Why Do My Eyes Water When I Yawn?

Do your eyes start watering right after you yawned out loud?

Let’s be honest, after every satisfying yawn, most people end up with tears in their eyes. It can get pretty uncomfortable at times.

Imagine being in the middle of a meeting, with eyes filled to the brim with tears? Not a pleasant experience, is it?

There must have been some moments when you wondered to yourself, “why do my eyes water every time I yawn? “

If that particular question brought you to this blog, read on and you will find all your questions answered!

Why Do My Eyes Water When I Yawn?

Tearing up of the eye after a satisfactory yawn is an involuntary action, meaning it cannot be voluntarily controlled or stopped by our body.

The primary reason behind teary eyes after a good yawn is the contraction of facial muscles, especially the one around the eyes, which leads to squeezing of the lacrimal glands present on either side of each eye.

This results in the involuntary secretion of tears from the lacrimal glands, resulting in watery eyes.

However, your eyes may also water frequently in case of an allergen attack or any eye problem. Let us dive deep into the science behind yawning and the reasons why you end up tearing up often!

Causes Behind Watering Of Eyes After a Good Yawn

There can be numerous reasons as to why your eyes tear up after every satisfactory yawn. Let us look at them! Try not to yawn while you read this!

  1. Tightening Of Facial Muscles

Yawns are contagious and involuntary. If anyone around you yawns, you’ll notice that you’re yawning almost immediately!

When we yawn, the primary face muscles, especially the ones present around the eyes tighten up considerably. This puts stress on every organ around the eyes, including the lacrimal glands.

Lacrimal glands, also known as the tear glands are responsible for the production and secretion of tears. When the facial muscles contract, it leads to the squeezing of the lacrimal duct.

These ducts involuntarily squeeze out the tears stored within them, leading to watery eyes every time we yawn!

  1. Cooling Of The Brain

Research shows that the scientific reason behind yawning is that the brain needs a coping mechanism to cool down and reduce its temperature.

When we yawn, the temperature in the brain decreases, dissipating the excess heat energy in the form of tears. 

This theory, however, is inconclusive as of now. Scientists have been performing extensive research to find conclusive proof behind this hypothesis!

  1. Dry-Eye Syndrome

Another reason why your eyes might be watering excessively is due to dry eye syndrome. Dry-eye is an eye disease caused due to insufficient secretion of tears by the lacrimal glands.

This prevents the eyes from getting enough lubrication and it might, in turn, affect vision.

Dry eyes syndrome can quite easily trigger overwatering of the eyes every time the person yawns. However, not every person might be suffering from dry eyes. Your eyes might also water excessively due to other factors such as-

  • A gushing cold breeze hits your face.
  • Being in an air-conditioned room for too long.
  • Allergies from dust, mist, or other particles
  • Eye problems such as conjunctivitis or stye.
  • A scratch in the cornea

In case you are suffering from dry eye syndrome, make sure to visit an experienced opthalmologist. Apply prescribed eye drops that would enhance lubrication and keep your eyes moist and healthy.

Does Everyone’s Eyes Water During Yawning?

You might often wonder if it is just you who won’t stop shedding unnecessary tears after a yawn. Although we can assure you that you’re not alone, not everyone might indeed have watery eyes after yawning.

Some people might not even be shedding a single drop of tear after a good yawn! Hard to believe right?

The most probable cause behind not shedding tears during yawning can also be dry eyes. Let’s keep in mind, dry eyes can make your eyes excessively watery or they can also make your eye completely dry, devoid of even a drop of tear. 

Most people end up with watery eyes after a yawn.

However, certain other factors like the environment, secretion level of the lacrimal glands. Sometimes, even the physical state of the body can play a crucial role in determining the quantity or frequency of tears!

How to Stop my Eyes From Watering When I Yawn?

Although there is not much that can be done to stop your eyes from watering, you can start by taking good care of your eyes.

Firstly, treat the underlying eye conditions that might lead to excessive watering!

In case you’re suffering from dry eyes or infection, seek the help of an opthalmologist and take proper medications and drops.

We often tend to yawn when our body is sleep-deprived. To prevent any sleep deprivation, get adequate rest for at least 8 hours every day and take power naps in between work.

Also, drink a lot of water and perform light exercises to maintain optimal oxygen levels in your body!

Is Yawning Really Contagious?

Here comes the most controversial topic of the blog: is yawning contagious?

The answer to the question is yes! Yawning is indeed contagious and scientists believe that it is connected to human emotion, empathy. 

When we are empathetic towards someone, we subconsciously try to feel exactly what they’re feeling!

This is why there is a higher chance that you will yawn after someone you know rather than a stranger!

Even when you read about yawning too many times, you start connecting to it, leading to continuous yawns (this blog can make you yawn quite a lot)!

Final Words

In this blog, we understood all the deep-rooted causes behind the teary sensation in the eyes after a good yawn. Eyes are delicate organs that deserve a lot of care. 

Visiting an ophthalmologist and getting any underlying condition treated can help to reduce the chances of tearing up during a yawn.

Along with that, getting adequate rest, drinking loads of water, and reducing screen time can also contribute towards healthy eyes!

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