When Does Costco Get Christmas Trees? (all You Need To Know)

Costco is selling a variety of seasonal items such as Christmas trees to help customers decorate their homes.

You might be wondering when the warehouse club stores start stocking Christmas trees. But to be honest, you probably won’t be able to find them. That’s because it’s the time of year for the Christmas tree industry to take a break.

When Does Costco Get Christmas Trees In 2022?

To learn more about when Costco gets Christmas trees, the type of artificial and live trees they sell, and much, much more, read on!

When Can You Get a Christmas Tree at Costco?

If you are a Costco member, you can get a Christmas tree from your nearby store as early as November.

Costco starts getting the trees for it’s Christmas live trees from around November and December, just in time for Christmas.

But if you plan to get an artificial Christmas tree, you can still find it earlier; usually, it can be found in stock around October.

Costco doesn’t organize its inventory to be consistent from store to store.

You can avoid standing in long lines and unnecessary expenses by calling the stores first.

What Types of Christmas Trees Does Costco Sell?

Christmas trees is a store’s second biggest category by revenue. The company is offering a complete collection of Christmas trees, from the smaller 10-foot live trees to the more expensive 15-foot artificial trees.

A Christmas tree is a real tree in real life.

A beautiful Christmas tree is a symbol of family and tradition.

A large variety of live trees are found at Costco, including Douglas Firs, Noble Firs, and Fraser Firs. As well, the company stocks Spruces and Pines; however, this varies depending on each individual location.

You can buy the Christmas tree online or in-store. If you buy it in-store, you can consult the staff for more information about what you need.

Costco is always willing to have real trees in stock but it doesn’t always have the cutest.

The store decided not to get fresh Christmas trees and decorations from its suppliers due to the drought and forest fires in California.

The trees may differ depending on the country. It depends on the region whether you can buy the real tree or not.

Artificial Christmas trees are great fun to play with.

Artificial Christmas trees are made of artificial materials.

If you prefer artificial Christmas trees, there are several options for getting them from Costco. You can get a variety of colors, designs, and lighting options.

Costco sells artificial Christmas trees that are made of artificial spruce trees with sparkling LED lights, silver and gold glitter, pre-lit trees with color-changing LED lights, cone trees with a star on top, and artificial trees with a pre-made tree skirt of various different materials.

It’s like a real tree, it can grow in the house, it’s super fun!

Artificial Christmas trees come with many choices that allow you to customize your tree. In addition, you will find that most of them are already packed with decorations that make your tree look nice when it is set up.

How Much Do Christmas Trees Cost at Costco?

If you go with the most expensive trees, they will have good looks and quality. However, they will be the heaviest ones.

Artificial Christmas trees are great fun to play with.

Artificial Christmas trees are made of artificial materials.

Costco artificial Christmas trees are more durable than trees bought elsewhere because they can be used for several years.

According to CNET, the prices for Costco laptops range from $299 to $999. I think most people would opt for a $599.99 laptop like the one that iMac has.

In the event of a color-changing tree, the color changes when the lighting is turned on and it goes back to the original color when the light is shut off. Also, because it uses a different bulb, it’s more expensive than traditional LED lights.

A Christmas tree is a real tree in real life.

A beautiful Christmas tree is a symbol of family and tradition.

If you are going to put a real Christmas Tree in your home, be sure to keep a close eye on it.

You can often find a cheaper price at the store if you buy more at a time.

Keep in mind, though, while this price can vary, height and size will impact the price of your tree; therefore, taller trees will be more expensive.

To get a sense of what is available in your area, you can use the [link] website or use the Uber app on both your iPhone
or Android device.

Where Does Costco Get Christmas Trees?

It comes from everywhere in the US and Canada. The same trees can be reused year after year.

The trees are planted in greenhouses and cut when the supply of fresh pine trees is not sufficient.

This is why it is important for Costco to monitor and analyze its customer and supplier base. Costco can take measures to increase product availability and stability of supply, so they can keep their customers satisfied.

Do You Have to Be a Costco Member to Buy a Christmas Tree?

It’s wise to sign up for a membership or become a member before shopping at Costco to secure your discounts and to avoid long lines of people when you arrive to shop.

You will be able to buy the holiday tree and other items like decorations, gift wrap, and other items required to celebrate Christmas.

Log on to the Costco website.
Click the Membership tab.
Scroll down.
Click “Join online” link.

You can use the Costco cash card to shop, go shopping with a member, shop online, order for the tree via Instacart, or use gift cards.

How Do I Choose a Costco Christmas Tree?

Selecting a live tree means that you will be required to pay for the services of the tree grower. The tree is going to be a live one, that is why you need to consider size, color, price, hygiene and hypo-allergenic trees.

In the end, it’s all about where you live and what your house’s look is like.
If you’re at a house with a lot of trees, and you want a different look, it might help to have an artificial tree.
If you live in an area with lots of grass, and your house has a lot of windows, I think a real tree would be better.

If you want to see the trees in the whole house, here they are!

Costco has information on how to decorate a Christmas tree. It provides tips on what to use, where to buy and more.

If you want to learn more about Costco’s products, the best way to learn more is to check our posts on the best Costco furniture, and stores like Costco.


Costco started selling Christmas trees starting in late-November, but prices for trees vary. The trees can be of live or artificial types, and the sizes of the trees range.

Costco had to ration how much they could give out. The company had to decide what they would get rid of. They would take a tree, cut it down, and then sell the wood. As a side note, one employee had to trim and take down trees until he was out of strength.

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