Why is One Eye Bigger Than the Other?

Do you think that you have one eye bigger than the other? Having asymmetrical eyes is often a source of discomfort in people who suffer from them. This asymmetry can have different causes such as Ptosis, Enophthalmos, genes, etc. However, it rarely has medical origins.

In today’s blog, we are going to understand all the causes of why one eye is bigger than the other. In addition, we’ll also learn how you can treat this issue. So are you ready to cure your uneven eyes? Let’s start with the causes first!

Normal Facial Asymmetry

Most people have varying asymmetries in facial features, and this is considered a normal thing. Thus, normal asymmetry can make one eye taller than the other.

In some cases, the shape of the nose or the unevenness of the eyebrows gives an impression of asymmetry of the eyes.


This term refers to the posterior displacement of the eye. This phenomenon occurs in case of a change in the space behind the eye or an injury and can suddenly or gradually manifest.

However, enophthalmia is most often caused by trauma. These are the blows your face received or suffered in an accident.


Among the causes of asymmetrical eyes, there is also proptosis or swelling of both eyes. It is characterized by swelling of the tissues behind and around the eye, and an eyeball pushed forward. Other causes of this proptosis include infections, bleeding, and tumors.


This is the phenomenon of drooping eyelids. More common in the elderly, ptosis occurs during stretching of the muscle responsible for supporting the eyelid.

A separation between the muscle and the latter can also be the cause of this condition.

Treatment of Asymmetrical Eyes

Do you feel ashamed to attend family functions and parties due to your uneven eyes? Today, we are going to help you elevate your shyness.

First of all, you are beautiful even if your eyes are not symmetrical. So stop considering yourself ugly just because your eyes aren’t in the right symmetry.

There are two ways to cure asymmetrical eyes. The first option is surgery which might appear expensive, but it’s ideal if you wish to get rid of this issue forever. Below are the treatments that come under the second way. 

Eyebrow elevation

Also called a forehead lift or forehead rejuvenation, this procedure involves raising your eyebrows. It is performed by expert doctors and comes in different techniques. These include eyebrow lift, endoscopic forehead lift, and coronal forehead lift.


You can use makeup to give a more symmetrical appearance to your eyes. Among the most effective techniques to create a balanced effect, highlighting and contouring are perfect. Thus, the appearance of your eyebrows can be evened out with eyebrow powder or a pencil.


Botox is a temporary solution for eye inequality. This is a non-surgical solution and a good alternative to eyebrow lift. It is a muscle relaxant injected around the forehead to create a balanced effect. It usually has a duration of 4 months.

Uneven eyes are rarely perceived as a medical problem. However, if you have eye pain or vision problems, then consider consulting a doctor.

In the event that your eyes have changed their appearance due to trauma or injury to the head or face, you will have to go to the emergency room.

However, before you start working on any of the above treatments, make sure to start working on your eyes health first. But how can you maintain healthy eyes? Let’s learn how!

Tips to Maintain Healthy Eyes

Do you find it hard to keep your eyes healthy? Well, we have got your back. Following are the top tips you can follow to maintain healthy eyes. Follow them sincerely.

Take Care of Your Glasses

If you want to keep your eyeglasses in good condition for a long time, clean them every day with soap and water or a microfiber cloth. It will remove grease and moisture without leaving marks on the glass. Also, remove the glasses with both hands and store them in a hardcover box.

Be Careful with Contact Lenses

Prolonged use of contact lenses (more than 8 hours) can lead to intolerances, allergies, or infections. Immediately discontinue use if you have redness, blurred vision, or pain. Also, avoid using them in the pool or in the sea, as microorganisms present in the water can adhere to them and cause serious infections.

Remove Makeup Properly

Regular eye makeup can clog the glands on the edge of the eyelids and cause conjunctivitis from irritation or dry eye. If cosmetics are also made with synthetic materials, they can cause allergies. Remove makeup from the eyes well every night with wipes impregnated in a cleansing lotion.

Get Away From the Computer

If you work on a computer, always sit at a distance of half a meter while ensuring that the screen is at eye level. Take breaks in your visual activity every hour by getting up from the desk or trying to fix your eyes on distant objects.

Keep your eyes lubricated by normal blinking or artificial tears if necessary.

Feed Your Eyes

For good visual health, consume oily fish and increase your intake of vitamin A (carrots, spinach, tomatoes, or peaches), vitamins C (citrus), and E (vegetable oils, cereals, and nuts).

Also, consume lutein and zeaxanthin (spinach or chard) that help slow down eye aging and prevent diseases such as macular degeneration or cataracts.

Final Words

So these were all the potential causes of asymmetrical eyes. We have also shared treatments to cure this issue. Before you follow any practice on your eyes, always consult your doctor first. Since it’s about your eyes, you should never take any risk. 

In the end, if you know someone suffering from the same issue, share this blog with them. Help them treat their uneven eyes without any problems. 

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