Why Are Legos So Expensive?

Are you planning to buy a set of legos for your little loved ones but wondering why it’s so expensive? Are you curious why this specific building game has gained immense popularity?

The popularity of Lego toys is unparalleled. Ever since its launch in the year 1940, legos have constantly gone surpassed their sales trajectory, creating new sales records with each passing year.

In fact, its premium quality build and interesting structures have helped legos gain immense popularity among children as well as young adults. The soaring prices of this game hardly affect the buyers. In America, Legos remain to be the most purchased gifting item for children during Christmas.

Coming to the burning question of the hour: Why are legos so expensive?

The reason behind the exorbitant price of legos is due to several factors. However, the quality, build, durability as well as the packaging of this game is top-notch.

These factors, combined with their premium marketing and networking strategies come together and contribute to the high pricing of their products.

The History of Legos in the American Culture

Although Legos were not originally invented in the United States, it has crossed continental borders to make a huge impact on the continent. Legos were originally invented in Denmark.

In fact, the massive popularity of legos has been so widespread, major movie franchises like Warner Bros and Universal pictures have produced movies about legos, namely The Lego Movie franchise. This was practically the moment when Legos made a permanent place in the hearts of most American parents.

With time, more households started introducing legos as a part of their kids’ playtime. Kids started preferring legos due to their superior build and intricate design structure. They loved building not just mundane structures but also complex architectural figures with lego bricks.

Over six or seven decades, legos had successfully captured the consumer market, beating their competitors.

Reasons Why Legos Are Expensive

Speaking from the point of view of a consumer, there are several aspects that make legos a far beloved choice as compared to any other brick game that is available. Let us look at some of the aspects that make Legos one of the top-voted products in the market!

  1. Top Notch Engineering

It can easily be said that the Legos brand showcases some of the best engineering and designing skills in the field of building games. Not only are the brick pieces engineered with precision but the company makes a positive effort to constantly bring out modified and more interesting updates into their game structure.

Considering the fact that some of these sets might contain over a thousand pieces of bricks but still have a provision for a detailed plan. Not just that, every piece has a sturdy build to make sure that any architecture made with it does not fall apart easily. The precise and top quality is one of the reasons behind the higher price range of legos.

  1. Precise Design Work

Lego sets also have intricate design work that can make the entire game very fascinating as well as engaging for the players. The bigger lego game sets such as hospital sets or grocery shop sets involve much higher levels of details and working mechanisms.

The engineers and designers have put in genuine efforts to make this game as life-like and detailed as possible.

If you take a look at hospital sets, you’ll notice great detailed hallways and chambers, with doctors and nurses with stethoscopes holding report charts. This level of detailing has not been achieved by any other brick-building games. This particular feature justifies the expensive nature of these game sets.

  1. Premium Quality

The quality of Legos bricks is unparalleled. Over the decades, the engineers and designers of legos have worked hard to deliver premium quality products with exceptional built that help these pieces last for a very long period of time.

The quality and build of these sets are so strong that they can easily be passed down as a legacy from one generation to the next without any breaking or snapping. The quality control team of Legos does an exceptional job making sure that no set goes to retail stores with any missing pieces.

Other than that, even their customer service team looks into any complaints and resolves them without delay.

These supervised measures along with the premium quality of the products make legos a trusted name among kids and grown-ups alike.

  1. Highly Appealing Sets

Legos sets are built with such interesting features that can cater to a wide range of people and ages. The brick sets are highly appealing to the user base. Lego sets come in a variety of themes, even based on your favorite characters, movies, or holidays.

You can easily find lego sets based on Frozen, Toy Story, or even Harry Potter. Even if movie characters don’t fascinate you and you want to learn more about places, you can get them too!

The fact that they cater to such a vast range of consumers, added to their detailed nature of products, legos are usually priced much higher than their competitor brands!

How Can I Save Money on Legos?

In the previous paragraphs, we have given a point-wise justification on why legos are usually priced much higher than any other brick-building games available in the market. 

If you desperately want to buy legos, we understand that price can be a concerning factor. Should you be devoid of Legos then? Absolutely not!

One way to legos at a cheaper rate is to get pre-owned versions of these game sets.

You can also lookup craigslist to find a set on sale!

During the holidays, some departmental stores put a sale on older models of the game, you can find a good set at half of its original price!

Bottom Line

Although the pricing of legos is really high, you will not regret buying a set. Legos are really worth every penny!

You can use them for years and pass them on to your children. Their excellent build and intricate design make them a valuable possession for anyone!

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