What Is An Apt Suite? Check Out The Meaning

Sometimes, filling out forms can get confusing. It’s even more so when you have to type or write specific personal information. Some details like address can sound confusing if you don’t know how to fill in your apt or suite.

But no matter how annoying it is, such information is essential to identify you correctly. That’s why you have to learn to write it correctly. But before you do so, you have to know what an apt suite is.

This article explains what an apt suite is. You’ll also know how to use and write it correctly. Read on to get the details!

What Is An Apt Suite?

Apt or suite indicates your exact address in a multiple apartment building. You can use it when making deliveries. You can also use it when filling in your credit card or billing address. They are vital when writing shipping addresses to avoid lost mails or packages.

Apt is an abbreviation for “apartment number.” Suite refers to “suite number,” and you can abbreviate it as “Ste.” It also refers to the address of a business located in an office building or shopping mall. 

Apartment number is essential when you live in an apartment building or multiple unit buildings. It’s usually written on the door. 

When writing your credit card address, you have to be careful when using the terms. That’s because you have to maintain consistency to avoid any purchase failures or rejections.

If you live in your house, you won’t need an apt or suite, as you won’t have an apartment number.

When To Use Apt Suite

You can use the two terms interchangeably if you live in a multi-floor building. But you can only use a suite number when you live in a townhouse. You can also find apartments and suites in hotels and cruise ships.

Hotel suites refer to connected rooms under one room number. It sometimes has a kitchen. But some suites in hotels are merely bigger than the standard rooms. Some of them have more beds and living room areas.

Hotel apartments have fully fitted rooms with a kitchen. They are like regular apartments in a building. But you can leave anytime you like. You can choose to lodge for a few days, months, or even years.

Apt and suite are also applicable terms when filling out online forms. Sometimes, you may find the “second address” option there. It’s usually under the primary address space. So, you can type in your apartment or suite number.

The apt or suite will help your apartment get detected. It also makes it distinct from the building’s address.

How To Write Your Apt Suite Address For A Mail

Knowing your apt and suite address is essential. But it’s also crucial that you know how to write it correctly. You don’t want your letter or package getting lost or delivered to the wrong address.

Here are steps to writing apt or suite addresses correctly.

Use the correct placement: 

Before you write your address, ensure you place it correctly on the mail. The delivery address has to be in the center of your mail. Place the return address at the top left side. Don’t write them on the same side to avoid lost mails.

Write the full name: 

The first thing you should write is the full name. Make sure it’s the recipient’s full and legal name. Would you mind avoiding nicknames unless you’re very confident the person still lives at the apartment?

If the recipient doesn’t live at the address anymore, a full name will make it easier to forward the mail.

Write the address: 

Now, you can write the address below the recipient’s name. Start with the apartment building address. Ensure you write it on the first line. Next, write the street name after it. For instance, “Marvis Lime 214 Jones Street.”

Write the apt. or suite number: 

The next thing is to write the apartment or suite number. You have to write it on the same line as the street address. Then add”#” and the apartment number. Leave a space between the two. An example is “214 Jones Street # 110.”

If the street address is long and not everything will fit in one line, write the apartment number below. That way, it’ll be on the third line.

Let the city or state follow: 

Write the town on the following line below the address. Ensure you write it in bold letters. You want it to be precise. Then add the state or province and look up the zip code. Ensure it’s the correct one, and you add it at the end.

If you’re sending the mail internationally, add the recipient’s country. Write it on the last line. Please, don’t write it next to the state or city; it may seem like a domestic address. So it should be on a different line. For more emphasis, write it in full caps. That’s clearer!

Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Apt Suite Address In Mails

Using street or city abbreviations: 

It’s easier to write in abbreviations, especially for popular cities. But, it’s best not to do that when writing apartment addresses, especially when sending mail. Avoid abbreviating street names, provinces or states, and cities.

However, you can abbreviate country names.

You can also abbreviate some address additions. They include using “Bldg” for Building, “Fl” for Floor, “Rm” for Room, and “Dept” for Department. You can also use “#” or “apt.” for apartment number and “Ste” for suite number. But there’s no abbreviation for “unit.”


Don’t use punctuations when writing apt or suite address on a mail. Ensure you proofread your address when you finish and get rid of periods and commas. You can use spacing to separate the city and state. An example is “AUSTIN TEXAS.”

Unclear handwriting: 

Avoid writing in a way that won’t be clear. Instead, make sure you use neat and bold writing that will be clear to read. It should be visible with ease. So avoid using a pencil that may wear off quickly, use a permanent marker or pen.

In case of a mistake, cover the address portion with a white label and start again. Ensure the ink color is different from that of the envelope. If not, it’ll blend and won’t be visible.

Wrong zip code: 

Be sure to avoid using the incorrect zip code. A wrong zip code can mean another city, and that means lost mail. You can check online to confirm the zip code before you write it.

Bear in mind that there are no simple mistakes when writing your zip code.

Wrong additional details: 

Please avoid misusing additional information. It might cause some confusion in sending the mail. So you have to write it correctly. A common one is the “in care of” (c/o) label.

You may have to use it when you don’t know the address of the recipient. It might also be when the person doesn’t usually get mails in that address. So it’s essential to add the correct details.

If you want to send an email to an apartment staff, write the apartment name first. And use “in care of” (c/o) followed by the recipient’s name. After that, you can write the address below.

No return address: 

When you write the recipient’s address, ensure you don’t forget the return address. Make sure you write your apartment address correctly. That’ll ensure you get the mail back if the postal service can’t send it.

Wrong or no postage: 

Even when you write the apartment address correctly, you can’t deliver mail or package without postage. It serves as the payment for the mail delivery. You can place it at the top right corner.

Ensure you use the proper postage for the package type or mail.


Apt or suite refers to addresses in a multi-building. So they are sometimes used interchangeably. They also refer to your apartment or suite number. And are useful when sending a mail or filling in your billing address.

But you have to be careful when writing your apartment or suite address for a mail. That’s because your package may get missing if you don’t write it correctly.

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