Why Does It Feel Like Something Is In My Eye?

Our eyes are extremely sensitive organs, prone to injuries and infections. Not only is it one of the major sense organs, but it is also one of the most crucial parts of our body.

Human eyes are a lot more complex than that of other animals.

We have high definition vision that helps us perceive the surroundings much better!

Healthy eyesight can be a great asset. Imagine all the unnecessary troubles of wearing glasses or contact lenses that you can avoid! However, all eye-related problems are not connected to poor eyesight.

Sometimes, you might feel like something got stuck in your eyes. The irritation and the unbearable pain can really make your life a living hell!

Why Does It Feel Like Something Is In My Eye?

When you feel irritation in your eye, it might be due to a dust particle or a foreign substance like an eyelash that got stuck in your eye.

However, in some cases, certain eye conditions like dryness or conjunctivitis can also be a reason why you feel uncomfortable and itchy.

Major Causes of Pain in the Eye

There can be several reasons as to why you might feel like something got stuck in your eyes. In this blog, we will take a look at all the possible reasons why your eye feels itchy and irritated.

1. Dryness in the Eye

The human eye is capable of keeping itself moist and smooth. Within the orbit of each eye, on the lateral side of each eyeball, there is a presence of a unique gland.

These glands, also known as the lacrimal glands are responsible for the secretion of a watery fluid, known as “tears”.

Tears are not just a tool to convey and communicate your emotions, it is also responsible for keeping the eyes moisturized.

Dryness in the eyes can be caused when the lacrimal glands do not secrete adequate amounts of tears. This can make the corneal surface completely dry, leading to irritation and redness.

Dryness can cause you to feel like something got stuck in your eye. This will be followed by watery eyes after a considerable period of lack of tears.

Some of the symptoms that would point towards dry eyes are as follows-

  • Scratchiness in the eye
  • Redness or inflammation
  • A burning sensation
  • Intense pain

Although dryness of the eye can become more normal with age, having a healthy diet full of essential nutrients can be the key to delaying it. Additionally, keeping your body hydrated is extremely crucial for good eye health.

You can get relief from dryness in the eye by using eye drops or lubricants. If the irritation persists, it is better to see a doctor

2. Chalazion or Stye

Chalazion and styes are quite similar to each other in nature. A chalazion can be described as a minute lump of flesh that might be visible on the top of the eyelid.

A chalazion is usually caused due to a blockage in the sebaceous gland present near the tear ducts.

 A stye is a painful version of a chalazion. Styes can be of two types, generally- an external stye and an internal stye.

In the case of an external stye, there is an infection in the follicular region of the eyelash whereas, in the case of internal stye, the infection occurs in the sebaceous glands. 

Due to this inflamed region in your eye, it might cause irritation and uneasiness, making you feel like something is stuck in your eye.

Although styes and chalazion are easily curable, treat them with a hot and cold compress to ease the pain and relieve any accumulated puss.

3. Conjunctivitis

Have you heard of the term “pink eye”? Conjunctivitis is a serious ailment to the eye that is caused by an infection in the outer layer of the eye. It is caused by inflammation in the conjunctiva region, the outermost region of the eye.

As a result, the white layer of the eye turns completely late, as blood accumulates in this region. Conjunctivitis can make your eyes feel irritated, making it feel like something got into your eyes.

Some of the symptoms of conjunctivitis include-

  • Redness in the eye
  • Irritation
  • Dryness
  • Extremely watery eyes
  • Pus discharge

Cold compress is the best way to get through this painful disease. You can also apply eye drops. In extreme cases, visit an ophthalmologist.

4. Corneal Injury

The outer layer of the eye is covered by a clear, transparent surface known as the corneal layer.

 This layer covers the pupil, the iris, and other parts of the eye. Corneal Injury occurs when there is a scratch-like injury (abrasion) or a cut-like injury (laceration) in the corneal region.

Corneal injury can make you feel like something got stuck in your eyes accompanied by redness, pain, and irritation.

In case of a minor injury, eye drops and cold compress can heal your eye within no time. However, if the injury is severe, you might need to consult a doctor.

5. Eye Herpes

Ocular Herpes, also known as eye herpes, is an infection that is caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV).

Ocular herpes can be of several types, based on the affected layers, the type of virus, and the infection type.

HSV can cause you to feel like something got stuck in your eyes. Eye herpes can be cured by antiviral medication or steroids. Visit an ophthalmologist to get a specialized opinion.

6. Fungal Keratitis

Excessive fungal growth in the corneal region of the eye causes fungal keratitis. Fungal Keratitis can be caused due to a change in environment or lifestyle.

Due to fungal overgrowth, this infection can make you feel like something got stuck in your eye.

Additionally, it can also be accompanied by redness, itchiness, pus discharge, sensitivity to light as well as blurred vision, in some cases.

The only way to cure fungal keratitis is by visiting an ophthalmologist and being under antifungal medication over a course of several months.

Final Overview

In this article, we have covered all the possible reasons that can cause irritation in your eyes, making it feel like something got stuck in them. 

In case a foreign object such as an eyelash or dust particle got stuck in your eye, flush out the object by washing your eyes with water and applying some eye drop immediately.

Wear sunglasses when you’re going out to prevent bacterial or fungal infections.

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