Why Are Dumbbells so Expensive?

Dumbbells are expensive due to their heavyweight which makes their shipping costs high and their high-quality materials.

Dumbbells are a staple piece of gym equipment people use to work out. But did you ever know that this simple piece of equipment was expensive? Learn why below.

The main reason dumbbells are so expensive is because of the high shipping cost due to the heavyweight of the dumbbells. The higher the weight, the more expensive the shipping costs.

Another reason dumbbells are expensive is that manufacturers do not make a large supply of them so when demand increased prices can skyrocket. Prices usually increase around the holidays and new years.

Lastly, the material they build dumbbells with is expensive so that makes the price of the dumbbells increases.

This article will look at the reasons why dumbbells are costly.

Solid Iron Dumbbells

Dumbbells are highly-priced because of their solid iron content. A dumbbell is made from solid iron, which is very heavy and difficult to move around.

The prices vary on the size of the dumbbell, but they can range anywhere from $30 to $100 or more for a single dumbbell.

High Shipping Costs

There are a lot of factors that go into shipping costs for dumbbells. Some of the most important factors include the weight, size, and destination of the package. Due to the heavyweight of the dumbbell itself, it drives up the cost of shipping.

Other factors that can affect shipping costs are if it is an international order and if it is coming from a third-party seller.

Solid Iron Content

Dumbbells are highly-priced because of iron. Iron is an expensive metal, and this is one of the significant factors that affect the price.

The prices vary on the size of the dumbbell, but they can range anywhere from $30 to $100 or more for a single dumbbell.

High-Quality Dumbbells

It is vital to invest in high-quality dumbbells since low-quality ones can be dangerous. A low-quality dumbbell can break while in use and cause injury to you or damage your home.

One of the reasons dumbbells are so expensive is that a lot of time and effort goes into creating a top-quality product that has no defect and will last long.

Foreign Taxes and Tariffs on Dumbbells

Most dumbbells are imported from China. The government of China imposes a tariff on imported dumbbells. Add to this, the local taxes and reseller fees cause the price of dumbbells to go through the roof.

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand play a huge role in affecting the dumbbells prices. The age-old philosophy of high demand and low supply often leads to increased pricing.

This is true in the case of dumbbells as well. During the COVID 19 pandemic, most gyms were shut down, and fitness enthusiasts began working out at home, thereby increasing the demand for dumbbells.

Since almost everything was closed, the supply of dumbbells was restricted, leading to an increase in pricing.

Holiday Season

A New Year resolution is often one of the most common times for people to take on new fitness goals, and that’s one of the reasons why the price of dumbbells increases around this time.

Not everyone is comfortable working out in a gym, so they purchase dumbbells to exercise whenever they want in the comfort of their homes.

Holiday weight gain is another factor that influences people to get in shape. This sees an increase in the demand for dumbbells around the holidays.

Long-Lasting Dumbbells are More Expensive

Unlike most other products, dumbbells are not frequently purchased. It is a one-time purchase that is designed to last long.

On average, a customer will require one set of dumbbells if it’s an adjustable set. However, if they don’t have an adjustable set, they will purchase more dumbbells to increase or decrease weights.

A good quality dumbbell with a high price tag is designed to last long and will not deteriorate or get damaged even after years of use.

These days, dumbbells are made of steel, and in such a scenario, you won’t have to worry about them rusting.

Do Resellers add to the Cost of Dumbbells?

Resellers are one of the significant factors affecting the high price of dumbbells. They purchase huge stock from manufacturers, thereby creating a shortage.

They then end up selling it around 7-10 times its original price. This cycle continues, and therefore they keep hiking the price since there’s always a demand for good quality dumbbells.

Twice the Price

Dumbbells aren’t something you will buy in a single piece. They’re usually purchased in pairs.

Although available as a single unit, most buyers purchase them in pairs due to the exercise need.

This means twice the amount of product and twice the amount of shipping. This means you will spend a lot more on dumbbells since you always need two of them.

Smart Technology

Manufacturers are aiming at getting almost everything smart these days, and gym equipment is no exception.

These days dumbbells are available with smart technology to tell you how many calories you are burning and how it is impacting your body. The SelectTech series from the how of BowFlex is one such set of dumbbells that uses innovative technology.

These dumbbells send all the information to your phone so that you can keep track of your daily exercise.

While this sounds amazing and something you could put to good use, it comes with a hefty price tag of almost $500. Surprisingly, many people are open to spending such amounts on their dumbbells since it eliminates the need for a trainer.

What is the Best Way to Save Money on Dumbbells?

In case you’re wondering how to save money on dumbbells, here are a few things you can do:

  • You can purchase your dumbbells after the holiday season since the demand is lower
  • Purchase cast iron dumbbells since these are cheaper
  • You could also consider purchasing pre-loved or used dumbbells that you can find at a garage sale or even online.

If you are hell-bent on purchasing a high-end and new set of dumbbells and still save money, you can ask fellow fitness enthusiasts to come together and buy a good quality set with you. This way, you won’t have to adjust when picking your favorite set. It’s also important to take time and purchase the best set before finalizing it.

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