers

FedEx began to outsource its delivery responsibilities to other companies when it started working with companies like UPS and DHL.

Instead of driving the truck through downtown and then back to the terminal, these contractors are able to drive across town and back to the terminal.

There are some very good contractors and some that aren’t so great.

[Video]: The best part about being a FedEx employee is being able to live a rewarding life in your free time.

If your package is in the hands of one of these companies that won’t deliver on their promises, that might be why your package hasn’t arrived yet.

If you’re looking for an additional explanation, you can read our post on the pros and cons to FedEx Shipping.


FedEx has an amazing system that lets you track your package as it moves from one stop to the next. You can get updates on the status of your shipment, even though it’s out of your sight. This makes it possible to plan your day around the expected arrival time.

FedEx had the responsibility to deliver the package. It was their fault if it didn’t arrive. They were responsible for the weather. They were responsible for the holidays. They were responsible for any other thing that went wrong.

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