Why Does Crying Give You a Headache?

Crying is one of the intense emotions in humans. People usually cry when they feel sad, emotional, stressed after a breakup and other such situations.

Crying is not just limited to people of any specific age group. Anyone who is feeling emotionally weak naturally starts to cry. 

However, there are symptoms such as headache, eye pain, redness of eyes, swollen eyes, and others after crying.

These symptoms may go severe if you cry constantly, and hence it can go even more intense and trigger the path of a headache. 

Furthermore, crying is an emotion that occurs when you constantly think about a bad situation.

This might increase anxiety within you, making the headache go severe.

On the contrary, positive tears do not cause headaches. Why? Because positive crying is not that intense and is also not continuous.

Happy tears may only cause redness in your eyes for a short period.

Hence, positive crying is not harmful to the eyes and cannot cause headaches.

Why do Headaches Happen After Crying?

Experts find no exact reason for the link between headaches and crying.

Headaches are said to occur after crying due to the body’s response to an emotion such as anger, stress, fight, depression, and others.

Cortisol is an emotion released when you undergo stress and anxiety issues. Due to the release of such hormones, physical reactions occur in the body in crying, headaches, etc.

Due to issues like crying and constantly thinking about something, a person tends to feel the onset of headache and hence can make a person breakdown.

Let’s now analyze the types of headaches.

4 Types of Headaches

Well, you may feel amazed upon reading that there are various types of headaches. Yes, you read that right. There are different types of headaches.

Keep reading to read everything about this in detail. 

  1. Tension Headaches

People who suffer from tension or any stress are likely those suffering from tension headaches. This type of headache is due to constant crying over an issue and thinking about something deeply.

The negative point of this kind of headache is that it tightens the muscles of the head, which in turn causes discomfort in terms of living freely.

This can also hamper your health as you can undergo pains in the neck and shoulders.

To avoid tension headaches, it’s better to stop overthinking as it does not just take away your mental peace and disfigure you physically.

  1. Sinus Headaches

We assume that you know that ears, eyes, nose, and even throat are all interconnected.

When tears start to fall, it also causes a runny nose, and some might also witness the tears entering the nasal passage. 

The reason behind a sinus headache is the build-up between the tears and mucus. People who have excess mucus in their sinuses are the ones who suffer from sinus headaches.

Another reason for sinus headaches is migraine. Those suffering from the problem of migraine also suffer from sinus headaches. 

Furthermore, sinus headaches are also common in those suffering from depression. How? As it hampers the quality of their sleep and at the same time interferes with their lifestyle.

This can get worse if you do not treat this problem timely.

  1. Migraine Headaches

Do you know one way to identify whether you are undergoing a migraine headache or not? Well, migraine headaches occur at one side of your head, and that too severely.

If a person is suffering from migraine headaches, they would also have feelings of vomiting, nasal congestion, sensitivity in different body parts, etc.

Migraine headaches can be due to crying. Why? The stress levels trigger the brain, and hence migraine headache occurs.

Migraine headaches are not only because of positive factors but negative ones. So, make sure that you keep yourself happy as much as you can. This would highly help. 

  1. Dehydration Headaches

Do you drink the right amount of water every day? To maintain the hydration level in your body, it’s necessary to drink at least 6-8 liters of water every day.

This is because your body is constantly losing up on the fluids, and hence to maintain a balance of fluids in your body, it’s important to keep you hydrated throughout.

Dehydration causes when your body loses up on fluids. This is a horrible situation as your brain tends to shrink if it doesn’t get the required amount of fluid.

This can lead to dehydration headaches. You witness dry mouth, extreme thirst, and even dizziness when you constantly cry. These are the symptoms of dehydration headaches. 

Home Remedies to Treat Puffy Eyes During Headache Through Crying

  1. Make use of a Teabag

Tea Bags reduce swelling in your eyes. Why? Because teabags contain a lot of caffeine. They snatch away all the tiredness, redness, and swell from your eyes, making them pure and back to the condition they were earlier.

The right method to use a teabag to reduce the effects of puffy eyes is by placing them onto your eyes and leaving them for at least 20 minutes before rinsing your eyes. 

  1. Eye Roller Helps too

Eye roller contains healing gels. The metallic roller helps massage the affected eyes, which gives your eyes a soothing effect.

Make sure you are rolling the eye roller in the back and forth position, and you will see effective results.


Coming to the concluding part of this blog, we assume that you have everything about what you were looking for.

Headaches trigger through crying in some cases and hence can go severe if you do not treat them at the right point.

If you are feeling excessive headaches, you will likely get a high fever, weakness, numbness, and even trouble talking. 

If you have constantly been crying for the past few days, it’s better to consult your doctor before it gets severe.

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